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Yangpu based on the actual development of "pulse ...
Recently, NPC deputies attending the Third Session of the 16th NPC in Yangpu District carefully reviewed the report on the work of the government made by Xie Jiangang, deputy secretary of the district party committee and mayor. The deputies all agreed that the report has a clear theme, a detailed content and a clear mandate. The work of the past year was fruitful, distinctive and bright. The work target of the new year is clear, focused and effective. It is very inspiring. Representatives around the Yangpu future development and construction, based on the actual development of "short board", we all express our views, have suggestions.
Pooling resources to promote "double" upgrade
"Shuang Chuang" is a business card of Yangpu. In the new year, it is a topic of concern and hot discussion among delegates how to further promote "the masses start a business and innovate in many ways".
Before writing a bill on advancing the construction of a 'twin hit' base, we conducted a series of investigation activities. Of the 44 survey items, 38 required the direct involvement of enterprises. During the interactive communication, many enterprises did not understand the government's correlation Policy, the government carried out a lot of service activities, enterprises do not know. "Pan Chunhua representatives believe that the district can be combined with the" major research "activities so that more companies understand the government departments to service channels and ways to attract more companies to actively Participate in the "double hit" tide of construction. He suggested that the district government should take the lead to create an online and offline information feedback platform and integrate various industry chains and entrepreneurship resources in the region. With this platform, enterprises with different strengths will cooperate with each other and form an "aircraft carrier "Type of super-venture platform, to help businesses steadily" sailing "at the same time, for the transformation of scientific and technological achievements in the region to provide a practical carrier.
"Yangpu's" double creation "should be more marketized, specialized and international in its development." Luo Qianyi, on behalf of the suggestion, should continue to increase its radiation intensity and increase its radiation intensity so as to further strengthen the construction of a national demonstration base for dual innovation and the policy of national innovation By encouraging new three-tier companies and promoting "double-debt-creating" initiatives, the two companies will help solve the financing problems and help them to grow healthily and steadily.
In his speech, the representative of Xi thin said that there are many creative design enterprises in the Tongji economic knowledge circle with complete design industry chain. It is necessary to grasp the design leading of the Tongji economic knowledge circle, closely follow the development of the times, A complete set of systems to promote the overall upgrade of the design industry. In addition, while doing a good job of macro-industry regulation and control, government departments should also make micro-services for regional enterprises, promote entrepreneurship, and innovate resources to tilt their agglomeration to small and medium-sized enterprises and further thicken the atmosphere of "double creation."
Deepening Reform, Promoting High - quality Development of Economy and Society
According to the government work report, it is necessary to deepen the structural reform on the supply side in 2018 and make efforts to promote high-quality economic development by vigorously promoting policy focusing, resource focusing and regional focusing. Qian Yingqing representatives believe that in the past year, Yangpu District government dedicated, dedicated, responsible, and constantly seek new impetus to development, and constantly change their work ideas, reflecting Yangpu "double Chuang" temperature, investment strength, attitude of service . In the new year, we should take new measures in serving the Belt and Road initiative, plan strategic objectives, formulate a good implementation plan, meet the needs of scientific and technological innovation in countries along the Belt and Road, and find new areas for economic growth. District is a platform to win more room for development.
When talking about regional education resources, Li Dan said that while implementing the comprehensive reform of education and winning remarkable achievements in education, Yangpu also faces such problems as lack of sources of teachers, difficulty in recruitment and decline in the level of teachers, and hopes to improve teachers' performance Wage system, optimize the rationality of the distribution of teachers' income and improve the work enthusiasm of teachers.
Speaking of the joint development of "Wenchuang" and "Kechuang", Renli's representative believes that the report mentions the document spirit of "implementing 50 articles of Shanghai Wenchuan" and raising the competitiveness and influence of the cultural and creative industries, Tongji Architectural Design and Research Institute to participate in many cultural and creative projects, such as the Shanghai Museum East Hall, Shanghai Art Museum. He suggested that we should give more play to the advantages of design enterprises in the region, combine the shoreline of Binjiang with the actual situation of Yangpu and give consideration to both functionality and leisure, strive to create new landmarks and further enhance the cultural heritage of Yangpu.
To provide better and balanced public services
During the discussion, delegates affirmed the achievements Yangpu made in responding to the needs of the masses and improving people's livelihood in the past year. They also gave valuable insights on how to further improve people's livelihood and how to provide residents with better and more balanced public services.
Wu Qi, speaking on behalf of the "Wenchuang 50" recently raised by the masses, believes that Yangpu's formulation of "cultural and creative" rules should clearly define the three major directions: to "make a grand design" and strive for a world-class cultural and creative industry; and to " Entertainment, "such as" beep miles beep, "the company will work and play together, the rapid development of enterprises, has gathered more than 2,000 employees in Yangpu office; to" benefit life ", government departments and universities, enterprises, community organizations Multi-dimensional and multi-perspective cooperation, efforts to enhance the community's cultural gain and satisfaction.
"In contrast with the new year's development goals, work requirements are even higher. For Weichuixin Group, we must make breakthroughs in 'improving people's livelihood and improving quality and efficiency' based on the continuation of last year's work. Property management, underpinning the maintenance of funds collected, and in the long-term property management and resident literacy, but also to further improve. "Deputy Bao Xiaolan said.
Yangpu's aging phenomenon has become increasingly prominent. On behalf of Wang Yueping, the government proposed that the government should guide social forces to make the pension service brand bigger and stronger and form a distinctive pension service system. It should continue to nurture the service for the aged service enterprises and strengthen their service so as to promote their growth. Pension service enterprises to assess, continue to examine their ability to undertake pension services, take appropriate measures in due course.
Target international metropolitan strong management and self-government
"Strengthen the social governance and urban delicacy management, strive to create a more orderly, safer and cleaner metropolitan center city." For the report outlined in the new year a blueprint for social management development, representatives Cheng Guoguang said in the city management In terms of transformation and upgrading, it is necessary to use "acupuncture and moxibustion method" to push forward the construction of good-neighborly homeland and promote the development of good-neighbor home brand projects. At the same time, in combination with the city's "micro-update", it will transform the residential area with low cost and make older workers new villages more temperature- Promote community residents by students become familiar with, by the pro-change pro, and strive to achieve "a good urban environment, good community services, corridors have good neighbors, have a good mood every day."
Zhang Shao Chun, on behalf of the NPC for strengthening social governance and urban management has a profound understanding of the refinement, he believes that the first priority should be to strengthen the basis for social governance and security, and promote "smart public security" and "brilliant project" construction; followed by stronger public security grassroots The basis and guarantee of the unit business premises; at the same time, we should strengthen the foundation and guarantee of the auxiliary Auxiliary Police Force, and standardize the formalization of Auxiliary Police. In addition, we must step up the positive role of social governance in creating co-creation and giving full scope to all forces in society and make efforts to create a safe neighborhood, build a good-neighborly home and build a "sub-project" in order to form a joint force for social governance.
"Urban safety is about you, me and him." Representative Wu Yimin believes that urban safety management involves all aspects, attention should be paid to the safety of underground space and old residential areas, and the safety of residents should be protected. To introduce a group of enterprises that have a positive impact on Yangpu's long- Promote the healthy development of the economy; continue to improve the level of management and refinement, coordinate and solve the difficulties in the construction of a number of urban areas and so on.
Complement "short board" to optimize urban ecological environment
"2017 is the most exciting and most memorable year." Representative Lu Zhiping said excitedly that the "wonderful" lies mainly in Yangpu's "double hit" greatly enhanced its influence, the economic structure has been continuously optimized, the municipal outlook has been greatly improved, and innovation driven by development achievements Significant; "unforgettable" lies in the government departments and streets (towns) adhere to the simultaneous demolition and reform, the successful completion of a number of comprehensive management of the ecological environment, the construction of a number of public service establishments, residents living environment improvement, living facilities continue to improve. In the new year, the streets of Hangjiang Road should take the opportunity of vigorously promoting the "Lizzi Project" and the micro-updating of the communities in the entire district to strive to create a "beautiful river control" that is "multi-generational, safe and livable" so as to continuously enhance the residents' sense of gain , Sense of well-being and security.
In the past year, Yangpu's urban landscape has undergone great changes. Representative Xi Zhihong said that in this year's work schedule, it is proposed that a new round of higher-level "Lifelong Project" be carried out and residents are very much welcome. However, there is a long time for bidding and bidding in "Lizi Project" and other issues. Hopefully, the process can be optimized and accelerated Progress, so that people can enjoy the ecological environment as soon as possible to optimize the results.

"In addition to creating a good urban ecological environment, the humanities environment should be further optimized." Representative Sun Wenjie said that through the management of ecological environment, major cultural and sports activities to be held and the construction of gardens and towns and other ways to constantly optimize the human and natural environment and promote the overall urban area Image enhancement.

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