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International Volunteer Day sets off Great Mass F...
"Volunteer" is a title that can bring warmth to people. On December 5th, namely the 32th International Volunteers Day, various units in our District held a series of volunteer service activities, through handy service for the public, comfort volunteers and other forms, to promote the energy and spirit of volunteerism and attract more people to participate in and devote themselves to this volunteering cause.

Provide warm and popular handy service for the public

On December 5, on the site of the activity "Neighborhood Watch, Public Interests, Volunteer Service in Action" held in Siping Road, 22 units (including the Department of Postgraduates of Party School of Tongji University, the East District Telecommunications Bureau, Shanghai Trade school, Shanghai Fishery Machinery Research Institute, the Community Health Service Center, and Metro Line 8 First Party Branch) provide more than 500 community residents with medical consultation, legal consultation, computer repair, hairdressing, knife sharpening, appliance repair, umbrella repair and other various handy services for the public.

At the same time, the volunteers from Jiangpu Road are also actively participating in the volunteer service activity of "Thousands of Volunteers Connecting You and Me". At 9:00, half an hour before the activity, the service volunteer team is in place, and their massage therapy, hairdressing, cardiopulmonary resuscitation and practicing, polymer clay-making, various maintenance, blood pressure-measuring, medical consultation, policy advice and other various livelihood activities attracted many residents to experience.

On the same day, Changbaixincun Street also held a volunteer service activity with the theme of "Volunteer Everywhere for Public Welfare, Happiness to Changbai", setting up several living service stalls to facilitate residents. Family doctors explained many winter health tips, and provided blood pressure, blood glucose and bone density testing and other medical services; the street grid office launched the activity of waste battery exchange for household items, encouraging residents to practice environmental philosophy; the elderly association's volunteers play their skills to provide knives maintaining and sharpening as well as hairdressing services. Many residents have been waiting for maintenance in front of their stalls with their household items even before the beginning of such activity. "My recorder is old and antique. I trust the volunteers from our streets better than anyone else." Elder uncle Wu holds the well-repaired recorder and thumbs up to the volunteers.

Build a safe and beautiful new home

On December 5, on the event site of Bailian Another City called "No Drugs, Volunteers in Action", these anti-drug volunteers walked on to the streets to disseminate anti-drug and anti-cult leaflets and handouts to the residents passing-by, told them the harm of drugs and cults to individuals, families and society and advocate a civilized lifestyle with both physical and mental health.

It is understood that at present, the core volunteers for drug control in Yangpu District have reached more than 500 persons. Volunteers mainly go to campuses, communities and parks to help residents understand the harm of drugs, learn knowledge such as how to identify drugs and refuse drug, improve their awareness of knowing drugs, preventing drugs and refusing drugs and their ability to resist drugs, and warned them to be vigilant to temptation and take resolutely attitude of resistance.

In addition, thanks for the sanitation workers’ contribution to optimize the environment. Recently, New Jiangwan City Volunteer Service Center's volunteers launched a volunteer service activity called "Thanks for Your Hard Work, Here Is Our Thanksgiving Warm-Heart". Early in the morning, the volunteers prepared hot sweet, red jujube tea and breakfast, showing their thanksgiving warm-heart to the sanitation workers.

Volunteer from colleges and universities

Colleges and universities are an important part of public welfare resources, and also an important driving force for the development of social services to the standardized, scientific and professional level. On the international volunteer day, the Second Neighborhood Festival and the fourth Public Partners Day of the 2017 Wujiaochang Street International Volunteer Day themed "Volunteering from Me, Creating Good-neighborliness and Enlarging the Effect of Colleges and Universities" was held and added the new element "Colleges and Universities" to the theme of "Volunteer" and "Good-neighborliness".

On the spot, the party members practice service group of Fudan University Gypsophila Graduate Student, based on their own experience, sent an initiative to colleges and universities in Wujiaochang Street Subdistrict to urge more college volunteers to take advantage of their academic strengths and professional expertise to join the community construction with better services; Fudan University Doctoral Tutor adheres to the "two-way promotion combining study and practice to advocate theory to serve the community" and recommends a number of excellent preaching projects there to deliver quality volunteer resources for community building. Subsequently, the street opened a forum for volunteer service of colleges and universities to participate in the community forum. Participants discussed the topics of how colleges and universities participated in community public service by sharing the experiences of public service, discussion of members and expert comments by college associations.

In addition to the regular service this year, Siping Road also added prize winning knowledge competition activities jointly conducted with the Department of Postgraduates of Party School of Tongji University to discuss the core values of socialism, the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the CPC, the volunteer service and other small knowledge answers. The contents of the 19th National Congress of the CPC, the core values of socialism and the concept of volunteer service have been popularized in this activity.

Thanks for your accompany and contribution on the way of volunteering.

In addition to volunteering services, these units have also expressed their gratitude to the unselfish volunteers in more warm forms.

Wujiaochang Street reviewed the community volunteer work for the past year and presented awards to the Top Ten Outstanding Volunteer Service Stations, Top Ten Party Organizations to Serve the Mass Project and the Neighborhood Project and the Top Ten Neighborhood Partners. North Tea Garden Gardener Assistant Workstation's teacher Feng shared, a retired teacher, shared his ten-year volunteer teaching story. Regardless of wind and rain, he never give up, silently adhere to the public interest road and give play to his remaining years to educate new students, which greatly moved the on-site residents.

On the afternoon of December 5, a street volunteer concert was held in Jiangpu Road to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Chen Guangfa's medical volunteer service team and to pay respect to the volunteers, who have spent years to serve Jiangpu in aspect of creating national healthy and civilized place and maintaining traffic, through rewards and brand team support. In addition, the street also held Volunteer Ivy League Activity, which is divided into "Volunteer Theater", "Volunteer Health Check-up" and "Volunteer Tea Room" to help these volunteers to relax their tiredness through watching film, tasting tea and doing physical examination. Moreover, many of the residents and friends who came to participate in the activity felt the enthusiasm of the volunteers and went into the voluntary recruitment agency one after another. According to statistics, more than 70 residents of Jiangpu Road joined the volunteer team on the day. Many volunteers were active at the scene, dedicated their love and explained the volunteer spirit through concrete actions.
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