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Yangpu Enterprises Show up at SISPPE

The Shanghai International Science Popularization Product Expo 2017 (4th), where people learned to play a song before a smart piano, sat in a hot air balloon to experience the flying around a building, or wore an armor to control the robot, among other activities, concluded on 28 August in Shanghai Exhibition Center. At the 4-day expo, 7 enterprises of Yangpu presented their futuristic intellectual products that delighted countless fans on the site.

The expo, themed "popularization of science and a better life”, has made substantial achievements in promoting mass entrepreneurship and innovation, facilitating science popularization, displaying innovation, creating platforms, and building brands, thus making itself a major event characterized by specialization, internationalization, socialization, and scale-orientation.

A piano that plays automatically

A piano in many families acts as just an instrument, but Yitan Information and Technology Co., Ltd. has transformed the piano into two large pieces of joining screens, thus enabling an ordinary piano to play, teach, and conduct social intercourse, worthy of the name of smart entertainment appliance. 

In the experience zone, two Find smart pianos which had been implanted with the "brain", attracted a lot of people to have a try. Find when switched off is a real traditional piano, and when switched on, it can perform such functions as automatic playing, remote control, recording reduction, multimedia entertainment, online learning, etc, through a front-loaded long strip of high-definition screen that is compatible with the keyboard and with a simple operation.

At the scene, a child tried to play a tune, then the screen immediately showed how many notes were played right, and which ones were played too fast or too slow in detail. When there was no performer, the staff switched on the automatic playing function, the Find, by using the built-in computer, controlled the keys in their hitting of the strings, thus resulting in the soundboard resonance, namely the "playing" in the true sense. There are rich music resources in Find, and its waterfall-like show-and-follow function can also offer zero-based users instant access to the fun of playing, said Jiang Weijun, Sales Manager of Yitan. At present, this product has attracted a lot of attention from education institutions, which are now engaged in the negotiations about the cooperation.

Focus on maker education

In recent years, the concept of maker, though becoming more mature and industrialized, is yet to gain more grounds in China.  "We are a service company, with the exhibits serving as kind of a propeller, and our purpose is to introduce and promote the maker education," said Ruan Yudong, a maker engineer at the Shanghai Mooc Xing Information Technology Co., Ltd. 

As Shanghai's first professional maker education institution, Mooc Xing focuses on technology research and development, the middle and primary school course, and college students competition, and initiates the "ALL3 maker education system", which, based on student interest and project practice, by stimulating creation and encouraging sharing, is a model of quality education aimed to increase interdisciplinary ability, team spirit and innovative thinking. So far, Mooc Xing has trained more than 1,000 makers, and its exclusive courses have been adopted by dozens of benchmarking schools in Shanghai. 

At the exhibition, the "super warrior against robot" and "desktop-level 3D teaching printer" launched by the company attracted much attention from the exhibitors.

When VR combined in the travel

"Wow, someone is skydiving!" "I see Shanghai, and the Oriental pearl!" Cried several children excitedly. They stood in a huge hanging basket, wearing VR glasses and got amazed in the colorful world of VR balloons.

The "flying VR balloon", launched by Shanghai Leyouji Culture Communication Co., Ltd, allowed the participants to enjoy the best of the world. Leyouji, a company specialized in virtual reality technology, takes the lead in promoting the concept of "VR tourism". And, while staying committed to creating consumer-level tourism products, it also builds online and offline virtual reality content consumption port to form a big data platform of virtual reality, in a bid to change people's lifestyle. At present, its "VR tourism" project is being launched across China. 

"The VR hot-air balloon is launched mainly to provide tourist attractions, amusement parks and hotels with entertainment facilities, so as to improve service quality and user experience." In addition to the hot air balloons on display, the company has also developed a number of tourism experience facilities such as flying ball screens and flying rooms on a round trip, said Cheng Chen, CTO of the company.

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