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2015 KIA World Extreme Games
Asian Skateboard Champion Crowned on the First Da...
(May 1, 2015, Shanghai) The opening ceremony of "2015 KIA World Extreme Games" sponsored by KIA, initiated by WSG, and jointly organized by Shanghai Sports Federation, Shanghai Media Group, Shanghai Municipal Tourism Administration, Shanghai Yangpu District Government, and Chinese Extreme Sports Association, was held in KIC Jiangwan Sports Center of Yangpu District, Shanghai. The guests presenting at the opening ceremony include Mr. Huang Yongping, director of Shanghai Sports Bureau, Mr. Yang Jinsong, director of Shanghai Municipal Tourism Administration, Hass Aminian, president and director of extreme sport of WSG, Mr. Yin Zegao, the general manager of the sponsor KIA Automobile (China), Mr. Ge Yujie, the Party chief of Yangpu District, Mr. Xie Jiangang, the deputy Party chief and mayor of Yangpu District, and Gary Ream, the president of International Skateboard Association, and so on. All these representatives from different parties opened the glorious chapter of the new session of the extreme game. The successful organization of the event is in close relation to the support and promotion of related governmental departments, in particular the vigorous support of Yangpu District Government. The event this year pays special attention to the interaction with tourism and culture for promoting the social and economic development.
Extreme Jam was presented on the opening ceremony during which two skateboard players and two BMX players, including Trey Wood, the 2014 champion of skateboard Mini-MegaRamp, and Vince Byron, the double winner of BMX, staged a series of performances.  Chinese elements were added to the event this year. The opening ceremony was ended in the exciting performance of lion dancing and extreme babies.
Today is the first day of the competition in Jiangwan Sports center, as well as the first day of the golden week of the May Day Holiday. Audiences queued up in a long line at the entrance to wait for admission just after 11 o'clock. There are mainly three competitions today, namely BMX Street group stage, skateboard Mini-MegaRamp group stage, and final of Asian skateboard street match. The fierce competition brought the wonderful stunts of top players of extreme sports in the world to the audiences again.
The final of Asian skateboard street match at the sunken plaza of KIC got the most attention. Four players stood out of 10 players from the group stage the day before. They competed with top players in the world, like Chris Cole, Tom Asta, and Felipe Gustavo, on May 2nd.  Wang Guohua from Chinese Extreme Sports Association was qualified for the final round with the highest mark at 83 points, yet he wasted too much energy in the first four rounds in the hot weather and didn't get any medal. Firdaus Rahman, a professional player from Singapore, won the champion with stable performance. Ryo Sejiri, the champion of 2014 skateboard street match got the silver medal with 1.34 points less. The second runner-up was the 13 years old player Sanggoe Tanjung from Indonesia.
"I like to compete on real streets," said the Asian champion Firdaus Rahman excitedly after the competition, "I didn't show all my skills perfectly, yet I am satisfied with my performance today! I am really looking forward to the match tomorrow!" Sanggoe Tanjung, the young player of merely 13 years old said excitedly that it was his first time to participate international competition in Shanghai and he felt very happy to compete with his idol Felipe Gustavo in the same match.
Apart from Asian skateboard street match, there are also BMX street group match and skateboard Mini-MegaRamp group match. For the skateboard match, Mitchell Brusco, a 18 years old young player from the US, Brazil player Italo Penarrubia, and Jono Schwan, the second runner-up of the 2014 skateboard Mini-MegaRamp match were qualified for the final match the next day. Alex Donnachie, Bruno Hoffman and Matt Ray who participate in the games for the first time were qualified for the final match of BMX street game.
Gary Ream, the president of International Skateboard Association as the special guest, expressed, "KIA WEG provides an excellent platform for the exchange between young extreme sports players. It is no doubt that they are gradually becoming top players in the world."
#SuperWEG Waiting for You # "Extreme Sports Micro Video Competition" and "Yixun Flash Picture Talent" also got the final result after a month. The winner of "Extreme Sports Micro Video Competition" was the foreign skateboard teacher Bobby. Danny Fei was the runner-up and Sun Kunkun, with the nickname litter expert of U track, was the second runner-up. The champion of "Yixun Flash Picture Talent" was given to Gan Jingjie. 
In addition to the exciting competitions, there were also moto cross show and hip-hop competition which was added to the event for the first time. At the interaction district, the climbing wall, the skateboard picture design competition, creative market, and skateboard experience area all attracted a large number of audiences to try, watch, and cheer.
More exciting competitions will be staged tomorrow, including women speed climbing, BMX, skateboard street match, and skateboard Mini-MegaRamp match. All champions of different games will be determined on May 2 and May 3. Let's go to the 2015 KIA WEG for the most exciting extreme competition and the greatest enjoyment!
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About KIA World Extreme Games

Sponsored by Kia Motors Corporation, KIA World Extreme Games is a world class multi-event competition of extreme sports. The event is organized by Shanghai Sports Federation, SMG, and WSG under the support of Shanghai Yangpu District Government and Shanghai Municipal Tourism Administration.  Formerly known as "KIA World Extreme Games Asia Station", it is a top event of extreme sport in Asia initiated in 1998. Shanghai had hosted the events for eight consecutive times from 2007 to 2014. Every year, guests from all over the world gathered in Shanghai to attend the grand events of extreme sport participated by nearly 200 top players from about 30 countries and regions of the five continents.

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