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Functions of Sports Bureau of Yangpu District of ...
Functions of Sports Bureau of Yangpu District of Shanghai
1. to implement laws, rules, regulations, guidelines and policies related to sports work; to organize to prepare programming and planning for the development of the district's sports cause in accordance with the district’s overall planning of national economy and social development, and organize to carry them out;
2. to plan as a whole the development of mass sports, and promote the national fitness program; to improve the organizations and working networks for the national fitness program, and guide to carry out mass sports activities; to take charge of implementing the standards of physical exercises nationwide, and organize to guide the work of national physical fitness evaluation; to organize to guide the development of public sports and health care qigong; to integrate various sports resources within the district to satisfy the body-building needs of the citizens;
3. to plan settings and major layout of competitive sports programs in the district; to study and guide the work of combining amateur sports training with physical education, and build the training system of talents for the Olympics; to make overall planning for youth sports development, and guide and promote the work of youth sports;
4. to actively apply for and undertake various domestic and international sports competitions at all levels, and sponsor sports meeting at the district level; to organize to participate in national and municipal comprehensive sports meetings and single sports competitions of various kinds for the youth, and guide the work of grassroots sports competition;
5. to cooperate with relevant department to plan and coordinate the construction and layout of sports venues and facilities, and guide the construction of public sports facilities; to guide to coordinate the construction and availability of public sports venues and public sports facilities in communities;
6. to plan the development of sports economy and business activities, and strengthen the development of sports industry; to guide and manage the organizations directly under the district sports system to do a good job in the work of entrusted supervision over state-owned assets;
7. to undertake the daily work of the district sports association, as well as the qualification review and operational guidance for the sports associations at the district level;
8. to carry out international and regional sports cooperation and exchange;
9. to undertake the work related to acceptance and hearing of administrative reviews and responses to administrative proceedings.
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