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Functions of Office of Ethnic and Religious Affai...
Functions of Office of Ethnic and Religious Affairs of People’s Government of Yangpu District of Shanghai
1. to implement CPC’s guidelines, policies, laws, rules and regulations on ethic and religious work; to organize and guide the policies concerning ethnic groups and religions, and publicity and education of legal system;

2. to protect citizens’ freedom of religious belief, protect the legal rights of religious groups and sites for religious activities, protect normal religious activities conducted by clerical personnel, and protect religious followers’ normal religious life in conformity with the law;

3. to manage ethnic and religious affairs within the district in conformity with the law, supervise and inspect how the sites for religious activities abide by laws, rules and regulations, and how religious and foreign-related activities are conducted, deal with emergencies with ethnic and religious factors properly, maintain ethnic solidarity and social stability;
4. supervise and guide ethnic and religious groups to strengthen self-construction and establish and improve managing system; to help ethnic groups do a good job in self-preaching, self-managing and self-supporting, and take the road of independent administration within the limits of constitution laws and regulations;

5. to liaison and train representatives from ethnic groups and religious communities, strengthen education on socialism and patriotism, unite and mobilize ethnic and religious people to safeguard social stability and solidarity conscientiously;

6. to guide religious citizens to carry forward excellent religious culture, participate in building harmonious society actively, take the road of keeping religions with socialist society; to prevent and restrain lawbreakers from conducting illegal or unlawful activities in the name of religions; to cooperate with relevant departments to resist infiltration activities conducted by the hostile forces outside China;

7. to organize to carry out ethnic work in communities, build outstanding communities featuring ethnic solidarity and progress towards the goal of working and prospering together, cooperate with relevant departments to do a good job in serving ethnic transients among transient population;

8. to take charge of coordinating the building of Muslim food industry within the district and do a good job in supervision and inspection and ensure that minority people’s daily living needs are met;

9. to take charge of registration, change, supervision and inspection of sites for religious activities.
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