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Layout of Pubic Communities in Yangpu Knowledge Innovation District

Yangpu District covers an area of 60.61 km2, and has great development potentialities in environmental resources. There are 15.5 km river bank area, the only planned ecology island in lower Huangpu River Fuxing Island, a developing New Jiangwan Town, and a 17.7km independent freshwater system. It is rich in greening coverage; cross-river transportation, rapid transportation and metros are all under large scale development and construction.

In order to give play full to these advantages, “Plan Outline of Yangpu Yangpu Knowledge Innovation District’s Development” (hereinafter referred to as “Plan Outline”) proposes that public communities should be developed in the neighborhood of university campuses and technology parks to provide them with public services and logistical support.

According to the layout, planning of the west area focuses on creating a series of modernized knowledge communities and well-equipped cultural neighborhoods such as New Jiangwan Town and Wujiaochang Sub-downtown by relying on Fudan and Tongji Universities and many other scientific research institutes, while recent emphasis is on the construction of central communities. Planning of the east area focuses on creating a series of modernized knowledge communities, such as Fuxing Island and Dinghai Area by relying on University of Shanghai for Science and Technology and Shanghai Ocean University and nearby scientific research and production bases.

Major Public Community Projects and Recent Focuses

It is stated in “Plan Outline” that public communities in Yangpu Knowledge Innovation District aims at providing public services to campuses and parks by creating an environment suitable for communication, enterprising, residence and entertainment. A series of modernized knowledge communities and well-equipped cultural neighborhoods should be established to transit public services, residing and living functions and logistical services of higher learning into urban communities. A resource sharing system should be established to exercise the resources advantages and comprehensive effects of “integration and interaction of universities, science & technology parks and public communities”.

Recent focuses are public communities that are characterized in resource-sharing and public services, including:
■With central communities as the key project, a batch of SOHO zones and socialized dormitories will be launched surrounding universities.
■Incorporating along-the-river development, river-bank modern service zone project was launched and came into shape in 2006. The recent focus is Yangpu Bridge area, one of the four key areas along Huangpu River.
■Emphasizing ecology, forum and leisure, the development of Fuxing Island was launched in 2005 and came into shape in 2008. It will be preliminarily completed in 2010 to be an important supporting part of Expo 2010 Shanghi China.
In order to further enhance integration and interaction of universities, science & technology parks and public communities, infrastructure projects are also attached importance recently, including:

■Facilitating intervarsity resources-sharing, communication and exchange by improving road transportation, accelerating metro construction, establishing bus transfer system and setting bicycle lanes.
■Metro lines constructed before 2005 were M4 (Line 4) and M8 (Line 8) and before 2010 will be M1 (Line 10) and M2 (Line 12); long-term construction lines are L3 and L5. Middle-ring line will be completed in 2006.
■Creating a good external environment for Fudan University’s centennial celebration by reinforcing environmental improvement of its surroundings.
■Making efforts to launch the west part of Enterprising Corridor Project within this year and complete it in 2007; the east part in 2010; and preparing for the launch of the middle part.
■Altering freshwater system to form unique waterscapes. Waterscapes projects are constructed under a 1-2 km speed annually.
■Forming cultural relic clusters within knowledge innovation district to display college, social and cultural recourses and historical architectures.
■Vigorously developing public scientific research service platform system, fostering strategic alliance between teaching, research and production; gradually open up some universities and scientific research institutes, key state laboratories, technology centers and testing centers to the public; enhancing resource-sharing between and among universities, scientific research institutes, and all kinds of social laboratories, libraries and incubators.

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