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Wujiaochang smart pedestrian crossing into the ci...
Recently, friends who have visited the Wujiaochang shopping district will find that there is a smart pedestrian crossing that glows, adding security to road safety and attracting many pedestrians to stop and photograph. What kind of cool black technology in the end let us shine?
Crosswalks are the lifeblood of urban roads. Many casualties occur on crosswalks, especially at night or in rainy or snowy weather. It is difficult for vehicles to see pedestrian crossings, especially non-light controlled junctions and crosswalks in the middle of roads.
At the same time, at present, there are still some drivers who have not yet formed a parking safety awareness. Coupled with the widespread use of smart phone "pedestrians" among pedestrians, safety hazards have increased greatly when crossing the road.
Located in Yangpu District Zhengguo Road, this smart pedestrian crossing is a motor vehicle polite pedestrian crossing warning system. Under the guidance of the organization and management committee of Yangpu District Construction Management Committee and the traffic police department, the company has completed construction and commissioning after working overtime and completed construction and put into use.
The system performs composite detection based on infrared and radar to determine whether there is pedestrian traffic in the pedestrian crossing area. When there are pedestrians crossing the infrared trigger at the junction, the system automatically determines that there are pedestrians in the pedestrian crossing area. Brick lights will light on both sides of the zebra crossing, flashing continuously to remind the passing vehicles to decelerate the courtesy pedestrians and bidirectional warning of pedestrians and passing vehicles on the pedestrian crossing. When the pedestrian safety through the zebra crossing, the brick lights automatically extinguished. This new intelligent crosswalk, greatly improving the visibility of the night zebra crossing, enhanced tips and warnings.
There are also a variety of lighting options, can be off at the same time, but also a fixed phase difference "horseshoe-style" dynamic lighting. At present, the latest test products can intelligently adjust the brightness of floor tiles according to the light sensation during the day and night, making this "lifeline" a more intimate "landscape."
After a period of operation
Smart pedestrians have a clear reminder of both drivers and pedestrians. They not only extend the safety distance between motor vehicles and pedestrians, raise the awareness of motor vehicle policing pedestrians, but also improve the bad habits of "low clan" dangerous crossing streets to provide a guarantee for road safety and become A beautiful city "landscape."
Urban traffic is the core component of smart city construction. Shanghai Intelligent Transportation is making continuous efforts to improve the level of urban fine management, optimizing the urban traffic environment, enhancing the scientific and intelligent management of transport facilities, Fine management, to ensure the safety and convenience of people travel, the city of Shanghai more temperature, more attractive, more attractive.
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