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Number of Enterprises in Yangpu Knowledge and Inn...
KIC is the place where Yangpu gets innovation and entrepreneurial vitality. From 2006 to 2016, the number of enterprises in KIC has multiplied 70 times, the output value has turned 200 times, and the tax contribution has turned 300 times, attracting IBM, EMC, Oracle and other innovative international enterprises working here; it also incubated enterprises like Mobike, Zhida Technology, Huizuche, Mingyizhudao, and Master Learner which start from here and go to the country. Among them, the number of Internet companies increases in the rate about 15% per year. How to do a good job about Party building work in the Internet business has become a must-see of KIC.

"Fast" is the priority of Internet business

"In fact, KIC is facing the common problem of the majority of Internet companies regarding Party building," said Du Juan, Party Secretary-general of KIC. First of all, rapid development, rapid feedback, rapid response, rapid iteration, "fast" is the priority of Internet business, which makes them worked really hard to develop themselves and have no time to focus on other things; secondly, practitioner mobility is very large, and some Party members are hard to find if they leave the company without updating their membership credentials; thirdly, Party members working in enterprises are younger, more speculative and independent; they are very different from each other, pay attention to the expression of their own feelings and like "innovation" rather than "staying the same", and their sense of belonging about the Party is comparatively weak.

In addition, foreign-funded enterprises and small- and medium-sized enterprises are also the thing KIC should deal with. The former involves cultural differences, while the latter is in the early stages of development, and their organizational structure is not perfect. In the face of such a situation, the Party building work in KIC experienced "zero to one", and the upgrade from the regional big Party building to the Internet Party building community culture. In addition, KIC has also created Party building brand "Chuangchenghui".

Five indexes enrich the connotation of Party building

If we say that, the establishment of "Chuangchenghui" help build the foundation of Party building, then the work of development also needs more input to enrich the connotation. Just like the characteristics of the enterprises within the park, the "five indexes" of Party building created by "Chuangchenghui" reflect the spirit of the Internet.

According to reports, the five indexes of "Chuangchenghui" are: "Innovation Index", "Development Index", "Growth Index", "Vitality Index" and "Happiness Index". Hard work pays off. In December 2016, KIC won the title of "Shanghai Internet Enterprises Party Building Work Innovation Base" which was jointly issued by the Party Committee of Municipal Social Work and the Party Committee of Municipal Cyberspace Administration; Internet Enterprises Party Building Work in KIC got affirmation from the organization.

Explore the way of "Internet" management

In order to better serve the Party members, the general Party branch of KIC is actively earning the support of the Party Committee of the higher level. The development of Party members online management system can not only help Party members pay the Party fee, carry out activities such as Three Meetings and One Class, but pass the voice of the Party more conveniently and efficiently, popularize the Party's knowledge, and explore more possibilities.

At the same time, "Chuangchenghui" is also exploring the possibility of grid management. Now, there are two coalition Party branches under the general Party branch, the first coalition branch has 150 members, however, offline branch activities cannot make the Party members fully communicate and express their thoughts. If the grid management is applied, the 150 Party members can be divided into 11 party groups according to the industry or the job; they can select the industry leaders or entrepreneurs as the leader, which will help improve the attraction and influence of the Party group and strengthen the self-management and organizations.
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