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Yangpu News
Serve Voters in Three Endeavors
Chan Yaoxiao, winner of the title of the fifth "Good Citizen of Yangpu", the sixteenth NPC deputy of Yangpu, and General Manager of Shanghai Julong Greening Development Co. Ltd, felt both deeply touched and a sense of responsibility after the voters showed deep trust in him.

Base a good duty-performing on three endeavors

Mr. Chan believed that a good duty-performing must be based on three endeavors. First, one must do his work with enthusiasm. That is, one must learn more about the situation of the district and listen to the voice and wishes of the residents by interactions with the cadres and residents.

Second, one must have clear priorities to his work. For example, at the end of each session, he would implement the principles of the session and kept the residents informed of the conditions and trends of the district.

Third, one must devote himself to his work. He said that it was wrong to see the performance of duty as a representative as an additional burden, that one must see the services of residents as the part of his job, and that one must live up to the expectations of voters.

Field visits to solve problems

Mr. Chan held several social positions, but he never neglected his duty as a deputy to people's congress, however busy he might be.

He paid regular visits to neighborhoods such as Huaxinfang, Fululi, and Hongdefang, listening to the residents, performing investigation on garbage classification, property management, management of industry committee and other issues, and providing first-hand data for the endeavors of "three districts and one base" and integrated governance of sub-districts in Yangpu.

The Huaxinfang, Fululi, and Hongdefang were the electoral districts oversee by Mr. Chan, and for a long time the three areas were faced by the knotty problem of disorderly parking of junk vehicles, which not only affected the environment of the district, but caused neighborhood contradiction and led to disharmony of the community.

Despite many efforts to improve the situation, not many achievements were made.

In April this year, after the sub-district launched the "100-day efforts for establishing of national civilized city", the moment came for the cadres to solve the problem, which, if left unsolved, would exert a negative impact on the application for selection of the 100-day event. 

Chan Yaoxiao and the cadres, after a discussion on the possible approaches, agreed to introduce an incentive by which the residents are encouraged to exchange junk vehicle for rice.

Mr. Chan promised to provide the rice as part of the voluntary services.

On the very day when the event began, 80 rusty old bikes and motorcycles were carried to the designated places by residents to be exchanged with bags of rice. And hence the junk vehicles were disposed in a "harmonious" manner.

During his many visits, Mr. Chan learned that Huaxinfang, Hongdefang, Linqing, Fululi and Renxing had quite a number of needy residents who were in desperate need of help from all walks of the society.

Then he suggested to the neighborhood committee that concerted efforts be made to help them.

On the eve of this year's Spring Festival, the donation and solicitude event themed "Julong Greening is for the people, as the deputy to the People's Congress of the people" was held in the Sunshine Center, 66 Linqing Road.

Mr. Chan said that he would spare no efforts to help strengthen the ties between the government and residents, and continue to contribute to people's livelihood.
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