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2009 Yangpu Crisis-overcoming Entrepreneur Forum ...

To help SMEs weather through the international financial crisis, the 2009 Yangpu Crisis-overcoming Entrepreneur Forum was held on April 27 by the Special Committee of Entrepreneur Center of China Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone Association, the Shanghai Technology Business Incubator and the Torch Center of Shanghai. Deputy District Party Committee Secretary and District Chief Zong Ming, Deputy Director of Torch Center of MOST Duan Junhu, Deputy Director of Finance Office of Shanghai Fan Yongjin, General Engineer of Science and Technology Commission of Shanghai Niu Xiaomin and District officials including Chai Yaoxun, Ma Jiefu and Tang Xiaodong made their presence at the forum.

As the organizer, Yangpu Technology Business Incubator launched a series of incubation services in response to the international financial crisis. “Sunshine Action” is designed to provide professional enterprising internships to thousands of college students; up to RMB5 million “service coupons” will cover daily technology expenditures for small and medium seized technology enterprises; the establishment of the first micro-finance company in the incubator will solve financing problems for newly-set-up companies; and the completion of “Basin 3”, the phase 3 tower of Technology Business Incubator will be the first incubator-based accelerator in Shanghai, providing follow-up services to enterprises grown up from the incubator.

China’s First Micro-finance Company in an Incubator Started Lending

Financing is the biggest problem to many medium and small sized technology enterprises. On the forum held on April 27, Shanghai Yangpu Kecheng Micro-finance Co., Ltd., China’s first micro-finance company in an incubator, was officially established and lent RMB 15.55 million to 12 enterprises. Fan Yongjin announced the establishment of this company and Chai Yaoxun approved enterprises’ applications onsite.

Initiated by Yangpu Technology Business Incubator, Kecheng Micro-finance is incorporated by several natural persons and companies strong in finance, performance and reputation, with RMB0.1 billion registered capital. This is the first micro-finance company in China that is established by an incubator and specializing in serving starting technology enterprises.

As a micro-finance company in an incubator, Kecheng Micro-finance can not only finance enterprises directly but also improve the connection between the incubator and enterprises. Capital connection helps the incubator to obtain better understanding of enterprises so as to improve the incubator’s functions by providing specialized and substantial services to enterprises. Besides, financing enterprises in the form of investing organization can be better and easier support to the growth of enterprises in withdrawal mechanism than the form of incubator.

It is said that Kecheng Micro-finance will expand its financing services from enterprises in Yangpu Technology Business Incubator to those from other technology parks in Yangpu.

RMB5 million “Service Coupons” covers Daily Technology Expenditures for Technology Enterprises

In order to save small and medium seized technology enterprises’ cost through the crisis, Yangpu Technology Business Incubator takes initiative in providing RMB5 million “service coupons”, whose distribution was signed on the forum held on the 27th.

Supported by Macro-Zhangjiang Funds, “service coupons” were provided by Yangpu Technology Business Incubator to purchase services of all kinds of technology enterprises and to make service platform organize activities for these enterprises, so as to enhance services to technology enterprises.

Enterprises that have independent intellectual property, innovation ability and growing capability can be reimbursed when purchasing services from intermediaries appointed by the incubator with the strength of service coupons. These service coupons cover all technology and incubating services expenditures for small and medium seized technology enterprises, including routine technology services, enterprising training services, enterprising tutoring services and investing and financing services.

“Basin 3”--the Phase 3 Tower of Technology Business Incubator Tops Off.

Topped off on the same day, “Basin 3”, the phase 3 tower of Technology Business Incubator became the first specialized accelerator constructed by an incubator for technology enterprises in China’s technology system.

Located at 315 Guoding Road, “Basin 3” comprises a 12-storeyed comprehensive office building and 3-storeyed commercial podium building, the total construction area up to 45,000 m2. Design as business offices, the 4th-14th floors are 1,200 m2 each floor, while height ranging from 3.7m to 5.6 m. Its various offices will meet demands from different industries and companies to realize customer-tailored business offices.

Yangpu Technology Business Incubator will build Basin 3 into the first accelerator in Shanghai downtown, to incubator listed companies and accelerate the growth of small-sized enterprises. An accelerated built by an incubator enjoys privileges such as mature resources and professional managing teams, and therefore more appropriate and sustainable.

“Sunshine Action” Provides Enterprising Internships to Thousands of College Students

Also launched on the forum on the 27th was “Sunshine Action” by Ma Jiefu to provide enterprising internships to thousands of college students.

Also know as “Career Development Platform for Thousand of College Interns”, “Sunshine Action” is an internship-employment-enterprising career development platform for college students created by Yangpu Technology Business Incubator, a national business incubator and Shanghai Enterprising Foundation for Graduates, the most authoritative platform in graduate enterprising.

“Sunshine Action” is designed to raise enterprising awareness among college graduates, and to train their enterprising skills. Graduate interns will practice enterprising by stimulating running companies as groups in different projects, so as to improve their adaptive ability to the market. The organizer will provide professional business incubation services and professional tutors.

It is said that graduate interns can not only acquire enterprising skills but also enjoy Shanghai College Graduate internship allowance. Yangpu Technology Business Incubator will provide excellent enterprising resource support.

On the forum, dozens of authoritative in technology enterprises incubation industry carried on discussions on topics such as “Changes of Enterprises in Incubators”, “Changes in Incubator Service Patterns Caused by Markets”, “The Visibility of Technology SMEs in Financial Crisis” and “Services Changes and Challenges Made by Enterprises in New Situations”. ■ Zhu Linhua, Lu Cen

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