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2015 KIA World Extreme Games
WEG Participated by World Champions Rounded off
(May 3, 2015, Shanghai) After nine fantastic finals in five days, 2015 KIA WEG comes to the last day today. There are three exciting finals: skateboard street match final, BMX Mini-MegaRamp match, and man's speed climbing final. Will Vince Byron who had just won the champion of BMX vert ramp match get the gold medal of Mini-MegaRamp match? After the fierce competition today, all puzzles were settled. The total number of audiences of the event this year surpassed 75,000. The five-day KIA WEG put a perfect end to the golden week of May Day Holiday.
The first final on the fifth day of the event began just at 10 o'clock in the morning. It was the skateboard street match at the sunken plaza of KIC. The finalists covered a lot of famous stars, including Chris Cole the expert level player, Tom Asta, Felipe Gustavo, 13 years old young player stood out of the Asian skateboard street invitation match, and Wang Guohua from Chinese Extreme Sports Association, and so on. Because Chris Cole injured his calf when he was completing the high difficulty movement front wheel aerial with 180 flip in the second round, it was a pity that he finally ranked the 4th with 1 point less. Felipe Gustavo from Brazil had tried nose grind in the first two rounds and finally succeeded in the third round, so he won the champion with the high score of 95.67 in advance. The excellent player Tom Asta from the east coast of the US ranked second for the movement of 180 flip with front wheel slid. The 14 years old Jagger Eaton, runner-up of 2014 skateboard street match, ranked third for his skillful performance of 360 Ollie.
"I think the street race track is great", said the runner-up Tom Asta who participates in the event for the first time after the match, “my favorite part is the downward stairs and the railing on the left. It is a little difficult to connect all movements on the track. I am very happy to get the prize!" The champion, Felipe Gustavo, said in great excitement, "I wasn't confident enough for the street match actually, because it is completely different from my previous exercise. I have stayed in Shanghai for a month. It is my fifth time to Shanghai. I like skateboarding in Shanghai!"
The star signature and hip-hop final arranged by the event before the final of the second game enjoyed very high popularity. A lot of fans lined up in queue in front of the photo wall to wait for taking photo and getting signature of their favorite stars. The atmosphere is very joyous.
The competition for the BMX Mini-MegaRamp started at 1 o'clock in the afternoon was extremely fierce. All participants showed superb skills in four rounds of competition, which won constant cheering and applause of the audiences. Zack Warken from the US completed the high difficulty movement combination of 2 circles of tailwhip with backflip tailwhip and qualified for the final round with the highest score. Three-time champion Vince Byron failed to complete the first two rounds which was really a close shave to everyone. Finally, he completed the 540 degree backflip rotation on the Mini-MegaRamp and got the high score of 92.67 points which surpassed Zack Warken. He succeeded in defending the champion and made the great achievement of winning four double champions. It is no doubt that Shanghai is a blessed land for the Austrilian. Mykel Larrin who had won the third place of BMX vert ramp match won the third place.
After winning the double champions of BMX vert ramp and Mini-MegaRamp match for four consecutive times, Vince Byron was very excited and he said, "I'm very happy to be here in Shanghai to participate in KIA WEG. All players are my best friends. It is the first time for me to complete 540 degree backflip rotation on both the vert ramp and Mini-MegaRamp in the same event."
The last match for the day was men's speed climbing. 16 players stood out of the previous rounds as the lineup for the final competition and four of them were from China, namely Zhong Qixin, Ma Zida, Zhang Ning and Chen Fenglei. The new climbing wall has brought great challenges to the players. In the end, the organizer had to add new climbing points on the wall to reduce the difficulty.  After 4 rounds of selection, Luzhetskii Sergei, the young player from Russia, was crowned with the score of 17.82 seconds. The first runner-up and second runner-up were also from Russia. They are Kokorin Stanislav and Sinitcyn Sergei.

So far, the five-day 2015 KIA WEG officially completed. For over 200 contestants from all over the world, the event is not only as exciting as they have expected but also brings them great surprise. No matter what scores they have achieved, they all devoted themselves to the sport and challenged themselves, providing the audiences with an unparalleled feast of extreme sports. For those who love extreme sports, winning or losing is not the ruling key to success. Once they have tried their best, enjoyed the fun of the sport, and constantly challenged themselves, they are all winners.
The concept "one event in two places of a city" is introduced to the event this year. The vert ramp competitions were organized at Oriental Pearl TV Tower as a landmark of Shanghai from April 28 to 29 and other competitions were organized at KIC Jiangwan Sports Center of Yangpu District from May 1 to 3. Besides, a street track was set on the sunken plaza of KIC and the design of the climbing wall was upgraded to provide perfect platforms for the players and lovers of extreme game. In addition to the spectacular extreme sports competitions, there were also a diversity of interactive activities, including the free skateboard teaching experience, 3D picture, skateboard picture design, free tattooing, and so on, which made the five-day extreme event better to watch, listen, and enjoy.
"2015 KIA WEG was promoted to a new level by adding more novel elements," said Hass Aminian, the president of WSG Extreme sports, "we have two venues this year. It  brings thrilling experience for not only the audiences at the venue but also in front of the TV. Meanwhile, we gathered the best players of extreme sports to compete on the track of international level."

See you next year!

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About KIA World Extreme Games

Sponsored by KIA Motors Corporation, KIA World Extreme Games is a world class multi-event competition of extreme sports. The event is organized by Shanghai Sports Federation, SMG, and WSG under the support of Shanghai Yangpu District Government and Shanghai Municipal Tourism Administration.  Formerly known as "KIA World Extreme Games Asia Station", it is a top event of extreme sport in Asia initiated in 1998. Shanghai had hosted the events for eight consecutive times from 2007 to 2014. Every year, guests from all over the world gathered in Shanghai to attend the grand events of extreme sport participated by nearly 200 top players from about 30 countries and regions of the five continents.

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