Shanghai Urban Space Art Season 2019 Opens in Yangpu Riverside 2019-10-08

Shanghai Urban Space Art Season 2019 has recently opened in Yangpu Riverside.

The opening artwork Encounter · Yangpu Riverside consists of Encounter, a song cycle by Rainbow Chamber Singers (RCS); Memory of Water, a video works by renowned Japanese video artist Takahashi Keisuke; and a modern dance show by D.Lab Dance. Encounter, tailored by RCS for Shanghai Urban Space Art Season 2019, comprises seven chapters: Call from Afar, Surging River, Reach into the Sky, The Flower Girl, Stars on the River, Sound from Underwater and Story, which depict the past and present of Yangpu Riverside.

Through 1 main exhibition, 13 case exhibitions, 13 joint exhibitions and over 100 public activities, the two-month event will show the world Shanghai's achievements in waterfront connection and quality improvement in recent years, as well as its vision for the future.

Yangpu is known as the "cradle of modern industry". Industrial heritage was embedded into art activities during the event. With the waterfront 5.5 kilometers south of Yangpu Riverside as the main venue, the site of Shanghai Shipyard (including a dock and Maoma Warehouse) as the exhibition area of the main venue, with focus on two sectors: "Spatial Art" and "Planned Buildings", the event brought together artists, architects and planners from home and abroad, to create a riverside public space for walking together with citizens.

The works to be exhibited during the event include installations, videos and music created by Chinese and foreign artists to present "Memory of Dock" and "Encounter of Water" at the dock and Maoma Warehouse of Shanghai Yard; "16 Views of Shanghai" built by 16 Chinese contemporary artists such as Guan Huaibin, Yang Mushi and Hu Weiyi on the second floor of Maoma Warehouse; as well as "A Tale of Three Cities" (the stories of Shanghai's Huangpu River and Suzhou River, Venice and Sydney) displaying "Charm of Water" on the third and fourth floors of Maoma Warehouse.

With the event as the starting point, 21 permanent field artworks will be completed on the 5.5-kilometer coastline of Riverside, to present the urban cultural landscape integrating contemporary art with citizens' daily life.

Besides, the public space 2.7 kilometers east of the south bridge of Yangpu Riverside (from Yangpu Bridge to Yangshupu Power Plant) was connected and opened to citizens on the day. Centurial industrial heritage, including 12 historical buildings on 7 sites with a total floor area of 70,000 square meters, Power Station Auxiliary Equipment Plant, Shanghai Soap Factory, Yangshupu Gas Plant and Yangshupu Power Plant, was unveiled for the first time. Apart from the running way, cycling way and walking way connected, the 2.7-kilometer section has further integrated "the industrial heritage expo belt, the original landscape experience belt and the dynamic tri-way belt". A "centurial industrial expo belt" has taken shape and the "centurial industrial civilization" has played a gorgeous movement here.