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Yangpu News
Accelerating Urban Renewal and "Old Urban Areas" ...
Lately, the 2017 National Entrepreneurship and Innovation Week wound up at Changyang Campus, Yangpu. "Transforming" from an obsolete cotton mill of a hundred years to a green entrepreneurship block and serving as the main session of the National Entrepreneurship and Innovation Week, Changyang Campus located at "old urban areas" takes on a brand new look and becomes vibrant. 

The theme of this year's National Entrepreneurship and Innovation Week is "entrepreneurship and innovation boost upgrade and increase new kinematic energy". The pattern in which Changyang Campus is reconstructed to an entrepreneurship block perfect matches this connotation. The roaring of textile machinery in the past is replaced by tapping sound on the keyboards made by white scholars and entrepreneurs of the new times, and cotton mill of a hundred years becomes the most striking entrepreneurship block in old city, which is both transitional development from "Yangpu of industry" and "Yangpu of knowledge" to "Yangpu of of innovation" and "Yangpu of entrepreneurship" and practice of Yangpu in exploration of new path of development of "urban renewal".  

In the past five years, Yangpu boosted urban construction and transformation by urban renewal, highlighted both the "outside" reflecting urban image and the "inside" related to mass satisfaction, accelerated progress of infrastructure construction, old town reconstruction, environment rectification, riverside connection and other key endeavors, and improved the "weak points" of urban construction and management. As a result, huge change happened to the whole outlook of the district. 

Revitalized Historical Relics 

"Culture is historical sediment, persisting in architecture and blending in life." Lately, the 1st Shanghai Yangshupu International Innovation Forum was held at Shanghai Fashion Center, Yangshupu Road. Yangpu is studying protection of historical relics of industry and construction of China's modern industry expo belt at the moment, introduced by Li Yueqi, Secretary of district Party committee, to guests from all over the world at the forum. The historical relics at the riverside of Yangpu are special valuable resources of Yangpu so it is necessary to protect and link such resources, make modern civilization and traditional civilization enhance each other, and enable every visitor to read architecture of this city, feel texture of this city and appreciate special historical and cultural characteristics. 

Similar to Changyang Campus, Shanghai Fashion Center makes a splendid transition from relics of "industry of a hundred years" in Yangpu. Yufeng Cotton Mill well-known in the Far East in the 1920s, the first water works, power plant, and gas works in China used to make this "strategic location" renowned in the world. After protective reconstruction, Shanghai Fashion Center covering more than 100,000 m2 of land reserves two chimneys, spire red-brick old plant and other historical relics of the Great Industrial Age of the former Yangshupu Power Plant, attracts numerous brands such as Outlets and Starbucks to settle and gradually grows to a well-known fashion center in Asia. 

The riverside region is a strategic area of Yangpu. At the west of Yangpu Bridge, the 2.8 km long Yangpu Riverside Development Zone completed at the end of this June takes the lead in the whole city and old foreign-style houses, steel rails for transportation, cast iron tows and other industrial elements at the site of the former EWO Cotton Mills, Ltd. are repaired and reserved in their entirety, which has become a unique scenery along the Huangpu River and attracted residents to head for visit and rest. Currently, at the east of Yangpu Bridge, the 2.7 km long shoreline completion works are accelerating. In line with the construction philosophy of "post-industry and new century", Yangpu is expected to make use of industrial relics and historical elements in a dynamic way, make in-depth integration with advanced science and technology, and focus on construction of "industrial expo zone of a hundred years" and "international riverside innovation zone" to enable citizens and tourists to better experience unique charm of urban renewal brought by industrial civilization of a hundred years.
"Gear Shift to Accelerate" in Project Construction 

Yangpu is one of the most concentrated central urban areas in Jiuli, facing heavy task and high difficulty. While accelerating construction of important supporting region to scientific innovation center and national entrepreneurship and innovation demonstration base, district Party committee and district government attach great importance to reconstruction of old area and always prioritize reconstruction of old area in improvement of people's livelihood and service development to accelerate reconstruction of old area. 

In the past five years, Yangpu overcame numerous difficulties, insisted on goals of "annual completion of requisition of 5,000 households" and "acceleration of comprehensive environment reconstruction of old communities" and accelerated renewal of old city in all aspects. In requisition for reconstruction of old area, Yangpu adhered to the philosophy of "boost of reservation, reconstruction and demolition and priority of reservation and protection" to accelerate reconstruction of old neighborhood. As a result, Yangpu made breakthrough and boosted "final 20,000 households of Neighborhood 228 in Shanghai", "Neighborhood Pingliang West", "Neighborhood Jiangjiabang" and other clustered requisition bases for reconstruction of old area in succession. In the near future, such "old urban areas" are expected to turn in a brand new look.

Infrastructure construction is an important guarantee for accelerating regional development and urban renewal. In the past five years, Yangpu clung to the "key" of construction of significant projects, the kick-off of 10 projects and the completion of another 10 projects and advanced old urban areas to "bolster the weak spots" in infrastructure. As a result, Yangpu boosted dozens of construction projects in succession every year. The project construction in full swing made Yangpu in such a size seem a large construction site and embark on a period of the most construction projects in history. In the kick-off of 10 projects and the completion of another 10 projects this year, Yangpu comprehensively boosted dozens of commenced projects including Comprehensive Reconstruction of Yangshupu Road and dozens of completed projects including Dandong Drainage System, powerfully guaranteed and successfully constructed municipal significant projects such as Rail Transit No.18 Line, North Cross Passage and Zhoujiazui Road Cross-river Tunnel, accelerating innovation, transformation, and urban renewal and development in a sustainable way, said Xie Jian'gang, deputy secretary of district Party committee and district governor, at the district Party committee Q3 meeting lately convened. 

Old Urban Areas Dressed up by Delicacy Management

In the past five years, Yangpu strengthened the endeavor to "bolster the weak spots" to accelerate infrastructure project construction while highlighting weak points in urban management and concentrating on improvement of delicacy management of urban areas in an attempt to make urban areas more orderly, safer and more beautiful.

This year, Yangpu achieved complete success in tough control of small- and medium-sized rivers under joint efforts of the whole district: all the 18 rivers in the district were dredged; illegal buildings in an area of thousands of square meters along such rivers were successfully demolished; dozens of drain outlets along such rivers were comprehensively controlled. Tested by a third party institution, Nenjiang River reaches Class IV water quality standard and passes public assessment and Qiujiang River and East Zouma Pond reach "black-and-odor-free" standard.

The effects of control small- and medium-sized rivers are an epitome of sustainable boost of regional environmental comprehensive rectification of "Five Violations and Four Musts" in Yangpu. In the past five years, Yangpu advanced environmental health control, clearing of illegal building, control of small- and medium-sized rivers and other regional environmental comprehensive rectification endeavors in a sustainable way, accelerated renewal of urban look, and endeavored to promote gain and satisfaction of residents in combination with implementation of "No.1 Task", construction of "a national health district" and "a national civilized district" and other key work of the municipal Party committee.
This year, Yangpu combined regional environmental comprehensive rectification endeavor of "Five Violations and Four Musts" and comprehensive paid service cease endeavor to complete the task of related demolition of illegal buildings in the year in advance and basically finish 714 paid service cease projects in the district, whose experience and practice concerned are approved by Central Military Commission to be promoted nationwide. 

The community space micro-renewal project is an innovative practice of Yangpu to make delicacy management "like embroidery". This year, two community micro-renewal projects including "Xiangyin Road Lane 491 Reconstruction" of Wujiaochang Town and "Reconstruction along Zhengtong Road" of Wujiaochang Sub-district recommended by district urban planning and land resources bureau after comprehensive evaluation and selection to superior authorities were incorporated into 2017 municipal pilot projects. 

Earlier this year, five projects such as "Daqiao Sub-district Xihu Road Reconstruction", "Jiangpu Road Sub-district Feihong Road and Xuchang Road Curbside Greenbelt Reconstruction", and "Construction along Songhuajiang Road (Yangji East Road-Jungong Road) of Changbai Community Sub-district" became the first community space micro-renewal pilots in Yangpu District. "Community micro-renewal" are quietly changing the living environment of residents just as spring rain moistens everything. 
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