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Perfecting Mass Innovation & Entrepreneurship Ser...
In the past five years, with focus on building a national pilot innovative urban area, with "tri-zone linkage and innovation drive" as the path, Yangpu has adhered to the concept of "tri-zone linkage and tri-town integration" and the concept of "citywide efforts on innovation", promoted the coordination and integration of research institutes, universities and colleges, enterprises, makers and other innovation subjects, and pushed forward the free flow and optimal allocation of innovation elements including talents, capital, information and technology, to cultivate the "rainforests" for innovation and entrepreneurship.

New policies attract innovation talents

On March 2, 2017, the Ministry of Public Security released the ten new exit-entry policies to support the construction of Shanghai Technology Innovation Center in Yangpu. As one of China's first national "mass innovation & entrepreneurship" demonstration bases and the only of its kind in Shanghai, Yangpu issued the first certificate for foreign applicants for permanent residency in China.

"Compared to before, the new policies lower the threshold of Chinese 'green card' application by foreign talents. For example, any foreign talent who has worked in the 'mass innovation & entrepreneurship' zone for four years may apply for permanent residency regardless of education, positions or salaries, which is undoubtedly an advantage for Yangpu to attract overseas high-level talents as a 'mass innovation & entrepreneurship' base," said Chen Lu, Director of the Yangpu Exit-Entry Administration Office.

According to the regulations of the ten new exit-entry policies, foreign talents with master's degrees or above, or those recruited or invited by enterprises in Zhangjiang National Innovation Demonstration Zone and China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone, as well as enterprises in the "mass innovation & entrepreneurship" demonstration bases approved by the State Council, universities, colleges and research institutes in Shanghai, may apply for talent visas to Shanghai's port visa authorities with relevant documents and apply for residence permits in accordance with relevant regulations after entering China if they come to China without visas; and may apply for changing visas into talent visas or apply for residence permits in accordance with relevant regulations after entering China if they come to China with other visas.

"Many enterprises needed foreign experts to come to provide emergency technical assistance, it will take long if they follow the process, but the port visa channel has been opened to save much time," said Chen.

To attract and pool more top innovation talents worldwide, the Yangpu Employment Promotion Center (Public Personnel Service Center) has integrated its original business, and established the mechanism of "one-window acceptance" to combine the window for employment permit application with the new window for "foreigner work permit application".

The release of the ten new exit-entry policies has solved the problem of exit-entry inconvenience for overseas high-level talents, and further enhanced its appeal to talents. There are currently 190 talents in the Recruitment Program of Global Talents in Yangpu, roughly accounting for one fifth of all such talents in Shanghai.

Flow of innovation & entrepreneurship elements based on resources 

At the 2017 On-site Meeting on the Construction of CAST Innovation Drive Support Project Demonstration Zone in Yangpu on May 19, the Framework Agreement on City-District Cooperation in Constructing Yangpu Innovation Drive Support Project Demonstration Zone and the Strategic Cooperation Agreement on the Transformation of the Technological Achievements of Innovation Drive Support Project were signed. The meeting aimed to get through the "last mile" for technology achievement transformation, unblock the channel of "scientific research, experimental development, popularization and application", give further play to the role of the National Eastern Tech-Transfer Center (NETC), and accomplish the seamless connection between social capital and research findings.

At the meeting, Xie Jian'gang, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Yangpu District Committee and Head of Yangpu District said that Yangpu would focus on getting through the "last mile" for technology achievement transformation based on the organizational advantage of the China Association for Science and Technology (CAST) and the Shanghai Association for Science & Technology and the technical advantage of technology experts, continue to extend the function of innovation blocks and maker spaces in depth, upgrade technology parks, provide more "low-cost, convenient and total-element" carriers to innovation & entrepreneurship talents including technology workers, focus on NETC, and speed up the formation of a renowned and influential innovation achievement allocation center and technology transfer center at home and abroad, in a bid to build it into a characteristic brand in the construction of Yangpu Innovation Drive Support Project Demonstration Zone.

In recent years, based on the disciplinary advantage and innovation resources of universities, colleges and research institutes, Yangpu has promoted the construction of four innovation & entrepreneurship blocks including Knowledge & Innovation Community, Guoding East Road, Changyang Road and USST Rim, signed cooperation agreements with 11 universities and colleges inside and outside the district including Fudan University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University and Tongji University, made all-out efforts to build some key mass innovation & entrepreneurship projects including "one corridor, one circle, one valley and one park" (Fudan Innovation Corridor, Knowledge Economy Circle around Tongji University, SHUFE Financial Valley and USST THZ Industrial Park), and worked with the 23rd Institute of China Electronics Technology Group Corporation, the Shanghai Electric Cable Research Institute, the Shanghai Electric Control Research Institute and other institutes to advance the projects of IOT Technology Park, Electric Cable Technology Park and BeiDou Application Demonstration Project.

49 key mass innovation & entrepreneurship projects including BeiDou High-precision LBS Platform and Key FTTH Technology Research and Demonstration Project made great progress. Three projects including NETC and THZ Spectrum and Image Technology Industrialization Platform won a national support fund of 70 million yuan for mass innovation & entrepreneurship.

Persistent efforts boost mass innovation & entrepreneurship 

On September 21, the 3rd "National Mass Innovation & Entrepreneurship Week", themed "Promoting Upgrading and Taping New Drivers through Mass Innovation & Entrepreneurship", was wrapped up in the main venue in Changyang Campus. Through the promotional video, brochure, map, stories and postcards of mass innovation & entrepreneurship, Yangpu took full advantage of the main venue to enhance the influence of mass innovation & entrepreneurship. "Innovation elements of Yangpu" including UCloud and Liulishuo attracted wide attention.

According to statistics, about 180 events including Maker Reality Show and 7-Day Innovation & Entrepreneurship Salon were held in Shanghai during the 3rd National Mass Innovation & Entrepreneurship Week, attracting more than 150,000 visitors. During "Horizon of Maker Festival 2017", 21 theme events, including Venture Project Road Show, Venture Nova Selection, Venture Plan Competition, Angel Investment Matchmaking, Maker Challenger, Theme Salon, Roundtable Forum, VR Experience and Creation Bazaar, were held concurrently. Yangpu Venture Star Competition and Yinhang Creat8 Innovation & Entrepreneurship Week will be held afterwards. National Mass Innovation & Entrepreneurship Week is everlasting.

"Innovation" has become a unique trademark and brand of Yangpu. The hot land for innovation and entrepreneurship has brought together 20 technology parks including seven national university technology parks, 71 distinctive maker spaces including Tencent Maker Space, TusStar and Innospace+, as well as more than 1,000 entrepreneurial teams, with a total service area of 300,000 square meters. 31.4 percent of startup enterprises incubated in maker spaces survived, and the incubation success rate of 15 percent of maker spaces reached 60 percent to 70 percent, exceeding the country's average level.
This year, Yangpu was ranked as one of the country's five "fruitful regional mass innovation & entrepreneurship demonstration bases" by the National Development and Reform Commission; and was ranked third in the evaluation of the first regional mass innovation & entrepreneurship demonstration bases organized by CAST. The new driver of technology innovation and mass innovation & entrepreneurship appeared in acceleration. In the first eight months of this year, Yangpu achieved financial revenues of 9.215 billion yuan, up 5.72 percent year on year, ranking third among central urban areas.
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