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Yangpu Market Supervision Bureau Takes Multi-pron...
Bannock, twisted cruller, Lamian noodles, wonton, barbecue, milky tea…all these snacks and beverage both loved and hated by people when speaking about them. The "food junkies" value the tastiness of these foods, but many small restaurants without complete license have presented a hazard for food safety. How to make people enjoy the food at ease?

In the first half of this year, Yangpu Market Supervision Bureau took programs like record, occupational change, ban and other programs to strike out the unqualified food operation and guarantee the food safety for citizens.

Recorded and incorporated into the management: Let the qualified shops to run their operations

There are many new commercial residential buildings and commercial buildings in the New Jiangwan Sub-district. In order to meet the dietary needs of the company employees, residents, teachers and students in the surrounding area, a lot of new food and beverage shops are set up along the street of the sections including Guoxue Road, Guo'an Road and Zhengli Road. However, the food business operators have been unable to get the owner's property certificate due to the complex property rights of commercial shops. Limited by the current administrative licensing policy, their shops can not apply for business license and food business license, hence "forced" to become the unlicensed restaurant.

On May 27 this year, the municipal government issued the Measures for Supervision and Administration of the Temporary Record of Small Catering Service Providers in Shanghai (Trial) As the supporting stipulation of Food Safety Regulation of Shanghai Municipality, it points out a way to implement the responsibility of food safety for small catering service providers who satisfy the masses, do not affect the normal life of the surrounding residents, have a fixed site for business operation and conform to the requirements of food safety and hygiene of food processing, yet have not obtained food business license.

Yangpu Market Supervision Bureau bears meeting the consumption needs of the surrounding residents in mind with safety as the bottom line to invest and search the restaurants within New Jiangwan Sub-district in collaboration with relevant property management team. With unified notification and publicity of laws and regulations, it propose suggestions on making rectification within a prescribed time limit for facilities and equipment, business status and food safety status of small restaurants until they meet the record standards.

In the process of recording a restaurant in North Guoquan Road, the inspectors found a lot of problems in the restaurant, including no wall tiles on the kitchen wall, no functional partition in water tank, no cooked and uncooked classification in the refrigerator, incomplete disinfection facilities, no cover on the garbage can in the dining area, no procurement account established and no management system on the wall; they required the shop owner to solve these problem found within two weeks, during which the shop was visited four times, tracking the implementation of rectification all the way.

After the completion of the hardware rectification, they interviewed the restaurant owner once again and asked him/her to effectively fulfill the entity responsibility of food safety and improve the management awareness of food safety. Finally, the restaurant reached the record standard for small restaurants. The successful completion of the record ensures the regularity, safety and reliability of the small catering service provider. So far, there are up to 671 small restaurant operators recorded and incorporated into management across the district. 

The district market supervision departments also help the small unlicensed restaurant operators who have difficulties in meeting the business license standards to change their business type and engage in other business operations.

According to statistics, there are 1,947 unlicensed food operators without license in Yangpu District, of which 1,545 restaurant operators are unlicensed and 402 unlicensed operators are still in operation. Up to now, 1,777 unlicensed cases have been eliminated, in which 128 are persuaded and given help to handle the license, 947 are banned, 31 change the business type and 671 are recorded and incorporated into management, completing 91.3% of the rectification target.

"Efforts are intensified to focus on governance on the basis of last year's work.The cause and dynamic of the unlicensed food operators can be learned through street food safety offices. One file to one operator shall be established, and the targeted regulation scheme shall be taken for different operators. "The goal of this year is to basically eliminate the unlicensed food operation within the district", claimed by Sun Jiancheng, deputy director of Yangpu Market Supervision Bureau. ”

Ban according to law: Let the illegal businessmen have nowhere to hide

Dinglu Supermarket at Lane 400, Miyun Road is located at the junction of Yangpu District with Hongkou District. Due to large flow of people, irregular management, historical stock breaking rules and regulations and other factors, the "steamed bun shop", "tofu stall" and other unlicensed food stalls constructed illegally in the supermarket continue despite repeated prohibition. In order to change the past situation of "remediation - rebound - remediation again - rebound again", the Siping Road Sub-district works with the city management squadron, market supervision and neighborhood committees to initiate an interview with the supermarket, business operator and other related parties. The remediation determination that "illegal buildings must be demolished, and unlicensed operation must be stopped" shall be clarified. The problems arising from the supermarket and the stall operators in contract cancellation and time limit for moving out are coordinated many times. On the basis of removing all the items of the business operators, the subdistrict office implements the demolition of the historical stock illegally constructed, which completely eliminates the material space on which the unlicensed restaurants in the supermarket rely for existence.

In the work of banning unlicensed restaurant operators, Wujiaochang Town Government leads the market supervision, city management, public security and other departments within the jurisdiction, relying on "Five Violets and Four Musts", "Changing Residence to Non-residence" and troop compensation stopped for rectification work, to ban the unlicensed food business operator within the illegal building, the housing of "Changing residence to non resident" and the troop operating housing. Remediation has been carried out more than 20 times in total, with more than 600 people dispatched and 128 unlicensed business operators banned. Meanwhile, measures like put up sealing strips, seal the doors and windows, demolish illegal buildings and other measures shall be taken for the banned housing in a timely manner to effectively prevent the rebound and resurgence.

Rectification of unlicensed food business is a part of social comprehensive governance, involving a number of aspects. For the instability or resurgence of the unlicensed business operator, Sun Jiancheng said that this required a long-term management process not only intensifying efforts in the rectification, but also requiring the continuous supervision of subdistrict office and other primary-level units in the future. Yangpu Market Supervision Bureau set up the Youth Commando to overcome the urgent, difficult, dangerous and important problems continuously. On the basis of eliminating the "existing case", the generation of "increment" shall be controlled gradually to prevent the emergence of the rebound.
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