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Bring Together by the Fate, Make an Appointment o...

August 28 this year greeted the Chinese Valentine's Day; on that day, Yangpu District Marriage Registration Center and Yangpu District Welfare Lottery Service Center jointly held the activity of “double happy events—giving welfare lottery to newly-married couples”. All the newly-married couples who registered on that day could get two tickets of open welfare lottery that was worth RMB2 each, which meant “double happy events and good things coming in pairs”.

At the 8 a.m. of that day, the reporter saw that over ten couples-to-be were queuing up for registration at Yangpu District Marriage Registration Center. The staff of the Center wore the cartoon costume which had its prototype in the mascot of China Welfare Lottery to welcome them and distributed souvenir postcards to them. The first couple successfully registered there on that day told the reporter that, “It is a special day and means a lot to us; we ask for leave in order to come here but unexpectedly win the lottery. We feel pretty happy about it.”

The person in charge of Yangpu District Marriage Registration Center said that this activity not only showed the features of public welfare and participation in welfare lottery, but also could sent blessing to the newly-married couples; thus, the win-win effect was reached.

On that day, No.5 Sanatorium for Retired Cadres of the Center for Retired Cadres, together with Shanghai Photographers Association, held the photography event of taking pictures for “ala parents” to show the respect from their children. It was held at Binjiang Area of Yangpu District. In the ceremony, four couples of retired cadres expressed their love with the most beautiful pictures to record this moment on Chinese Valentine's Day.

Prior to the “Chinese Valentine’s Day”, various celebration activities were held at the District. The youth dating activity of “bring together by the fate, who can pick the one in the group” sponsored by Youth League Committee and District Committee was held at United Design Group on August 26. Hundreds of single men and women were looking for the other half in the romantic environment.

At the beginning of the activity, male and female guests gave brief introductions about themselves and communicated with each other simply in the session of “sweet 8 minutes”. Sweet 8 minutes means “speed date”. Male and female guests will be allocated randomly and then communicate with each other; the seats will be changed every 8-minute and they will talk to the guests of the next round. This is to ensure that there will be enough interaction among guests under the circumstance of not knowing each other very much. With the questions like “what is your name?” and “where do you work?” the atmosphere of the spot was getting hotter and hotter. Then, through the interaction games like “puzzle of love”, “fax of love” and “love hug”, the game of “angel is around you” pushed the atmosphere to the climax. 

It was reported that this activity was divided into 4 sessions, including one session for the work unit and three sessions for the community; it attracted over 250 single men and women to participate in the activity. During the next stage, the sponsor will further improve the form of youth dating activity to provide the platform for young people getting acquaintance, communicating, establishing friendship and then intimate relationship with others with more attentive service. 

The sixth youth dating activity of “gathering in the pioneering park, finding the one on Chinese Valentine’s Day” was held on August 26. Hundreds of single white-collar workers from Wujiaochang Pioneering Park walked out of the office room and looked for the other half under the appeal from the platform of “gathering in Wujiaochang”.

By taking the traditional culture as the main line, this activity showed us the etiquette and custom of a traditional Chinese wedding. During the ritual such as performing Chinese traditional dance, demonstrating Chinese etiquette and lighting up the Milky Way and various challenge-passing activities, single men and women cooperated with each other and knew each other under the lively atmosphere.

It was said that recently, “gathering in Wujiaochang” built the online “community for acquaintance” by adopting the method of combining the online world with the real world; there were 23 special clubs focusing on holding all kinds of activities regularly with themes of interests, public welfare, sports and study. Thus, the brand reputation in youth dating was formed step by step. Up to now, “gathering in Wujiaochang” has held thousands of youth dating activities, which covers more than 20 thousand person times and hundreds of work units.

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