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District Agencies
Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of Yan...
Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of Yangpu District of Shanghai
1. to implement the laws, rules, regulations, guidelines and policies of the work related to human resources and social security, work out and implement the development plan for the district’s cause of human resources and social security by combing with regional realities, and organize to carry them out; to manage, review and supervise the standard use of special funds of social security; to take charge of the work of administrative review and responding to administrative proceedings within the scope of the bureau’s administrative responsibilities;
2. to participate in the work of the district’s talent management, and attract all kinds of talents; to comprehensively manage the work of professional and technical personnel of the district’s enterprises and institutions; to take charge of talent introduction, redeployment of cadres across provinces and municipalities, and the employment guidance for university graduates; to strengthen management of the district’s human resource service institutions, guide and carry them out the work for human resources market, and facilitate rational flow and effective distribution of human resources;
3. to do a good job in the work of wages and welfares of organs and institutions; to take charge of guidance and coordination of management and service for the district’s organs’ and institutions’ retirees, and implement various policies; to comprehensively manage the work related to the wages of the district’s enterprises, cooperate with relevant departments to guide enterprises to implement collective wage negotiation, control total wage amount, and regulate wage payment;
4. to take charge of promoting employment in the district, draft the development planning and policy measures for employment in line with regional characteristics, and encourage entrepreneurship to improve employment; to conduct employment assistance, predict, alert, adjust and control employment and unemployment, and maintain stable employment;
5. to comprehensively manage the system of vocational qualification and the work of vocational skill training within the district; to implement the policies of cultivation and subsidy-granted training of highly skilled personnel, and guide to carry them out training funded by government subsidies; to take charge of accreditation, guidance, management, inspection and evaluation of various vocational training institutions focusing on training of vocational skills, to take charge of the management, supervision and coordination of vocational skill accreditation within the jurisdiction;
6. to comprehensively manage the coordination of labor relations in the district, and take charge of coordination, guidance and regulation of the district’s enterprises in implementing the system of labor contract; to take charge of the systems of employees’ working hours, rest and leave, guidance of the special labor protection policies for women and minors, as well as welfare management; to take charge of social security work, handling of the business transfer of employees across provinces and municipalities and the long-lasting issues related to the “educated youth”, and management of land acquisition for labor absorption, pension and other social affairs;
7. to comprehensively coordinate in the work of safeguarding rights of workers, monitor and supervise according to law the compliance with labor security laws and regulations of the employers within the jurisdiction, organize the implementation of labor security supervision, and investigate and punish illegal cases;
8. to improve the mediation mechanism of dispute over labor and personnel, coordinate to manage the labor and personnel dispute processing within the jurisdiction, and conduct mediation and arbitration; to take charge of operational guidance for mediation organizations for labor and personnel disputes;
9. to implement the policies related to the work of migrant workers, manage comprehensive insurance payment of non-local employees within the jurisdiction, hear and mediate labor disputes, and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of migrant workers;
10. to take charge of integrated management of civil servants of administrative organs in the district, and do a good job in recruitment, assessment, appointment and dismissal, promotion, demotion, awarding, punishment, training and banking of civil servants; to take charge of the appraisal management of the objectives and performance of the departments of the district’s organs, perfect the implementation measures for the appraisal, and organize to carry them out;
11. to take charge of arrangement of cadres transferred from the army, stability relief work for enterprises’ cadres transferred from the army, and management and service for cadres transferred from the army who seek employment on their own;
12. to take charge of organization and implementation of the municipality’s basic medical insurance policies as well as management of the district’s basic medical insurance.
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