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Be Nore Community-based and United in Knowing and...
"The people have entrusted me with this post, and I will try my best to be a qualified deputy to people's congress, which is my most important job."

As the deputy to Yanpu's fifteenth, and sixteenth people's congress, Xu Weihuang, Director of Shanghai Shengkang Law Firm always gave top priority to his work as a deputy.

Focus on regional growth

A historical development opportunity for Yangpu is to grow itself into the Major Supporting Area for Shanghai S&T Innovation Center and National Popular Entrepreneurship and Innovation Demonstration Base.

Mr. Xu, after more than a month of field research, offered advice and suggestions for the entrepreneurship and innovation efforts of Yangpu by his Proposal on Establishing a Technology Innovation System Combining Production, Education, Research and Application in Yangpu Represented by Entrepreneurship and Innovation Districts around the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology.

In January of this year, at the first session of Yangpu 16th people's congress, the Accelerating Innovative Development to Boost the Building of Major Supporting Area for Shanghai S&T Innovation Center and National Popular Entrepreneurship and Innovation Demonstration Base was adopted as a bill.

Mr. Xu suggested that efforts be made to facilitate the docking of dominant disciplines in universities and research institutes with advanced technology and regional high-tech enterprises so as to build it into a pioneering area of knowledge, technology, policies and resources hand in hand; to construct collaborative innovation mechanism and platforms so as to stimulate the innovation vitality of different market players; and to boost the coordinated development of the public undertakings of communities adjacent to colleges.

Mr. Xu believed that deputies to people's congress should broaden their horizon by putting forward feasible proposals for regional development based on the actual conditions.

And for that he actively carried out research to understand public opinion.

He had visited China (Shanghai) Entrepreneur Public Training Base, Yangpu Entrepreneurship Corridor, etc., conducted research on the new efforts by Yangpu Human Resources and Social Security Bureau  themed "promote entrepreneurship to create more jobs", performed many talks with people with difficulties in finding jobs, and submitted Suggestions on Improving the Employment Guarantee System for Locals with Employment Difficulties in Yangpu.

At the special meeting for townscape management during the 2016 people's congress, Mr. Xu made a proposal to build a folk custom street by integrating the historical excellent architectures into the current planning, so as to dock the efforts to urban planning of Minfu Road and Shiguang Road located in Wujiaochang Historical Relics Protection Zone with the endeavor to protect the immovable cultural heritages.

In the panel discussion, he also suggested that sub-districts and communities could try to establish the social affairs arbitration institutes, gradually change the traditional way of relying too much on administrative arbitration, and improve the innovation mode of social governance.

Commonweal and community return

Since serving as the representative of the Yangpu people's congress in 2013, Mr. Xu paid visits to the households in need in Changbai New Village Sub-district each year to offer feedback on their demands, wrote work log and explored the ways to build mobile stops served by deputies to people's congress.

Since 2015, Mr. Xu had started to provide legal services for 9 primary and secondary schools, including Yangpu Youth Science and Technology Station, and Fudan Experimental High School as a contacting lawyer of the legal advisory board.

For years, Mr. Xu had been an active player in the programs for public good.

Each year he would make donation for poor students of University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, and the law firm he worked at had been awarded with the title of "star of charity" by the college for three consecutive years.

In September 2016, the "Xu Weihuang Alumni & Mentor Fund" was established in Shanghai Maritime University, which was aimed to help students with their career planning.

In October of the same year, Mr. Xu donated 40,000 Yuan to Red Cross in Yangpu to help Daozhen County, Guizhou Province to build medical stations in the poor villages.

In July this year, Shanghai Shengkang Law Firm founded by Mr. Xu raised 100,000 Yuan to support Changbai New Village Sub-district in building a non-public offering community foundation as one of the sponsors.

Be more community-based and united in knowing and doing--by following this principle, Mr. Xu, serving Changbai New Village Sub-district heart and soul, devoting himself to the socialist legal services as an explorer, pioneer and communicator, as well as a competent deputy to people's congress.
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