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Stay True to the Aspiration of Following the Part...

On 18 October, the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China was unveiled, a meeting of great importance taking place during the decisive stage in building a moderately prosperous society in all respects and at a critical moment as socialism with Chinese characteristics has entered a new era. 

Four sets of leadership in Yangpu assembled in the meeting room of the office building watching the live broadcast of the opening session.  The common opinion was that General Secretary Xi Jinping in his report on behalf of the 18th central committee had not only reviewed the great achievements made over the past five years, but presented a blueprint for China's future, and had greatly inspired people's morale and confidence. Party organizations at all levels, party members and cadres, and community masses watched the congress on Internet or TV, paying meticulous attention to the report made by Mr. Xi. 

Feeling proud of a prosperous motherland

"Since the 18th congress, the central leadership, in the spirit of hardship and simplicity and serving the people heart and soul, has made great achievements in the endeavor of  'Two Studies, One Action',  poverty alleviation, army reforms, technology development, and entrepreneurship and innovation. We are all grateful to our party. As a party member following the party for more than 60 years, I will set an example in implementing the spirit of the 19th congress and contribute to the ideological and ethical progress of the community." Huang Baomei, a national model worker and an old party member of Shuangyang Neighborhood of Daqiao Subdistrict, got up very early that day and came to the neighborhood committee watching the TV with other residents. Speaking about her feeling, she said that the report had set quite an inspiring vision for the national development, that all our party members should set an example in contributing to them by doing a good job in their post, and that all party members should be strict with themselves so as to offer impetus to the development of our country. 

Tang Binglin, a party member with a party standing of 44 years who lives in Siping Road Sub-district, told the reporter while reading the report that since the 18th congress great achievements had been made, especially in terms of the living standards of our people. Further, the rapid growth of high-speed rail, subway, and light rail has made it quite easy for people to travel. The project to build the riverside connectivity has provided access to some once closed Huangpu River scenery for the public, a good service the government has offered the people. 

Ding Qianhua, 84, watched the live broadcast at the party building service center in the sub-district and made four-page notes. She told the journalist that she joined the party in 1956, and had worked at a textile mill until retirement. "Mr. Xi's report covered all major issues, including situation at home and abroad, economic growth and technology. We are very proud of a rising motherland in the global stage." 

Forging ahead towards the ambitious goals

The third batch of medical staff aiding Tibet from the East Hospital watched the opening of the congress where they worked. And they said, "Under the leadership of CCP, we have seen a growing economic strength, an improving ecological environment, and an increasing sense of happiness. All this has made us proud of our motherland."

"We will stay true to our mission, increase our political awareness, keep in mind the general interests, and observe disciplines; we will overcome difficulties caused by snow-covered plateau in our life and work, continue to help and assist the locals to improve the medical treatment level, and contribute to the hospital of Lhatse County in its growing into a comprehensive grade 2A hospital, as well as the construction of medical center in the west of Shigatse." 

"Basic necessities are the big concern of the people. In the past five years, people's living standard has improved greatly (followed by Page 4) (continued from Page 1). For the coming five years, Mr. Xi has showed us a blueprint, which makes us more confident and inspired." Xu Yumei, party secretary of Guoshun Neighborhood with 11 years of experience in grass-roots work, said, "I am highly inspired by the report, in which Mr. Xi outlines a strategic while practical vision for our country. As a party secretary working in grass-roots unit, I must follow the spirit of the 19th congress, and also encourage other party members and the masses to follow suit. As we pool the positive energies, we will surely contribute to the bright future of our community, Shanghai, and our country." 

Party building service center of Wujiaochang, serving as a venue for open organizational activities, also held an event themed "greeting the 19th congress and joining us for the live broadcast" on the very day. On the site, government officials, party members of the community, youth social workers and activist of party application gathered together, including sanitation workers who visited the Love Service Station while taking a break. Tong Wenfei and Li Minghai, both worker at Haizhen Cleaning Company, said after listening to the report, "The past five years have seen our city experience profound changes in its rapid economic growth and people's living standards." "We expect there will be more policies benefiting migrant workers, such as policies on low-rent housing and equal access to education for their children." 

Huang Jingrong, senior expert and consultant at the district's party school, and member of the lecture group of Wujiaochang party school, said after watching the opening session, "I will implement the spirit of the 19th congress in the education and training of cadres and the masses as my top priority, and work hard to make our community more prosperous and cultural advanced." 

Remain true to original mission and forge ahead

"The rapid growth in the past five years has greatly increased our confidence. And the report shows the direction for our next step." Lu Xiaojun, deputy secretary of the party working committee of the sub-district said, "We should follow closely the guidance of Mr. Xi and the congress,  double our efforts for regional party building, "two new" party building, and Internet enterprise party building,  increase people's sense of happiness and gain with the achievements of party building,  push ahead with the endeavor of building good-neighborly homeland themed "charming Wujiaochang and innovation", and promote residents' self-governance to boost social development." 

More than 480 party members from the central hospital of Yangpu arrived at the hospital early. Party committee of the hospital set a message board with a title of "greeting the 19th congress and speaking your mind to the party", on which party members and the masses wrote down their feelings and took group photos the board. Party member Jing Yingying said: "Five years of hard work have witnessed the great achievements our country has made. We should remain true to our aspiration, forge ahead with our duty, and deliver a good performance in our ordinary post." Party member Liao Wenjuan said, "As a party member on the health front, we are practitioners, participants and builders in the health care reforms. We should continue to study hard, carry forward the spirit of hard work, always put the interests of the people first, and give the people more sense of gain, and continue to push forward the 'medical reform'". 

Pingsan Primary School is one of the 100 "party branch construction demonstration points", part of the efforts of Shanghai City for the institutionalization of "Two Studies, One Action" program. In recent years, under the leadership of teachers from the party branch, the school, by relying on the platforms for party building, has organized a number of education activities, thus improving students’ practical ability and comprehensive quality. "The mission of a school is to run in a manner that satisfies people's requirements."  Shang Lingli, deputy secretary of the party branch of the school, said after listening to the report that the school will remain true to its aspiration, strive for continuous progress, and deliver performance to the satisfaction of students, their parents and the society.
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