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School Transfer

  Guidance for Transferring to Yangpu Schools for International Students from Hongkong, Macao, Taiwan   

and other overseas Chinese Students and students of other nationalities.

Policy  Basis

Compulsory Education Law      (No. 52 Order of the President. P.RC.)

Regulation of Shanghai Elementary and Secondary School Administration of Students' Enrollment Status

HU JIAO WEI JI No. 7(2006)

Shanghai Elementary and Secondary School Administration of Accepting Foreign Students

 HU JIAO WEI WAI No. 4(2005)

Notice of Overseas Students Accepting the Compulsory Education in China

 (HU JIAO WEI GANG AO TAI No.16(2006)  

Eligible ApplicantLegal guardian of students

Eligible students:  Students of overseas ChineseStudents from Hongkong, Macao & Taiwan;

                                     students of other nationalities.

Materials for Application

Students of overseas Chinese shall provide

a.  Valid ID of child

b.  Passport

c.  Medical Certificate by first-class or second –class city hospital;

d.  Certificate by guardian of child

All the certifications are those released by the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office.

Students from Hongkong, Macao & Taiwan shall provide

a.  GAT( Mainland Travel Permit for Hong Kong and Macao Residents)

    b.  Valid ID of child

    c.  Certificate by guardian of child

 Certifications b & c are those released by Overseas Chinese Affairs Office or Taiwan Affairs Office


Students from other nationalities shall provide

   a. Passport

   b.Temporary Residence Registration Form

   c. Certificate by guardian of child

All students should provide school records and school transfer letter from former school.

Time for Application:    Within a week before a new semester starts

Application Procedures:




  Related Formsnone 

  Fee Standard none

  Executive DepartmentYangpu Education Bureau Elementary and Secondary Admissions Office

Address: No.50  Changling Road, Yangpu District. Shanghai

Telephone:   65628475*238


  Supervision and ComplaintsYangpu EducationBureauComplaintCenter

Address: No.91 Changling Road. Yangpu District. Shanghai

Telephone: 65017733


Yangpu Education Bureau committee of discipline investigation

Address:  No.91 Changling Road Yangpu District. Shanghai


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