"Tongji-Kongjiang Party Building Education Base" Inaugurated 2020-07-03

To celebrate the 99th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China (CPC), further advance "four histories" learning and education, and promote sub-district-school cooperation in Party building, the Party Committee of the College of Design and Innovation, Tongji University (Tongji) and the Party Committee of Kongjiang Road Sub-district jointly held a Party Day activity at "Phoenix Nest" Party Building Service Station.

The station is a public space targeting Fengcheng Alley, radiating the neighboring communities and integrating the functions of shared space, community charity innovation base and good neighbor block hub. On the day, Kongjiang Road Sub-district and Tongji entered into a cooperative agreement on regional Party building and jointly unveiled the plate for "Tongji-Kongjiang Party Building Education Base".

Li Yaru, an associate professor from the School of Marxism, Tongji was invited to give a lecture entitled "Understanding and Performing the Mission of Communists in the History of the CPC". From the perspectives of the brief history of the CPC, understanding the mission of Chinese communists and the path of performing the mission, through detailed cases and data, she expounded that the mission of Chinese communists is seeking the benefit of the Chinese people, rejuvenating the Chinese nation, working practically, firming up ideals and beliefs, cultivating an open mind, making contributions on posts and staying true to the mission through constant practice.

In the exchange and sharing session, Liu Mingli, an associate chief physician from the Emergency Department, Kongjiang Hospital, delivered a speech entitled "Living Up to the Good Time, Embracing the Responsibility with Courage", sharing his touching cases and working experience of treating patients at the frontline of fighting the epidemic in Wuhan. Zhang Hongyuan, a Party member from the Undergraduate Party Branch of the College of Design and Innovation, Tongji, shared his feeling of participating in epidemic prevention and control and serving students as a counselor.

Sub-district-school cooperation in Party building has created a platform for applying more theories in practices. To build a window of social practice for students, the Party Committee of the College of Design and Innovation, Tongji engaged three secretaries of general Party branches of residential areas in Kongjiang Road Sub-district as "community practice tutors".

At the next stage, the two sides will bring respective advantages into play, carry out Party co-building activities such as thematic visit, situational Party lecture and good neighbor corridor design, and propel the university to take an active part in community governance, to further advance Party co-building.