Red Memory

Look for “Red Memory” and practice the socialist core values

As valuable wealth of the Party and the country, veteran cadres ever made indelible contribution to founding and development of the People’s Republic of China. In a manner of speaking, the motherland’s prosperity, great changes of Shanghai City, development of Yangpu District, and our happy life are premised on their bloody struggles, tremendous efforts, and selfless contributions. To celebrate the 67th Anniversary of the Founding of the P. R. C. and the 80th Anniversary of the Victory of the Long March of the Chinese Workers' and Peasants' Red Army, we have collected some revolutionary historical articles of vital commemorative significance, which are kept by veteran cadres and mirror the battle experience during the revolutionary period. By giving brief introduction, we will tell you those vivid and moving stories about veteran cadres according to their “Red Memory”. Let’s review the history, inherit the revolutionary spirit, carry forward glorious traditions, and practice the socialist core value.

“Mighty Eagle in the Blue Sky” amid flames of war
A Wenyi Congkan circulated 66 years ago.
Experience of the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggres

Sign of the Times