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Deeds Are the Best Witness of the Sense of Duty
"As a deputy to people's congress, he or she is expected to speak for the people on the basis of a sound understanding of voters' voice instead of acting as a mouthpiece,"

said Zheng Fangxian, deputy to the sixteenth people's congress of Yangpu and Dean of Shanghai Education Examination Institute.

Since elected as an deputy to people's congress, Mr. Zheng had always born in his mind his mission and people's expectations, shown earnestness in group learning and worked hard to improve his ability to fulfill his duties. Further, he remained in close ties with the people, listened to their concerns, and took an active part in the affairs of the community.

Focusing on people's livelihood and promoting services for the old

Despite his busy schedules, Mr. Zheng made time to keep himself informed so as to be better able to fulfill his duties as a deputy, especially the lines, guidelines, and policies set by the party and state, as well as the system of people's congresses and laws and regulations, in his efforts to get familiar with the rules and procedures of the people's congress, enhance his political integrity, overall consciousness and the sense of responsibility, so as to constantly improve his ability to deliver a good performance.

Mr. Zheng, a resident living in Yangpu for nearly 30 years, had formed an affection for the district.

After being selected as a deputy, he became increasingly concerned with people's livelihood.

When visiting the people in the communities, Mr. Zheng told himself to use his ears to listen, his mind to memorize, and his brain to analyze, so as to gain a full understanding of the concerns of the voters.

To address the issues faced by Wujiaochang such as the aging problem, elderly people living alone in teachers' apartment, and empty nesters having difficulty eating, Mr. Zheng, along with other deputies, after performing surveys, proposed that a canteen for the old be built somewhere near the teachers' apartment to better meet their needs to eat in a public space where they could have some social contacts.

After many investigations and discussions, related cadres of Wujiaochang designated the Dingshengxing Restaurant down the Anbo Road as the trial site for services for the old to act as a canteen for the old. 

Meanwhile, the hotel handed out special dining cards to the aged who also enjoyed preference when recharging their card.

Based on education to act as a bridge

Mr. Zheng also worked hard to boost the ties between the government and the people.

This year has seen the comprehensive reform of the college entrance examination in Shanghai become a hot topic in the society. Bearing this in mind, Mr. Zheng gave a special lecture in the community to explain the overall situation of the reform to the residents. In June when the new plan for college entrance examination was implemented at a full speed, he also accepted the invitation and delivered reports on high school achievement test, comprehensive quality evaluation, examination subject reform, post-examination will-deciding, and other issues related to enrollment in Changhai Hospital Affiliated to SMMU and other units.

As a representative of the people's congress from the education system, Mr. Zheng had never forgotten his double identities as a "crowd spokesman" and an "education worker".

Since 2016, Mr. Zheng Fangxian had written relevant articles about Shanghai gaokao in Shanghai High School Student Gaokao and Enrollment Weekly and Shanghai Enrollment Hotline.

He said that he would continue to understand more about the needs of voters, increase his ability to fulfill his duties, play better the role of a representative, and serve as a deputy that lives up to the expectations of both the Party organization and the people.
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