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Joining in Hands to Promote Innovation and Develo...
In the golden October, by virtue of the National Entrepreneurship and Innovation Week, Yangpu again ushered in strong airflow of innovation and development — 2017 Overseas Innovation and Development Forum was opened on the morning of September 28 in Yangpu, Shanghai, where the 2017 National Mass Innovation and Entrepreneurship Week was just held. It added the vitality and passion of innovation and entrepreneurship to this piece of land. The forum is guided by the Shanghai Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese, sponsored by the Yangpu Returned Overseas Chinese Federation, and undertaken by the Shanghai Yangpu Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese and Yangpu Innovation Office, Shanghai.

The forum was attended by Zhao Fuxi, Deputy Director of the CPC Shanghai Municipal United Front Work Department, Shen Min, Vice Chairman of the All-China Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese and Secretary of the Leading Party Members' Group of Shanghai Returned Overseas Chinese Federation, Tai Xun, Chairman of the CPPCC of Yangpu District, Cheng Xiuming, member of the standing committee of the district committee and Director of the United Front Work Department, Gu Yujing, Deputy Director of district NPC standing committee, and Zhou Hai, vice chairman of the CPPCC of the district and other leaders. Yang Fujia, Professor of Fudan University, President of the University of Nottingham Ningbo China, committee of the National Education Advisory Committee, and academician of Chinese Academy of Science, and Ge Junbo, Chairman of the Chinese Society of Cardiology, Chairman of the China Cardiovascular Association, and academician of Chinese Academy of Science, etc. were invited to attend the forum. The leaders of the overseas Chinese federation of cities, districts and counties from 31 allied member units across the country, high-level overseas Chinese talents, and entrepreneur representatives totaled more than 200 people attended the forum. The forum was presided over by Wang Yong, Vice Chairman of Shanghai Returned Overseas Chinese Federation and President and Professor of School of Music, Shanghai University. Upon the opening of the forum, a vibrant propaganda film of Yangpu, Shanghai attracted everyone, and let the guests enjoy the development characteristics of "3-district cooperation and 3-city integration" in Yangpu, creating a warm and excited atmosphere for the success of the forum.

Tai Xun, Chairman of the CPPCC in Yangpu District put it in the welcome speech that overseas Chinese and returned overseas Chinese are importance force to expand the opening up and promote innovation and entrepreneurship, so serving the new overseas Chinese talents is our obligatory duty. Yangpu always adheres to a blueprint painted as a whole, firmly sticks to the development path of "the interaction of three districts", strives to create the environment and establish the mechanism. This year, "Dream Incubator of Overseas Chinese" has been located in Yangpu, which means that the in service overseas Chinese are the historic opportunity for innovation and entrepreneurship. Yangpu will continue to cultivate innovative soil, gather innovative elements, and create an innovative atmosphere, so that more overseas Chinese and returned overseas Chinese realize their dreams here.

Shen Min, Vice Chairman of the All-China Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese put it in his speech that, as the bridge and bond by which the Party and the government contact the extensive returned overseas Chinese and their relatives and overseas Chinese, the work of the overseas Chinese federations urgently requires a new path: to bring the new overseas Chinese at home and abroad together sufficiently, fully connect the needs of the new overseas Chinese and the government's requirements, and provide strong enough overseas Chinese power for the innovation and development of Shanghai, China. Meanwhile, this new path aims to play well the role of the four platforms in new overseas Chinese in Shanghai: "park + union + base + station", actively participate in cooperation and exchange, mutual learning, and mutual support among the member units in the Yangpu Returned Overseas Chinese Federation by adhering to the principle of "enthusiasm, serving overall situation, complementary advantages, mutual benefits, interactive development, and comprehensive development", and vigorously carry out collaborative activities in multi-forms and multi-channels, so as to provide more quality services and more convenient channels for the innovation and entrepreneurship of overseas Chinese, and play a greater role of overseas Chinese and overseas Chinese federations in jointly promoting China's economic take-off and the rapid development of various social undertakings.

Zhao Fuxi, Deputy Director of the United Front Work Department of municipal Party committee pointed out that the  Overseas Innovation and Development Forum was held in Shanghai for the first time this year, and many high-level overseas Chinese elites gathered here, which fully embodies the spirit of friendly cooperation of allied member units and the deep love of overseas Chinese for Shanghai. Zhao Fuxi expected that, firstly, we should look at overseas Chinese affairs from the overall situation of national and Shanghai development. Secretary Han Zheng had pointed out that "overseas Chinese affairs are a business card of Shanghai, Shanghai's development, reform, more expansion of the opening". We should plan these affairs in the overall development situation, give full play to the advantages of internal introduction and external connection, play the bridge and bond role, and more widely unify Chinese people at home and abroad in making contributions to the national development. Secondly, we should further make good use of the advantages of overseas Chinese federations of all walks of life. The overseas Chinese federations at all levels across the city should pay equal attention to the domestic and overseas, the old and new overseas Chinese with the strengthening of the political appeal, advancement and mass character as the goals, deepen the expansion of overseas work and new overseas Chinese work, and continuously enhance the ability and level of overseas Chinese federations in serving the overall interests and the overseas Chinese masses. Zhao Fuxi hoped that the overseas Chinese federations could further enhance the ability to integrate resources and create more cooperation mechanisms, so as to maximize the unity of overseas Chinese forces. Thirdly, we should further stimulate the enthusiasm of new overseas in innovation and entrepreneurship. On the one hand, we should make good use of the advantages in contacting the overseas talents, so as to strengthen communications and exchanges with overseas Chinese, and strengthen the introduction of overseas high-level talents; on the other hand, we should further enhance the level of services and play a carrier role, to create a favorable competitive environment, and establish a strong support system, so as to help the new overseas Chinese integrate into Shanghai and take root in Shanghai.

The important experts and scholars were specially invited to explain their insights and share the wisdom and experience in the forum. Yang Fujia, academician of Chinese Academy of Science made deep-feeling explanation on the "Returnees and Patriotic Feelings", and shared his true feelings and valuable experience combined with such examples as Deng Jiaxian, Chen Nengkuan, Qian Sanqiang and other famous experts and scholars. The guests present were all moved by him for his pure heart.
In the keynote speech, Mr. Yu Bing, Chairman and General Manager of Shanghai DFYH tech Services Co., Ltd., has extracted and shared four elements of entrepreneurship from his own entrepreneurial experiences and gains and losses; Mr. Hu Xin, Deputy Director of the CSME, and Chairman of Tianjin Yilike Energy Technology Development Co., Ltd., made a useful warning on how to avoid the common dilemma and trap of the general middle and small-sized enterprises in the overseas Chinese investment and entrepreneurship; Ms. Zhang Li, Chairman of Shanghai Jokoson environmental engineering co., LTD., introduced the experiences of big data driving environmental management innovation; Mr. Fan Jun, Chairman of JENOVO PharmTech Inc., inspired the new overseas Chinese returnees with their own entrepreneurial practice that"no one can casually succeed"; Ms. Yang Qiuping, an expert of park management and General Manager of Fudan Software Park encouraged the new overseas Chinese returnees saying "There is no walls in entrepreneurship, and there is no end in innovation" with her unique perspective and the wisdom of the elders. These speeches focused on "public entrepreneurship and innovation", exploring a number of realistic and forward-looking topics in innovative entrepreneurship.

In the round table discussion, delegates of entrepreneurs from Shanghai, Luoyang, Wuhan and other regions discusses passionately the path and mode selection of the "entrepreneurship and innovation" by new overseas Chinese, as well as the expectations about the "ecological environment" of the entrepreneurship and innovation, generating strong sparks of thought. Guests present in the forum also visited the Changyang Campus and Yangpu Binjiang Public Shoreline serving as the main venue of the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Week, and the China (Shanghai) Entrepreneur Public Training Base, experiencing the fiery atmosphere of entrepreneurship and innovation in Yangpu.

The Yangpu Returned Overseas Chinese Federation activities tried to provide a platform for the display of innovative projects and connection for overseas Chinese enterprises and businessmen, with innovation and pragmatism as the tenet. Among the numerous overseas Chinese enterprises participating in the promotion, there are not only high-grade enterprises with high technological and innovation level, but also modern service industry, ecological agriculture, biological medicine and other enterprises. The relevant functional departments and the science park in Yangpu District made promotions and publicity on supporting policies for innovation and entrepreneurship, new policies for the introduction of high-level talents, preferential measures for investment promotion, etc., which built a pragmatic platform for further mutual development and win-win cooperation of overseas Chinese enterprises and overseas Chinese businessmen.

The team of the Yangpu Returned Overseas Chinese Federation is gradually expanding, with number of the members increased to 17 in 2016 from 5 in 2015 at the beginning. Another 14 members were increased this year, more than half of which were from the national innovative pilot cities and the national "entrepreneurship and innovation" demonstration base. The Federation will continue to deepen the platform carrier construction relying on the unique advantages of the overseas Chinese federations, while adhering to regarding the overseas Chinese as a bridge, serve the overseas Chinese returnees in their innovation and entrepreneurship, and promote innovative national construction and transitional development of regions, so that overseas Chinese contribute wisdom and strength to the China Dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.
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