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Sci-tech Innovation
“15 Items for Science and Technology Innovation i...
By Reporter Qian Bei and Correspondent Wang Xuhui

Status of local universities on global university ranking, proportion of investment on social research and development in GDP, number of new “Four New” enterprises in listed transaction, case conclusion rate of IPR infringement, and café ownership amount per 10,000 people — The “Guidance Indicator System for Constructing Important Bearing Area for Shanghai Science and Technology Innovation Center in Yangpu” uses data to describe the achievements that Yangpu has made on innovation and entrepreneurship.

While Shanghai is constructing a science and technology innovation center, Yangpu District takes a position as an important bearing area for this science and technology innovation center. In “Implementation Opinions on Accelerating the Construction for an Important Bearing Area for Science and Technology Innovation Center with Global Influence” (referred to as “15 Items for Science and Technology Innovation in Yangpu”) promulgated today on the 11th Session of the 9th Yangpu District Party Committee, it made an analysis on the role that Yangpu District should play in terms of science and technology innovation for the first time.

This “Implementation Opinion” was compiled after making an open investigation and research lasted for ten months. Almost all units and neighborhood committees in Yangpu were invited to discuss a topic: What is a “Yangpu District of Science and Technology Innovation” in your eyes? This document, having listening to opinions of many people, is not simply a document “talking about science and technology innovation”. It is more like an image design book of Yangpu people on the appearance of Yangpu District in the future.
What should an “important bearing area” look like?

While Shanghai is constructing a science and technology innovation center, Yangpu District takes active actions to secure a positioning as an important bearing area for the science and technology innovation center. But what should an “important bearing area” look like? The general public has no specific cognition on it.

“Both science and technology innovation and urban development are open topics. It is necessary to seek public opinions,” said Gao Debiao, Minister of Department of Publicity of Yangpu District Party Committee. In early June, Yangpu District invited schools, research institutes, enterprises, hi-tech parks and 306 neighborhood committees within its jurisdiction to participate in a “brain storming”.

The government received over 600 suggestions from 200 units:

——Nurture more science and technology talents, create environment for innovation and entrepreneurship, make reform and eliminate bottlenecks in system and mechanism, and adhere to the concept of “joint actions by three districts”… These are mainstream suggestions from those who are good at making “overall thinking”.
——Seek an advanced position in the world in terms of construction technology of underground architecture and equipment, develop and manufacture anti-interference antenna, establish maritime personal positioning rescue system, construct a marine science and technology center, and construct a transfer service center for precision medicine…These suggestions came from those “industry-based” practical people.

The government also received other suggestions, e.g. give more support to private kindergartens, promote garbage classification, enhance the credibility of petition letter, accelerate renovation for old and dangerous buildings, strengthen construction for urban management teams, explore aquatic tourism resource, and show concern for reproductive health of women.

The government sorted out these suggestions and determined to treat them seriously. Gao Debiao said that these suggestions have constructed completed public expectations: To a district taking “important bearing area for science and technology innovation center” as its positioning, what image should it have? — This image is not merely an issue of science and technology. Han Guobiao, Director of Policy Research Office of Yangpu District Party Committee, said that the “Opinions of Implementation” derived from researches by the District Party Committee and discussions by people is not merely a document about science and technology innovation, but a blueprint for Yangpu District’s development during the “Thirteenth Five-Year-Plan” and in the long run.
Innovation and entrepreneurship environment shared by all people

It is expectable that in the future, a “tendency of science and technology innovation” would be seen in land planning, industrial policies, investment attraction, science and technology investment, innovation on system and talent service of Yangpu District.

In Yangpu District, a model area for popular innovation in Shanghai, construction for science and technology innovation center should “focus on popular innovation”. There are also requirements for space layout: “Based on the resources of old factory buildings and old communities, construct lost cost, convenient, full element, diversified and open spaces for popular entrepreneurship.”

Currently, 400,000 square meter’s old factory buildings could be reused among all industrial and warehouse lands in Yangpu. Yangpu District has constructed a “popular entrepreneurship space” covering 50,000 square meters with Tencent. This project is completed by renovating old factory buildings.

Han Guobiao said that in the future, urban construction in Yangpu should be made according to the urban update plan and smart city construction plan of Shanghai, and development should be made according to the overall environment for innovation. Venues like Daxue Road, Songhu Road, East Guoding Road and Changyang Road are most promising places to support the bearing area of science and technology innovation center. These places would be the focus of renovation.

The concept of “construction based on the overall environment for innovation” is also suitable for an area covering 11 square kilometers, such as Fuxing Island, which has not yet been covered by the renovation plan, and an old building renovation block covering 14.43 million square meters in the district. 

Science and technology innovation will inevitably change the urban appearance of Yangpu District in the future, and urban appearance is shared by all people. The guidance indicator system of important bearing area that Yangpu District is studying could be divided into five categories. These indicators would probably be included in the category of “environment for innovation and entrepreneurship”, e.g. the population coverage rate within the 600 meter’s service radius nearby metro stations, number of sick beds in hospital per capita, number of teachers that every one thousand students have, comprehensive quality index of urban environment, and amount of restaurants of different countries. They have a common feature: shared by all people.
Allocate 1 billion yuan in three years for establishing market-oriented fund

The investigation report, completed by Yangpu District Party Committee within ten months, has 37 pages in total, and 10 pages were used to analyze existing problems, including problem of government administration and service, problem of the quantity and structure of talents, unfriendly environment for innovation, low transfer rate of research findings and incomplete system of science and finance service. Han Wei, Vice General Manager of Shanghai Qidi Hi-tech Park Incubator, said that it is difficult for new business starters to find out initial investors on the market. Initial investment is highly risky and has long cycle. Commercial institutes tend to make short-term investment for seeking profits. Considering long-term effects, it is necessary for the government to make appropriate investment. In the “Opinions”, the government gives solutions: Make exploration on establishing market-oriented funds, and give guidance on entrepreneurship investment and research findings transfer. Yangpu District Government plans to invest 1 billion yuan in the next three years for establishing various kinds of funds, encourage social investment, and stimulate the transfer and industrialization of research findings. Based on the rate of 1:7.5 to 1:10 of funds, it is expected that this measure would attract 7.5 billion yuan to 10 billion yuan of social investment.

Zhang Jie, Deputy Head of Zhongdian Group’s No. 23 Research Institute, said that “knowledge and research findings transfer is a bottleneck. Universities are not lack of funds, but Ministry of Education has made strict rules on investment. The joint action between industry, universities and research institutes requires enterprises to make market-oriented operation.” Yangpu District has given solutions to this issue: Take the opportunity of reform in universities and research institutes on the rights of using, handling and making profits on research findings, rely on the transaction system of scientific research findings for constructing National Eastern Tech-Transfer Center, and introduce renowned professional technology transfer institutes at home and abroad to settle in Yangpu.

We could find answers for many issues that the objects of science and technology innovation showed concern for in the “Implementation Opinions”. According to Yangpu District Party Committee, this “image design book” compiled by Yangpu people will actively respond to Yangpu people’s expectations on science and technology innovation. 

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