Yangpu's 60 Solitary Elderly People Enjoy Free Installation of Automatic Pipeline Gas Shut-off Valves: Another "Firewall" for Home Safety 2020-06-29

On a recent morning, a worker of Shanghai Yuan Safety Technology Co., Ltd. (Yuan Safety) visited Tang Jinyu, a centenarian at 141 Shiguang No. 2 Community, to install an automatic pipeline gas shut-off valve for him. The gas pipeline was found with no leakage through detection. The worker finished installation and replacement within only 20 minutes.

June 2020 marks the 19th National "Work Safety Month". With the theme "Eliminating potential accident risks, building a solid safety defense line", based on the characteristics of gas safety management, the Yangpu Construction and Administration Commission (YCAC), in association with sub-districts and Yuan Safety, installed automatic pipeline gas shut-off valves for Yangpu's 60 solitary elderly people for free.

According to statistics, about 70 percent of gas accidents occur on the last centimeters of stove pipelines. The free installation action organized by Yangpu is aimed to add "safety locks" to the elderly people's gas stoves.

How do these products ensure safety? The worker said, "With a full mechanical structure and great stability, the automatic pipeline gas shut-off valve can automatically determine the gas pressure and gas flow status in the pipeline, and shut off the gas source in cases of potential accident risks such as connecting pipe fall-off and large flow leakage through sensing pressure and flow changes; the new front-stove gas pipe, named stainless steel corrugated gas pipe, can be buried in a wall and bent at will, is resistant to rust and corruption, and has a useful life of 50 years. The equipment can effectively reduce the occurrence of home gas accidents."

After finishing installation and detection, the worker explained the functions of the automatic shut-off valve to Tang, posted the instructions on a striking position in the kitchen, and introduced gas safety knowledge to Tang's family.

Tang Guozhi, the son of Tang, told his father who is hale can shop for food and cook himself, but the family still worried about his home safety, after the automatic gas pipeline shut-off valve was installed, we all rest assured. "The valve makes it safer, which can protect the safety of elderly people and corridors."

Aiming at the characteristics of construction in the peak season, such as high temperature and plenty of rain in the summer, YCAC has strengthened construction site safety checks since the start of "Work Safety Month". At the next stage, it will organize construction site observations, management training for owners of building glass curtain walls and property companies, as well as random safety checks to existing building glass curtain walls in the flood season.