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Yangpu News
Yangpu Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Three days later, the 2017 National Mass Innovation and Entrepreneurship Week is scheduled to officially kick off with the main session arranged at Changyang Valley on September 15. 

Located in Changyang Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai City, Changyang Valley was previously Donghua Cotton Mill and China Textile Machinery Plant founded in 1920 before reconstruction. This project is planned to cover land of 110,000 m2 and total floor area of 300,000 m2. Breaking ground in 2012, this project is scheduled to be fully completed by 2020. The roar of textile machinery in the past has become a dust-laden history, replaced by the enthusiastic keyboard percussion of entrepreneurs of new generation.  Changyang Valley is transformed from an old industrial park to a cluster of new ecological enterprises and entrepreneurs of new generation, fully embodying that mass innovation and entrepreneurship has served as a theme of the times in economic restructuring and upgrade and new and old kinematic energy conversion. 

Steered by mass innovation and entrepreneurship, mass are paddling without onlooker 

Yangpu is time-honored for "three centurials" (a centurial university, a centurial industry and a centurial municipal administration). Since the new century, it has taken an innovation-driven restructuring development route from "Yangpu of Industry", "Yangpu of Knowledge" to "Yangpu of Innovation".

In 2010, Yangpu District was named by Ministry of Science and Technology of the People's Republic of China to be one of the first national innovation pilot urban areas; in 2015, it was positioned to be an important supporting area to construction of Shanghai to be a global influential scientific and technological innovation center and "mass innovation demonstration area"; in May 2016, it became a regional mass innovation and entrepreneurship demonstration base, one of the first nationwide and the only one in Shanghai; in December 2016, it was incorporated by Ministry of Science and Technology of the People's Republic of China and National Development and Reform Commission in the construction list of innovation cities. Deployed by State Council as a whole and instructed by National Development and Reform Commission, Shanghai Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government highlight the construction of Yangpu to be one of the first national mass innovation and entrepreneurship demonstration bases. Hereby, the Municipal Government conducted a special study on the implementation scheme of construction of Yangpu to be a mass innovation and entrepreneurship demonstration base and officially issued a document at an executive meeting.  The document specifies the three-stage development target in base construction: to basically construct a high-level regional mass innovation and entrepreneurship demonstration base and form some institutional systems and experience which can be copied and promoted by 2017; to comprehensively construct a high-level regional mass innovation and entrepreneurship demonstration base and create a more effective ecological environment of entrepreneurship and innovation by 2018; to strive for taking the lead among national mass innovation and entrepreneurship demonstration bases under construction and guiding and radiating entrepreneurship and innovation development in the Yangtze River Delta by 2020. 

Concerning the "three-step" strategic target, Yangpu connects all kinds of subjects by bond of national mass innovation and entrepreneurship demonstration base construction to take the base construction as a common opportunity of development facing universities, colleges, scientific research institutions, and enterprises in the District. Supported by Shanghai Municipal Government, a joint conference system is established in which the deputy mayor in charge takes the lead, city-and district-level functional departments, universities and colleges concerned, and other units jointly participate to facilitate all kinds of innovation subjects such as scientific research institutions, universities, colleges, enterprises and makers to cooperate and finance with each other and advance talents, capital, information, technology and other innovation elements to make free flow and optimize configuration. 

In terms of district-school interaction, District Party Committee and District Government sign cooperation agreements with 11 universities and colleges both inside and outside the District such as Fudan University, Shanghai Jiaotong University and Tongji University to work together to build some key mass innovation and entrepreneurship platforms including "one corridor, one circle, one valley and one park" (Fudan Innovation Corridor, Circum-Tongji Knowledge Economy Circle, SHUFE Finance Valley, and USST THz Industry Park). "Fudan Innovation Corridor" will construct Industrial Technology Research Institute, City Development Research Institute, Undergraduate Entrepreneurship Alliance and Jiangwan Industry-University-Research Alliance and build an innovation and resource opening and sharing mechanism; "Circum-Tongji Knowledge Economy Circle Update" will spare no effort to boost construction of the International Design Center Phase III Project; "SHUFE Finance Valley" will focus on talent training, credit service, and investment and financing service system construction in the internet finance industry; in the meantime, it will boost the THz International Cooperation, Innovation and Development Platform Project and construct "THz Engineering Institute and Industry Park" with University of Shanghai for Science and Technology. Concerning district-enterprise interaction, Yangpu works together with CETC No.23 Research Institute, Shanghai Electric Cable Research Institute, Shanghai Electric Control Research Institute, etc. to boost IOT Science and Technology Park, Cable Science and Technology Park and Beidou Application Demonstration Project. 

In project promotion, universities, colleges, scientific research institutes, large-, medium- and small-sized science and technology enterprises actively participate in mass innovation and entrepreneurship construction and form 49 key mass innovation and entrepreneurship projects such as Technology Transfer Platform, Key Technology R&D Platform, and Innovation Center. Yangpu offers full support for Institute of Science and Technology for Brain-Inspired Intelligence, Location Based Service and other projects of intellectual property rights and breakthroughs in core science and technology areas to accelerate their implementation.  Strongly supported by National Development and Reform Commission, Yangpu accelerates boosting construction of National Eastern Tech-Transfer Center, Beidou High-Precision Location Based Service Platform, China Industrial Design Institute, Shanghai Intelligence Industry Innovation Research Institute and other functional platforms, facilitating key technologies to be developed and shared and science and technology intermediaries to effectively cluster and guide industrial upgrade and restructuring. So far, National Eastern Tech-Transfer Center has set branch centers in Boston, the U.S., London, UK, Toronto, Canada, etc.  Beidou High-Precision Location Based Service Platform, Collaboration Innovation Center of Shanghai Terahertz Spectroscopy and Imaging Technology and other projects are subsidized by RMB 70 million of national mass innovation and entrepreneurship support fund. 

Li Yueqi, Secretary of District Party Committee said, "Mass innovation and entrepreneurship is not only a significant mission of Yangpu but also a common opportunity facing universities, colleges, scientific research institutes, enterprises and other units in the District. Mass innovation and entrepreneurship is like a sailing boat of paddlers instead of onlookers.  Instead of being exclusively controlled by government from top to bottom, mass innovation and entrepreneurship refers to common development of all units and subjects in an area by sharing resources, complementing each other's strengths and interacting with each other. ”

Nowadays, the Changyang Valley full of hope is unfolding in public. 

The flow of elements has no boundary in the mass innovation and entrepreneurship block

In order to boost old and new kinematic energy conversion, enhance actual effect of entrepreneurship and innovation, form and foster industries, and drive virtuous cycle of employment, Yangpu boosts mass innovation and entrepreneurship work in a sustainable way while highlighting control of relations of "plane layout and point support" in combination with the "13th Five-Year Plan".   According to different mass innovation and entrepreneurship elements, resources and gifts of areas, it specifies a new pattern of creative and coordinated development of "Western, Central and Eastern Areas". 

In the Western Core Area, it will be focused on construction of "Economic Corridor of Innovation".  With Wujiaochang Urban Sub-center at the core, it will construct an Economic Corridor of Innovation supported by Fudan Global Innovation Center, Circum-Tongji Knowledge Economy Circle and Dalian Road Headquarter R&D Base; in the Central Promotion Area, it will build an "Eco-community of Makers".  It will construct some market-oriented, professional, integrated and Internet-based maker space to attract some influential domestic and foreign maker organizations and leading maker talents; in the Eastern Strategic Area, it will construct "Riverside International Innovation Belt". It will accelerate facilitating leading international and domestic innovation enterprises and talents to cluster and gradually form a typical demonstration area of integration of science and technology innovation and city update. 

In last September, China (Shanghai) Public Practicing Base for Entrepreneurs tore down all the boundary walls along the street front of Guoding East Road to turn to a more open entrepreneurship space at the signing ceremony of 7 new enterprises stationed in the incubator.  According to the Shanghai Strategy and Yangpu Deployment, the circum of the Training Base will be built to be one of four entrepreneurship blocks of Yangpu--"Guoding East Road Entrepreneurship Block". Hereby, as the central public entrepreneurship training base of Guoding East Road, the open boundary wall environment renovation works are launched to open all the originally closed areas along the street front of Guoding East Road and construct an innovation corridor; a more open entrepreneurship space is realized by transferring internal space and introducing new incubator. 
The construction of four entrepreneurship and innovation blocks including "Knowledge & Industry Community, Guoding East Road, Changyang Road, and Circum-USST" and "entrepreneurship and innovation" placement in community advance mass innovation and entrepreneurship elements to make free flow in the community, vitalizing and driving community construction and administration and offering low-cost and convenient back office guarantee and exchange space for mass innovation and entrepreneurship incubation and growth to facilitate large-, medium- and small-sized enterprises in the District to take a new route of integrated development by virtue of mass innovation and entrepreneurship. 

As planned, the Knowledge & Industry Community will rely upon the surrounding environment of Fudan University and Shanghai University of Finance and Economics to construct an innovation shaft axle and maker neighboring center and build an entrepreneurship and innovation service system; Guoding East Road Block will take China (Shanghai) Public Practicing Base for Entrepreneurs and Tencent Maker Space as center and build an entrepreneurship and innovation carrier of 600,000 m2 surrounding the 1 km2 of block around Guoding East Road; Changyang Road Block will take University of Electric Power, Changyang Valley, Internet Industry Building and 11 cultural and creative industry parks as core to build an entrepreneurship and innovation block; Circum-USST Block will fully exploit surrounding old plant resources and realize restructuring and upgrade concerning the riverside line of north section of Jungong Road. Extending from a landmark of Knowledge & Industry Community to four blocks, the mass innovation and entrepreneurship space in Yangpu is expanded from a core belt to a matrix carrier space layout. 
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