Another Major Project Kicks off in Wujiaochang with Total Investment of 4.2 Billion Yuan 2020-07-02

Shanghai Yitian Holiday Plaza on Sanmen Road Station of Subway Line 10 just broke ground. It has settled in Yangpu as Shanghai's first artistic, cultural and creative experience center with "urban theater" as the design theme, new retail, new experience and new life as the core orientation.

Where is it?

Located at Wujiaochang CBD, Yangpu (on Sanmen Road Station of Subway Line 10), Shanghai Yitian Holiday Plaza enjoys the exceptional location of Jiangwan Wujiaochang City Sub-center and superior transportation. In the future, the first underground floor of the project will directly leads to Sanmen Road Station of Subway Line 10.

What is it like?

With a total floor area of 180,000 square meters, the project includes a 21-story first-class office building, a characteristic fashion shopping center with 7 stories on the ground and 1 story underground, as well as a 2-story underground garage. It features functions such as office, art, culture & creation and business center, and integrates world top facilities, eco-friendly cozy offices and a 5A intelligent technology system.

The project was designed by John Low, a world-renowned architect from Laguarda.Low Architects, LLC. The plaza is architecturally unique, light and transparent, showing the artistry and aesthetic perceptional of the buildings. It is visually impactful with a changeable façade created by the intersection of blocks, and just like a "city luxury cruise". The shopping center consists of an internal atrium and an external atrium. The external atrium enclosed by buildings not only overcomes the impact of urban roads on the plaza, but also meets the need for the integration of internal and external spaces; the internal atrium in the form of high side window gets natural light to make interior space like exterior space.

With "new retail, new experience and new life" as the core orientation, the plaza will be built into Shanghai's first 365-day artistic, cultural and creative experience center.

The developer Yitian Group Co., Ltd. is an innovative urban operator engaged in tourism commerce, smart property, emerging industries, cultural education and medical health. With focus on 7 hardcore themes-"affordable luxury, artistry, individuality, pleasure, social networking, scene and intelligent technology", and "urban theater" as the design theme, the plaza will bring together business forms such as music world, cultural and artistic creation, technology experience, parenting, recreation, fashion and gourmet. For example, it has brought in "Music World" that features piano education, master courses, concerts, piano contests, musical instruments and commodities, the most popular international brands, domestic and foreign fashion brands, internet celebrity shops, online and offline new retail shops, brand-name pop-up shops, leisure restaurants, oxygen cafés and smart technologies, to break traditional business forms and create an all-new lifestyle.