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Announcement of New Pupil Attending Schools of Ya...

Policy Basis: Shanghai Implementation <Compulsory Education Law>Approach ,Management Measures of Shanghai Compulsory Student (No. 65 Order of SMEC[2012] )

Processing Conditions: Children who aged 6 years old  (2006.9.1-2007.8.31) with a local registered residence or they fit for the conditions of the temporary resident could be enrolled;

                       children who are deaf, blind and mentally disabled could be for school at 7 years old.

Registered Permanent Residence

Type of Students

Materials for Admission Application


Material 1

Material 2

Local residence

Local children

1. orginal household register

2. vaccination card

3.graduation  certification of


4. Non-local children are required to provide the rental contract of 1+ year, together with the children’s <Shanghai Residence Permit> of <Shanghai Temporary Residence Permit>

If the residence is different with the household register, it’s required to bring with the related application receipt to register the school-enrollment.

1. Children whose settlement is different with the household, would be allocated to schools according to related regulations.

2. Children who’re blind, deaf and mentally disabled ought to enroll in Yangfan School according to the hospital conclusions.


Non-local residence

One of children’s parents is the local residence

Parents' <Marriage Certificate>

1. Children of non-local residence would be allocated to schools according to related regulations.

2. Fees of foreign students would be collected based on related Shanghai fee regulation standard.

One of Children's Parents belong to Shanghai Talents

One of Parents <Shanghai Talents Residence Permit>

Children from Military Family

One of Parents <Military Officer Certificate>, Army Certification

Migrant Workers’ Children

One of Parents <Shanghai Residence Permit>(1+ year),or <Shanghai Temporary Residence Permit> (one of parents should hold the social insurance records certificate of 1+ year)

Children from HongKong, Macao and Taiwan

Guardian’s local household register(Yangpu District), or temporary household register, and habitancy certificate (Yangpu District)

<Permit (Passport)>, Certificate of Overseas Affairs Office

Overseas Chinese children

<Permit (Passport)>, Certificate of Overseas Affairs Office, Physical Examination Certificate of Shanghai Grade 2 Hospital

Foreign children


Processing Time: Public information ought to be announced on Yangpu Education Web (http://www.yp.edu.sh.cn ) on April 15th .

Executive Department: Primary School Admission Office of Yangpu District (No.50 Changling Road)

Contact: Ms. Dong  Tel: 86-21-65044272(Admissions Office), 86-21-65017733*5125/5120 (Yangpu Education Bureau)

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