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Party Building Alliance Helps Rural Children Real...
In August, a group of children from the Hope Primary School in the depths of the mountain came to Shanghai to have their dreams come true with the help of the units of Party Building Alliance (PBA) of Yangpu. Recently, Nanfeng Shanghai Jingwei Hope Primary School 2017 hosted an event themed "caring for Nanfeng students and helping them realize dreams", as part of its summer camp activities, in Yangpu. 

In the morning, 32 teachers and students from the school gathered in the Shanghai Longilat Architectural Design & Research Institute Co. Ltd., where they, together with volunteers from more than 20 units of the PBA including the general Party branch of the company, celebrated the second summer camp which was scheduled to last for one week, by singing, dancing and poetry reading. 

Performances marking the launch of the event included chorus of Let's Paddle Together, solo of Beautiful Songshan Lake, magic "Yu Gong", peking opera "Ode to Pear", chorus "Azalea", poetry reading "the power of the good, the sails of hope" and "Superhero", dance like "Little Apple", all by the units of the PBA including the general Party branch of the company, as well as the "A Grateful Heart", "Be Grateful" and other programs by the students from the primary school.

The reporter learned that Nanfeng Shanghai Jingwei Hope Primary School is located in a remote and poor mountainous area, or the Junfeng Mountain nearly 2000 meters above sea level in Sanxi Town, Nanfeng County, Fuzhou City, Jiangxi Province. The school was built in 2008, a fruit of the more than ten thousand Yuan investment by member units of the PBA of Yangpu “two new” organizations and the Longilat company. After completion, the new school welcomed in nearly 200 students who had formerly studied in the dangerous buildings in JunFeng Village and the neighboring villages. 

In the following ten years since then, with the continued annual input from the general Party branch of the Longilat, the school had seen improvement on the school gate, kitchen, complex building and other projects, along with the putting in place of sports facilities, computers, pianos and other teaching equipment. 

For them, to promote commonweal is what their responsibility requires, and what’s more, the reflection of their persistence and belief. The general Party branch of "Longilat", together with the BPA units of Yangpu, in the efforts to promote commonweal, has helped an increasing number of rural children realize their dreams by offering assistance and increasing their ability of self-help.  For long, under the guidance of the Social Work Party Committee, Science and Technology Commission, the Youth League Committee, and the general Party branch of "Longilat", volunteers from the Bureau of Culture, Health and Family Planning Commission, Red Cross and other units have visited the primary school in their endeavor to offer help, improve teaching quality and management level, ensuring that they children there grow healthily.

With the backing and help by people from all walks of life, the primary school has developed steadily, seeing its students increase in number from a little more than 20 in 2009 to over 150 this year, the number of teachers grow from 10 to 15, its teaching quality and school legacy top the schools in the county, and the dropout rates of children from the surrounding villages drop to zero. 

According to Li Yan, Principal of the school, the first group of the graduates from the school took the gaokao this year, including Nie Meiqin, Li Sumin, Jiang Meiqin, Zou Min, and Zou Shuheng, who all performed well in the exam, and will enter colleges this autumn, embarking on a new journey towards a promising future. 

Nie Meiqin attended the first Expo summer camp in 2010 organized by the general Party branch of "Longilat". Now she joined the event again as a successful candidate for a college, and she got a deeper insight and understanding:"To be a person of more value, we should not live only for ourselves, but try out best to help others and contribute positive energy to the society. So I should follow the good examples of citizens of Shanghai like Uncle Ye." 

Ye Songqing, President and Dean of Shanghai Longilat Architectural Design & Research Institute Co. Ltd. denoted a sum of money as the fund for Poor children's education to the school. Units such as the Annals Office of Yangpu and individuals also donated financial aid to the outstanding graduates of the school.
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