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2013 Top Consultation on Yangpu National Innovation-oriented District’s Development Strategy and Forum on Smart City of Bay Area
Yangpu Builds “Smart Community” Close to Masses’ ...
By Jiang Hongbing

“Treasure Box Express” can receive and send express goods 24 hours a day for residents who are fans of online shopping. “Jifutong” can enable residents to pay facility fees near their homes and learn about service information like various ticket businesses and products on sale. While the little Beidou Personal Positioning and Tracking Terminal can help relatives and community workers find dementia elders or psychos if they are lost and abnormal… Yangpu District of Shanghai has, by combining advanced information technology and the people’s needs, built an initial form of core app system in the construction of smart district, which is now bringing benefits to more and more community residents.

It is learned from the 2013 Top Consultation on Yangpu National Innovation-oriented District’s Development Strategy and Forum on Smart City of Bay Area that Yangpu District has, through building demonstration application service in five domains of smart community, smart government affairs, smart business circle, smart city management and smart livelihood, initially built the core app system of the construction of smart district.

By integrating various service resources through utilizing information technology as cloud computing, Yangpu provided various groups in communities all kinds of community services like government affairs, business affairs, recreation, education, medical care and mutual support in life, and built a smart community operation mode of “government taking the lead, Telecom running, industry innovation and serving people’s livelihood”. Several sub-districts in the district chose the right starting points basing on their own condition and explored and developed smart community construction. New JiangwanEstateSub-district, as the demonstration unit of smart community inShanghaiwhich is now under large-scale development, implemented several demonstration application items, including self-service express system, electronic shelf system, energy-saving electronic bus station boards and community family informatization package, basing on “internationalization, intellectualization and ecologization”.YanjiSub-district, a mature community with large number of aging population, regarded home living and caring for the old, practical population management and other system constructions as the key of the community.ChangbaiNewEstateSub-districtexplored new mode of community service and establish “community service assembly line” with the help of informatization measures.

“Treasure Box Express” self-service express system is the most popular smart app in New Jiangwan Estate community. “Treasure Box” is a large password locker installed in estates which provides residents 24-hour self-service express service. When the receiver is out or not able to receive mails in person, the deliver would put the package into the “treasure box”, then the receiver will get a password message send from the system automatically and use it to open the mail box themselves. Due to the influence of a murder news happened to a deliver somewhere, this smart app, which can not only provide convenience but also safeguard residents’ privacy and security, has seen a rapid rise in utility rate.

“Jifutong” electronic shelf, also popular, is a green chest placed in the public area in communities, with which residents can pay various facility fees by operating the touch screen and get various service and information as recharge, ticket business, products pre-order, lottery selling, discounts and promotion and points redemption. For residents in some communities with scarce public service network, the integrated service of the electronic shelf exactly satisfied their needs.

Building a convenient service platform of “being convenient for the people to express their appeals and get public service resources, being in time for the government to learn about the people’s demands and actively offer services” has become the handle of smart district construction in Yangpu. For example, because the construction of the “great linkage” information system of district comprehensive management can integrate and coordinate city management and dispose various events together, the blind area of city management was largely contracted. While the IOT technology was applied to first develop smart transportation in the traffic hub within the district, thus released the transportation pressured pressed on the road and brought convenience for residents.

Yangpu has built electronic medical record, health file and the shared informatization platform of medical resources under the goal of improving people’s livelihood with smart apps, and will implement cloud education project in 7 schools on the basis of the in-depth integration of information technology and classroom teaching. It also built a service information system on sports fields in the district as to promote the electronization, digitization and internet-orientation of the all-people fitness management service system.

Chen Mingbo, Deputy Director of Shanghai Science and Technology Commission, said that the construction of smart city has made outstanding contributions in improving the quality of people’s livelihood. At present,Shanghaihas launched the great data three-year plan, and built 6 shared platforms, such as transportation, medical care, education, industry integrity and finance.

Zheng Lirong, Dean of School of Information Science and Technology of Fudan University, believed that smart city construction is a key to multiple locks, which can not only save resources and reduce carbon emission, but also improve the efficiency of public service. For example,FudanUniversityis now researching on a cooperative platform of city smart lighting system, in which the street light can both offer light and perceive road conditions.

The 2013 Top Consultation on Yangpu National Innovation-oriented District’s  Development Strategy, with the theme of “Smart City——Lighting City Life with Wisdom”, aims at taking advices from domestic and foreign strategic experts and sharing the latest progress and technology innovation trend of smart city construction in other places.

Yangpu strived to lay a solid “smart foundation” and has now formed two major innovation bases of Internet of Things and cloud computing, opened over 1,000 commercial wireless Wifi hotspots. This year, the wireless internet construction will be completed in 21 i-Shanghai sites and 45 district service institutions, and the internet coverage of100Min households and1,000 Min buildings was basically realized in all the residential communities and families in the district, with the average connection broadband speed reaching12 Mand 345 thousand households being transformed by NGB. At present, there are over 900 electronic and information enterprises, which boast more than over 30 thousand employees, total income of RMB18.8 billion this year of the information industry and a total industry carrier area of 660 thousand square meters. All major areas and public sites will be covered by WLAN. A multilayered, extensive and multi-spotted district wireless broadband network has been initially formed, which can provide citizens convenient wireless internet digitization service. 

Source: www.people.com, October 21, 2013

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