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图片 District People's Congress Chairman went to the Eastern Shopping Research Area ...
图片 Face-to-face, close-hearted, asked to be asked to promote development - Distric...
图片 Vice Chairman of the Revolutionary Committee led his unit to our area of resear...
图片 Wujiaochang area promotion "Wujiaochang national sports industry demonstration ...
图片 More than 60 overseas talents come to Yangpu docking project
图片 Interesting in the painting of straw - Control of the River "Straw Trolltech" s...
图片 Yangpu Siping waste recycling station "turned" cool laboratory
图片 2017 Key Foreign-funded Enterprise Briefing Held in Yangpu
图片 Our district held 2017 key foreign-funded ventures
图片 "Meet the Riverside - Foreign Students and International Friends Welcome Meetin...
图片 2017 China Overseas Returnee Startup Conference Held in Yangpu
图片 Migu All Media Promotion held at Shanghai Fashion Center
图片 Youth Orienteering Passes Charity Energy
图片 "Cool Ocean Breeze" -- Sea Shell Art Exhibition
图片 Yangpu Makes It a Success at Robotex World Tournament
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