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New Jiangwan Town 8 Miles•Month of Healthy Life and Fun
Information on Timekeeping Chip, Bag Storing, and...

Time: Starting at 7:30 a.m. on October 19 (Sunday), 2014

Address: Experimental School of Shanghai Conservatory School of Music, No.359, Zhenghe Road, Xinjiangwancheng, Yangpu (nearing Yinhang Road)

Transportation: taking Metro Line 10 to the final station Xinjiangwancheng, exiting from Exit No.2, walking straight to Zhenghe Road, turning right, and arriving at the site after walking 200m.

Weather: the activity will go on regardless of the weather and it might be stopped or delayed in case of a heavy storm. It will be cloudy on Sunday with the highest temperature of 25 and the lowest of 20.






Warm-up Exercises

Doing some warm-ups led by fitness instructors before running to help participants better display themselves and avoid strains during running


8km Race

All participants following staff to the starting point


Opening Ceremony

Opening ceremony of the 1st Yangpu Xinjiangwancheng 8km Race; speech made by leaders; and prize presentation to the first three male and female runners


Coca Cola Happy Running

All participants following staff to the starting point



Excellent band performance and dancing performance



All participants leave the site


How to use timekeeping chip? (Only for 8km Race)

Participants of the 8km Running please fasten the timekeeping chip (see the picture) and wear the number strip and the small card (for bag storing). Please well keep the number strip, by which participant can enter into the running track. Before running, please fix the number strip in front of the chest on the cloth for result recording.


How to wear: The Organizing Committee offer chip timekeeping service to all participants of the 8km Race and all participants should fix the timekeeping chip on the shoelace.


How to keep time: The time is reckoned the time the starting gun is shot and there are timekeeping response zones at the turning points and the finishing point. During the running, all participants should step over all the response zones on the ground and the final result will be cancelled if lacking the result of any segment section. And the Organizing Committee will not be responsible for no result recording due to participant’s incorrect wearing of the timekeeping chip.


How to store the bag?

Opening time: 7:00-11:00

Storing Voucher: the card printed with participant’s number

Address: Basketball Museum in the Experimental School of Shanghai Conservatory School of Music (See the plane graph)



It is suggested that all participants of the 8km Race arrive at site around 7:15 a.m. and take part in the warm-up exercises at 7:30 after storing the bag. Professional sports coaches will guide all runners to do warm-up exercises to help all participants get ready for the running starting at 8:00.



1. All participants please arrive at site and line up to store the bag in advance as there are many participants need to store the bag.

2. Participants should store the small number strip together with the bag at the storage site at the starting point and get their bags after running by their original number strip.

3. Participants should not put valuables in the bag (such as cell phones, valid certifications, cash, keys, palmtop, mp3, etc.) and the Organizing Committee will not be responsible for any loss or damage.


Plane graph of the school


Route maps of the 8km race and the happy running


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