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New Jiangwan Town 8 Miles•Month of Healthy Life and Fun
1st Yangpu Xinjiangwancheng 8km Race Closed

(All runners are cheering before the 8km Race. Photograph by Wang Hechun)


On the morning of October 19, the 1st Yangpu Xinjiangwancheng 8km Race was closed in Xinjiangwancheng with beautiful scenery and luxuriant tress. The Running with warm atmosphere has attracted the participation of thousands of runners who have fully demonstrated the running spirit.

Many cooperative partners of the Running also prepared many funning interactive games for all runners. And the lucky draws, the brilliant performances on the stage, and the excellent shows by foreign bands have lightened the warm atmosphere at site. After the running, every participant would get an exquisite memorial medal.

(Competitive running of thousands of people Photograph by Wang Zhaohui)


(Dashing to the finishing line Photograph by Wang Hechun)


(First three male and female runners of 8km Race Photograph by Wang Zhaohui)


(Starting of the 2km happy running Photograph by Wang Hechun)


(Lovely children taking part in the happy running Photograph by Ying Shenyi)


(Lovely children doing Warm-ups by following the host)


(Group photo of all participants and Coca Cola’s cheering squad Photograph by Ying Shenyi)


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