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Yangpu News
Engraved Rust Ruins and Fragrance of Coffee
As the morning breeze whisks the Yangpu riversides along with the "Jingling" sound, a group of workers holding tools in hands are carefully polishing and making antique finish on rails at the riverside.  The roaring of machines in the Great Industrial Age has dissipated forever. Instead, a riverside construction project to reinstate the "Centennial Rust Industrial Belt", started brewing 7 years ago, takes shape today. 

Yangpu District emerged out from industry and prospered because of industry as well.  Huangpu River flowed the long and narrow belt of Yangshupu Road and watered the earliest modern industrial civilization in China. 

Nowadays, the gilding years gradually turn into rust red but some imprints are still engraved at the riverside, reminding people here that the past glory has never gone away in fact. 
The industrial rust ruins of a hundred years are seen everywhere in Yangpu District.  Changyang Campus, previously known as Donghua Cotton Mill in 1920, becomes an "emerging attraction" nowadays in Yangpu, where the 2017 National Entrepreneurship and Innovation Week set the main session. On the roof, the long-standing logo of "China Textile Machinery Plant" is still clear and distinct. Downstairs, a grand meeting attracted attention of all engaged in entrepreneurship and innovation in the world. 

Another cotton mill of a hundred years--the No.17 State Cotton Mill experienced a different destiny.  At present, it has outer walls of ganged red bricks and zigzag roof in the old look, whose inside is the largest fashion center in Asia.  On May 20 this year, the 1st Shanghai Yangshupu International Innovation Forum was held there, where a mass of global big shots in economy cast eyes of expectation to development of new Yangpu. 

No.17 State Cotton Mill, Yangshupu Water Works, Shanghai No.1 Wool Top Plant, etc. are distributed along Yangshupu Road, which are unnoticed industrial attractions linking the lifeline of China's modern industrial civilization and accomplishing warehouses and storehouses of Suzhou Creek, flashing neon lamps on Nanjing Road and charming scenery of the Bund. 
Old residents of Yangpu may not imagine how flashing sparks at night in the old plant in the past are linked together to the bright riverside nowadays.  And what never ends is colorful light of Wujiaochang Dome. In 2006, the big wheel of Wujiaochang was turned to a colorful dome. In 2017, "the last angle" on the Dome -- Hopson One was opened to customers and the "living room of urbanian" embarked on a new chapter.   

Within the radiating circle of Wujiaochang, Daxue Road where trees and flowers abound is bustling in a different way. More than 40 coffee shops and creative restaurants are distributed in fragrant flowers and wood fences in a staggered way where makers are talking about their projects with passion.  Every morning, they are wakened by dream instead of alarm clock.

Innovation is the base of Yangpu District.  Knowledge flows from universities and colleges into parks and blend in communities and "boundary walls" are torn down to enable factors of innovation to freely flow in Yangpu District, such as Fengchengxiang Entrepreneurship Street -- a previous community and Brain-inspired AI Industry Park. 

From sunset to sunrise, as the tide rises and falls, the pace of innovation never stops.  Yangpu is like a giant that stands on the land of industry and looks up at the starry sky, whose dignified history sustains underfoot and cutting-edge thought blossoms on top. 

Concerning the Yangpu District nowadays, "rust ruins" are no longer to be revamped. Instead, they must be kept and injected with new connotation.  The beauty of Yangpu lies in the remains of hundred years old factories, the fragrance of coffee in the incubator park, the sunset glow in Fuxing Island and the bright river bank extending along the river.  Embracing the history and heading for the future, Yangpu District is expected to have a more promising tomorrow. 
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