Building New City Symbol, New District Landmark 2020-06-29

At a corner of Zhoujiazui/Huangxing Road, former Shanghai No. 2 Steel Works with a long history has transformed into B-link Industrial Park, a hot land for innovation and entrepreneurship through driving force conversion, and is now releasing new vitality. This area has never ceased transforming. Phase II of the park is about to enter the stage of main structure construction this July and is expected to be basically completed in late 2021. Then the park will take on a new look.

"Yangpu Speed" in project construction

With a total area of 46,100 square meters and a total floor area of some 260,000 square meters, Phase II of the park consists of 4 towers and 3 commercial skirt buildings. The second underground floor in Phase II will be connected to the basement in Phase I.

On the construction site of Phase II, there are evenly distributed tower cranes and many support structures in deep pits of different shapes. According to Zhang Qin, the person in charge of the site from investor Baodi Assets, the constructor is losing no time in accelerating project construction. "The constructor is advancing foundation pit construction rapidly and will soon start pouring concrete on the bottom plate of the basement in July, which means the project will enter the stage of main structure construction. At the end of this year, the underground works will basically be completed and the ground works will commence. Follow-up works, including the upper structure, external curtain walls, fine interior decoration and electromechanical installation, are projected to be completed in 2020, and the whole project will basically be completed in late 2021."

Apart from the construction stage, from the very beginning of the project, with the strong support of Yangpu, Phase II construction was speedy: It took only 70 days from land transfer contract signing to construction permit issuance, setting a new record in Yangpu; from November 2019 when Phase II commenced to mid-January 2020, the construction quantity worth some 150 million yuan was completed within only two months; immediately after the Spring Festival, the construction site reopened as one of Yangpu's first construction sites resuming work on the basis of ensuring safety and keeping the epidemic under control.

Efficient engineering construction is attributable to advanced technologies and management measures used by the constructor. According to Zhang, BIM was used throughout Phase II design and construction, to lay a solid digital foundation for future intelligent park management; the safety management model under which the owner, the constructor and the supervisor work together was practiced, and the safety responsibilities of the relevant parties were enhanced to ensure the construction site was safe and controllable; APP intelligent management was imported into the construction site to effectively improve the efficiency in potential safety hazard checks.

Supported by various measures, the constructor was fully confident of engineering quality. "Phase II will strive for honors and awards such as Shanghai Construction Magnolia Award and Municipal Civilized Construction Site."

Helping improve regional environmental quality

According to the plan, KIC Industrial Park contains various property forms such as quality office building, large green space, sunken square and characteristic high space, and most of them are reflected in Phase II. Phase II is more than an ordinary commercial real estate development project; while building an innovation & entrepreneurship space, it took full account of community needs, and focused on providing public services and improving regional environmental quality, including constructing municipal roads, public leisure green spaces and super large open sunken plazas.

Blocked by Shanghai No. 2 Steel Works, Meizhou Road is only connected to Jiutan Road via Yangshupu Road but is disconnected to Zhoujiazui Road, making it necessary to unblock the "capillary" of the regional road network. For this reason, Phase II undertook the construction of the section of Meizhou Road from Jiutan Road to Zhoujiazui Road. With a length of 440 meters, in two-way and two-lane design, this section runs through the entire project. After its completion, this section will effectively resolve local road congestion.

Though the section is only 440 meters in length, the project investor conducted three-dimensional planning, and designed two over-road skirt buildings above the section to greatly enrich urban space. "The all-steel-structured commercial skirt buildings will stretch over Meizhou Road by large-span overhead spaces and a truss frame structure, created two column-free spaces measuring 1,300 square meters and 1,500 square meters respectively on the premise of meeting the use need of municipal roads, to facilitate flexible business deployment. Given that there are a lot of young people that have robust cultural, sports and leisure demands in this area, the two skirt buildings are projected to be developed into a cinema and a gymnasium," said Zhang.

Investor Baodi Assets also planned a 6,000-square-meter super large open sunken plaza below Meizhou Road, to create a connected cozy business space and boost the business value of the entire project. Besides, in a "U"-shaped space next to Huangxing Road, Jiutan Road and Meizhou Road, a 22,000-square-meter public greenbelt was planned to create favorable leisure and fitness environment for the park and communities.

Besides, the project will fully support the renovation of Beiheng Channel and the sample section of Yangshupu Port, to perform the social responsibility of the investor as a central enterprise, and improve regional environmental quality.

From a "hot land for country service" to a "promising land for innovation"

KIC Industrial Park was formerly Shanghai No. 2 Steel Works. The predecessor of the works was established in 1942 and became an important domestic wire production base after being nationalized in 1949. In 2006, to implement Shanghai's requirements for energy conservation, emission reduction and environmental protection, the high-speed wire rod plant of Shanghai No. 2 Steel Works was shut down. After more than 10 years of quiescence, in 2018, the largest remaining industrial land in the inner ring was revitalized, Phase II of KIC went into operation, the most distinctive high space structure in the inner ring was built with the original structure retained to rejuvenate the old plant, creating a vivid case of transforming from "industrial Yangpu" into "innovative Yangpu".

Unlike Phase II (reconstruction), Phase II is new construction. Speaking of this, Zhang said, "Compared to the low and wide park space in Phase I, the intensive use of land in high-rise building construction in Phase II provided more public carriers for Yangpu to build a world-class innovation valley and industrial base. Besides, the building heights and layout meet the requirements of Shanghai and Yangpu for creating a city skyline in this area."

Remarkably, Phase I and Phase II both have distinct industrial features. Ubiquitous old objects in Phase I, the concrete-filled steel tube framework and reinforced concrete core tube structure of the towers and the steel frame structure of the skirt buildings in Phase II, as well as the planned rust red architectural appearance all show deep steel feelings.

Over the two years, an industrial park predominated by industries such as e-sports, AI, "internet +" platform and automotive R&D has taken shape in the park (Phase I). The park has gained great popularity, organized National Mass Innovation and Entrepreneurship Week Shanghai for two consecutive years, and attracted renowned innovative and financial enterprises like Ford, Cathay Insurance (under Alibaba), ITutorGroup (under Ping An), ZBJ, Network Blizzard, Dewu and Y.T. Base. Nearly 95 percent of offices in the park have been rented out. Referring to this, Sheng Yumin, General Manager of the Industrial Park Business Division, Baosteel Development, said this is an outcome of Baowu and Yangpu's innovative practice of jointly advancing transformation and achieving urban renewal. "What are good customers? What customers should the park introduce? We determined them together with Yangpu and settled customers must conform to Yangpu's industrial guidance catalogue and investment promotion requirements."

Alongside the orderly advancement of engineering construction, Phase II investment promotion will start. "With focus on the leading industries forming in Phase I, we will introduce relevant upstream and downstream enterprises in Phase II and further improve industry agglomeration to build a complete industry chain. Baowu and Yangpu have reached a high degree of consensus on this, and will jointly advance project construction to build an 'internet +' industry highland."