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2013 Top Consultation on Yangpu National Innovation-oriented District’s Development Strategy and Forum on Smart City of Bay Area
Yangpu Holds 2013 Top Consultation on Yangpu Nati...
By Chen Jing

The 2013 Top Consultation on Yangpu National Innovation-oriented District’s Development Strategy and Forum on Smart City of Bay Area, jointly organized by Yangpu District, FudanUniversityand the San Francisco Bay Area Council, were held on October 18.

Attending the conference were more than 300 people including Chief of the CPC Yangpu District Committee Chen Yin, member units of the Shanghai Yangpu National Innovation-oriented Pilot District Joint Conference, leaders from the CPC Yangpu District Committee, the CPC Yangpu People’s Congress, the District Government and the CPPCC Yangpu Committee, as well as well-known domestic and overseas experts and scholars, and representatives from enterprises, universities and research institutes.

It is learned that the Yangpu International Development Forum, which is positioned to domestic and international strategy experts of advice and decision making, has been held for several years. Taking the hot issues and innovation trends concerned by various sectors of society into consideration, the 2013 conference, themed “urban smart city: lighten urban life with wisdom”, has provided intellectual support for Yangpu in building the national innovation-oriented pilot district and smart urban area by sharing the practices and success of domestic and overseas urban smart city cases, and introducing the latest progress and technology innovation trends of smart urban city construction.

There are many talented people from well-known universities in Yangpu thanks to the district’s profound cultural heritages such as industries, municipality and universities which all have histories of over a century. Since the cooperation agreement between Yangpu and the Bay Area Council was signed in 2011, both sides have developed a wide range of cooperation in various areas such as science & technology and finance. Especially, after the digital industrial park was located in Yangpu, it has been thoroughly performed its function as an industrial carrier which boosted the development of a number of strategic new industries including cloud computing, internet of things, smart grid, biomedical, digital media and online games etc.

It is learned that Fudan University and the San Francisco Bay Area Council were also invited to host the conference, and combination of Fudan University’s advantage in relevant intelligent sources academic strengths as well as the Bay Area Council’s advantages of international sources especially the innovation-oriented enterprises have made the conference more international.

More than 10 US and Chinese experts and scholars were invited to the conference to share their opinions about the design and planning of the urban smart area. Those invited, including famous insiders such as Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf, Zhang Yonggang, Chairman of the Assessment Experts Committee of Smart Urban City of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, and GE Marketing Director, as well as representatives from the California State Government and the Palo Alto City Hall, all expressed their views in terms of the technologies, finance and market system etc.

Yangpu is a traditional industrial district and started development transformation from the beginning of the 1990s. In 2010, Yangpu was identified as one of the 20 national innovation-oriented pilot cities (districts) by the Ministry of Science and Technology. After ten years of effort, Yangpu has been on the way of transforming from a “traditional industrial district” into a “knowledge innovation district”.

The core idea of Yangpu’s development transformation is the integration and joint development of universities, industrial parks and public communities, so as to release the “knowledge spillover effect” of universities, promoting Yangpu’s transformation from “knowledge Yangpu” into “innovation Yangpu” and “entrepreneurial Yangpu”, break the bottleneck of scientific research and industry disjunction, and achieve positive interaction between universities and economic societies. For the past decade, backed by top disciplines of universities, Yangpu has built 14 science and technology parks, among which seven includingFudanUniversity,TongjiUniversityand Shanghai University of Finance and Economics are the national university science and technology parks. These parks have distinctive features and have nearly 6,000 science and technology enterprises around them. Meanwhile, Yangpu has been carrying out the Fudan innovation economy planning research, actively strengthening the cooperation with research institutes, state-owned enterprises and international resources, operating the internet of things park, smart grid park and China state shipbuilding science and technology park, and constructing the New Xinjiangwan Town science and technology park.

The percentage of undergraduates, graduate students and doctoral students in Yangpu are 30%, 40%, and 50% respectively. These students are the source and force of innovation and entrepreneurship. Currently, through the cooperation of the district government, universities and corporations, Yangpu has established the “nursery - entrepreneur incubator - entrepreneur accelerator” service system for entrepreneurs to provide zero-cost start-ups and expert guidance to graduate students, low-cost start-ups and free professional services, and full service of capital guidance, docking and fine services. In recent years, the effectiveness of Yangpu entrepreneurial incubators are gradually emerging, with the entrepreneurial intention among university students increasing significantly year by year, the ratio between start-ups and employment becoming 1 : 7.6 (the national ratio is 1 : 3), and 3,900 small and medium-sized science and technology enterprises mainly started by university teachers and students; there are 200 to 300 new enterprises in Yangpu.

In the future, Yangpu will focus on the development of new information technology industry and promote regional industrial restructuring and upgrading by speeding up the “Shanghai Cloud Computing Innovation Base” construction to initially form the cloud computing industry system, strengthening support for the information industry support to promote demonstration projects, and at the same time enhancing the “Smart Park” construction to improve the information support level of industries.

Source: www.chinanews.com, October 18, 2013

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