Kongjiang Goes All out to Protect Senior High School Entrance Exam 2020-07-01

The 2020 Shanghai senior high school entrance exam kicked off on June 27. To comprehensively protect the exam, and create a quite, cozy and harmonious environment for examinees, Kongjiang Road Sub-district established an exam protection working group bringing together the publicity, cultural and sports affairs office, the peace affairs office, the administrative office, the police office, the urban management squadron, the grid center and the neighborhood committee to protect the exam around the test centers.

Chen Zhikang, Deputy Head of Yangpu District and Party Secretary & Director General of the Yangpu Public Security Sub-bureau headed to Kongjiang Senior High School to supervise the security protection of the test centers. Qi Keping, Secretary of the Party Work Committee and Chairwoman of the People's Congress Work Committee of Kongjiang Road Sub-district; and Xu Jia, Deputy Secretary of the Party Work Committee and Office Director of Kongjiang Road Sub-district accompanied Chen for the inspection.

All the police officers of the Kongjiang Road Police Office went on duty two hours earlier to maintain the order of examinee entrance. The police officers of the Yanji Community Police Office directed road traffic to maintain order and ensure smooth traffic around the test centers.

The urban management squadron arranged staff to strengthen law enforcement around the test centers by setting up points and increasing patrol frequencies.

The volunteers of the administrative office and the peace affairs office strengthened safety checks and patrols in and around the test centers. The staff of the neighborhood committee strengthened patrols in communities around the test centers, and prompted residents to prevent their pets from barking during the exam. The grid center kept a close watch on the test centers through video patrols and duly coordinated to solve any found problem.

During the exam, Kongjiang Road Sub-district focused on strengthening law enforcement collaboration and connection with departments such as police office and urban management squadron, and practically maintained urban appearance and environmental order around the test centers, to create a quiet and tidy environment for examinees.