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The 3rd 10-kilometer Race of New Jiangwan Town
Move, Yangpu! The 2016 New-jiangwan-town 10 Kilom...
The 2016 New-jiangwan-town 10 Kilometer’s Marathon will raise the curtain in advance.

To enhance the athlete’s passion of participating in this 10 kilometer’s marathon, the government and sponsor made careful preparation on this event and decided to hold it in October of this year.

Run on a piece of “green precious stone”

New-jiangwan-town has abundant natural ecological resources. The greenery coverage rate of this region is nearly 50%, about 4.3 square kilometers. It is the only natural, ecological “green precious stone” in downtown areas of Shanghai.
Green and ecological community running

The New-jiangwan-town 10 kilometer’s marathon is positioned as a green and ecological community running. It aims to combine healthy, ecological lifestyle with intelligent, innovative and green community culture of New-jiangwan-town, create a sports brand for people in Yangpu, provide citizens with an outdoor fitness platform, popularize running culture and advocate positive, healthy lifestyle.
Meet friends nationwide by participating in marathon

Over 2,400 runners participated in the first 8 kilometer’s marathon in New-jiangwan-town.

Over 3,300 runners participated in the second 8 kilometer’s marathon in New-jiangwan-town. Many employees of enterprises or public institutions and foreigners participated in the contest as teams or individuals.

This year, the 8 kilometer’s marathon is upgraded into a 10 kilometer’s marathon and serves as a warming up for Shanghai Marathon. The sponsor will invite runners who will participate in the 2016 Shanghai Marathon to attend this 10 kilometer’s marathon in New-jiangwan-town.

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