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2015 KIA World Extreme Games
Three Champions of Extreme Games Crowned and Youn...
The BMX Street match kicked off at 9:30 in the morning at KIC sunken plaza. The 18 years old young player Matt Ray got the favor of all judges with a smooth round of 480 degree reverse twist with barspin, locking the victory in the first three rounds. He finally got the champion of BMX. He said in great excitement after the match, "this is the first time for me to compete in China. The track is more difficult than all those I have tried. Most of the participants are my idols. I can't even believe that I got the champion!" Another player from the US, the 19 years old young player Sean Ricany and Jeremiah Smith who had won the BMX street match 2013 got the second and third prize respectively. The golden, silver, and bronze medals were all won by American players who became the greatest winner of the match.
Due to the bad weather, the match in the afternoon was canceled. The results of skateboard Mini-MegaRamp match adopted the scores in the previous stage on May 1. The 18 years old young American player Mitchell Brusco got the champion for his stable performance which was the first world class champion for the past three years. Brazil player Italo Penarrubia and the second runner-up of skateboard Mini-MegaRamp match in 2014 got the second and third prize respectively. The women's speed climbing also adopted the scores of the previous round in the morning. Alina GAIDAMAKINA from Russia won the first prize with the phenomenal speed of 27.21 second. The second prize and third prize were won by Tamara KUZNETSOVA from Kazakhstan and Anna TSYGANOVA from Russia respectively.
Tomorrow will be the last match day of the event. Four finals will be staged, namely skateboard street match, men's speed climbing, BMX Mini-MegaRamp match, and hiphop contest. Let's go to the 2015 KIA WEG for the most exciting extreme competition and the greatest enjoyment!
* Due to the bad weather, some matches on May 2 (Saturday) were canceled. Anyone who bought the tickets for May 2 (Saturday) can go to the ticket office on the right side of the audience entrance to exchange them into the corresponding tickets for May 3 (Sunday). It is not applicable to complimentary tickets. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

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TV Live/Recorded Broadcast:

May 3, 13:00-15:00

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About KIA World Extreme Games

Sponsored by Kia Motors Corporation, KIA World Extreme Games is a world class multi-event competition of extreme sports. The event is organized by Shanghai Sports Federation, SMG, and WSG under the support of Shanghai Yangpu District Government and Shanghai Municipal Tourism Administration.  Formerly known as "KIA World Extreme Games Asia Station", it is a top event of extreme sport in Asia initiated in 1998. Shanghai had hosted the events for eight consecutive times from 2007 to 2014. Every year, guests from all over the world gathered in Shanghai to attend the grand events of extreme sport participated by nearly 200 top players from about 30 countries and regions of the five continents.

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