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Sowing a Seed of Entrepreneurship in the Heart”
With a large number of colleges and universities gathering here, Yangpu District enjoys great knowledge spillover effect. Benefiting from that, all kinds of mass creation and innovation spaces are flourishing. Thus how to make use of the advantage of geographical location to the largest extent, fully use the entrepreneurship resources, guide to cultivate the innovation spirit of the college students, and make up the shortcut of lack of practice platform of the college entrepreneurship education have always been the difficult in entrepreneurship faced up and dealt with actively. 

In 2013, in the wake of “innovation and entrepreneurship”, this district launched the first policy on starting business and internship by college students facing college students in Shanghai, aimed at lifting the innovation and entrepreneurship internship ability. In 2017, the policy on starting business and internship by college students was upgraded and transformed. It was changed to be the “Yangpu District College Students’ Entrepreneurship Internship Plan”. 

Experience accumulation on the entrepreneurship path 

The 2017 Yangpu District College Students’ Entrepreneurship Internship Plan was officially started in early June. Unlike that in previous years, this year the internship targets are not just those in the graduating classes. Instead, college students in all grades are included, regardless of their identities, grades or majors. It is aimed that all of those with entrepreneurship intention could be provided with equal and quality internship opportunities. A total of 18 college student entrepreneurship incubation bases including National University Science Park, Social College Students Entrepreneurship Incubation Park and the new-type maker spaces provided 53 entrepreneurship internship positions, intending to recruit more than a hundred students, being an all-time high. 

Once the registration on WeChat was started, applications and inquiries have been received from many college students. The 3-week “entrepreneurship internship in college” activity entered Fudan University, Tongji University, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, Shanghai Publishing and Printing College and Shanghai Urban Construction Vocational College. The career talk was warmly participated in and highly concerned by students, with more than 200 students having registered or inquired. Among them, 126 students passing the interview would enter the internship base in middle July to start their 6-week experiential learning. 

Shan Jianliang is a student in his first year of postgraduate in Shanghai University of Finance and Economics Business Administration Major. He had already taken the Kuang Shi class of the entrepreneurship college in his college days, and thus is very interested in entrepreneurship. He got to know the university students’ entrepreneurship internship plan in Yangpu District by chance. After passing the interview, he, in this summer, came to the Yangpu District Maker Space Promotion Association in the College Students’ Entrepreneurship Demonstration Park for internship, to learn the expense review, administration affairs handling, etc.

“Entrepreneurs are unique. They are of belief, motivation and energy. They treat the products as their children, hoping to make them as good as possible. That’s actually a spirit of the craftsman.” During his internship, no matter how early he was, he would always see some people already working in the office. Their entrepreneurship spirit really filled Shan Jianliang with admiration. 

“In this internship, I have learnt knowledge which it's impossible to learn in class. Internship is closer to the actual work. My courses in college have come to an end, and in the following days, I plan to stay here to keep up internship and write thesis about the maker space," Shan Jianliang said, “I would start a business for sure in the future. Now I'm here to observe like a by-stander, to discover the traps on the path of entrepreneurship as soon as possible, to accumulate experiences and avoid those traps, so as to get my projects survive.” 

According to the relevant responsible persons of entrepreneurship internship, the 6-week internship in the entrepreneurship park is different from other employment internship or social practice. The entrepreneurship internship is aimed at finding and cultivating the future bosses or youth entrepreneurs. The job setting’s core is the quality cultivating of and entrepreneurship knowledge accumulation by entrepreneurial talents, and the business competence, operation management abilities and innovation & entrepreneurship abilities the entrepreneurs should have. Therefore, the internship positions are mostly the park manager assistants, department manager assistants, project assistants and other comprehensive management positions, to provide those students with opportunities to enter the entrepreneurship park and get close to the entrepreneurs, to let them be face-to-face with the entrepreneurs via participating in the consultation acceptance, policy coaching, enterprise visiting and other daily entrepreneurship services in the park. Thus they could get to know that if they are of the basic qualities as an entrepreneur, how long to go to be a real entrepreneur, learn about the entrepreneurship resources and park incubation mode of the entrepreneurship park, and feel the true entrepreneurship atmosphere.

Entrepreneurship is not that easy 

Unlike Shan Jianliang, Cheng Weiwei from Shanghai is already on the path of entrepreneurship. He and his 7 partners whom he got to know in the “innovation and entrepreneurship” match in college formed a team, having launched a project called “cloud printing”. He explained to the reporter, “'Cloud printing’ means ‘shared printing’. The materials to be printed need to be uploaded to the cloud, and a QR code is to be applied for. When the materials are printed, users could get them with the QR code. Thus they don’t have to wait in queue.” As of now, for this project, the webpage has been researched and developed. 

Cheng Weiwei is allocated to the “INNOSPACE+” for internship. His position is in the marketing department. “We finished more than 40 activities in just one month. We could be inspired from projects of other entrepreneurs in the road shows, to improve our project. We could also get to know the angel investor. In general, internship is really benefiting,” said Cheng Weiwei. 

To understand how the entrepreneurship projects would operate and growth, all the 8 team members of “cloud printing” joined in this entrepreneurship internship. They are dispatched to different entrepreneurship parks to do different jobs. They benefited a lot from the 6-week internship experience. “Entrepreneurship is not that easy,” said Cheng Weiwei, “We use to think that we could start business only if a project is good. We didn’t know until now that, to set up a start-up, we need to learn how to register, manage and the taxation affairs.” 

Now Cheng Weiwei's attitude towards entrepreneurship has changed, “Even though it is hard, we’ll still go all out to operate the “cloud printing” project. Successful or not, college students should have a try if they have the opportunity.”

As is known, more than 50% of the college students in the internship already had their entrepreneurship projects. They had clear objectives to take the internship—contacting entrepreneurs and looking for partners in the same camp, to lay the foundation for their future business after graduation. 

Responsible person of the “INNOSPACE+” park told the reporter, “Our park accepted 5 interns. For each of them, an experience instructor is arranged. They have their own concept of entrepreneurship and thus very adaptive. They have plenty of ideas and they would put forward in activities. Despite that some of them are immature, some others are useful for us to improve our work.” 

For this internship, a responsible person of the district human resources and social security bureau said, “Some students believe they have nothing to do with entrepreneurship. But after the internship and having learning something about it, they have a seed of entrepreneurship sown in their heart. They have a try of entrepreneurship, and several years later they might try to start business. Even if they don’t start business, this experience of internship in the 40 Celsius degrees could harden their will and quality. It is helpful for their future career.”

According to statistics, in the last 5 years, the policy on starting business and internship by college students has recruited 46 internship base-times. They provided 115 positions, benefited 190 students and granted policy subsidy of RMB670,000. Among those students, 38 have succeeded in starting business. 

From August 28 to September 1, the internship bases were running a 1-week entrepreneurship practice, to make use of the geographic advantages of Yangpu and give full play to the platform function of China (Shanghai) Public Practicing Base For Entrepreneurs for developing the youths’ innovation and entrepreneurship abilities. The main contents of the activity include entrepreneurship practice on the entrepreneurship ability training platform of the base; skillful use of the three product trial production platforms for entrepreneurship experience and result testing; visiting and investigating featured maker spaces in the district, for entrepreneurship investigation and field seeking; running concise and wonderful system classes, to accumulate entrepreneurship knowledge and information. 

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