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Shanghai Spring Int'l Wind Music Festival 2012
2,000-odd Winders Play "Chunghwa Clarion" on Huan...
By Chen Jing

Today, Nine giant cruise ships carrying more than 2,000 musicians from 35 foreign and domestic orchestras set out from Qinhuangdao Road "Expo Watergate". They were cruising between the Bund renowed for "Internatnioal Architecture Expo" and the Oriental Pearl Tower nicknamed "Shanghai’s New Landmark". Ode to the Motherland, Singing and Smiling, Radetzky March...well-known famous songs were flying over the Huangpu river.

As the only "festival in festival" of Shanghai Spring International Music Festival, the Wind Music Festival of the "Chunghwa Clarion" 2012 Shanghai Spring International Music Festival and the Sixth "Chunghwa Cup" Excellent Amateur Orchestra Performance opened on April 29. Since this year is China's Dragon Year, the first touring boat was the elaborately-decorated "Dragon Boat".

It is reported that more than 3,500 musicians of nearly 60 orchestras from twelve provinces and cities of China’s Mainland, as well as Europe, America, Asia and Taiwan would participate in this wind music festival. This festival has five major sections, dozens of activities, and nearly 20 performances. Such a large scale is not only the top in China, but also very rare in the world music festivals.

As one of the highlights of this music festival, Meyer, the world-class music master, would conduct the the band of the People's Liberation Army at Shanghai Oriental Art Center to present a high-level music feast. It was revealed that all of the music works played at this concert were composed by Meyer, including classical works like The Lord of the Rings, Big Apple, Planet Earth, and so on. It was learned that this concert, representing the highest level of current China's orchestra art and one of the memorial performances of the sixtieth anniversary of this band’s founding, was listed as the play of the Shanghai Spring International Music Festival.

According to the program schedule, it was seen that during the music festival, the Marine Band of the PLA, South Korean Hanyang University Symphonic Band, and five excellent bands from Beijing and Shanghai as well as Zhejiang, Hebei, and Guangdong provinces would lead the guests at home and abroad to appreciate the charm of wind music on Century Square at Nanjing Road, the "Chinese No.1 Commercial Street".

During the music festival, 48 selected excellent amateur wind bands from 12 provinces and cities of China will display and compete with each other based on three groups: elementary school, middle school, as well as university and society group. On May 1, judges from America, Holland, Singapore, Korea and China will also hold the display and awarding ceremony as well as the communication meeting in order to make comments on various teams.

It is said that the Wind Music Festival has been held for four consecutive times in Yangpu since 2008. Now, it is one of the major cultural festivals in Shanghai. This Wind Music Festival will cover various social groups like students and teachers from colleges, middle schools and elementary schools, the judges and wind music fans of the community.

According to incomplete statistics, over the four years, the Wind Music Festival has attracted 12,571 musicians of 164 bands including 22 foreign teams from nearly ten countries like America, Korea, Spain, Japan, Malaysia, and 142 excellent teams from dozens of provinces and cities of China, Hongkong and Macau, as well as the band of the People's Liberation Army and the Marine Band of the PLA. Nearly 280,000 citizens watched the performances on the spot. More than 100 wind bands signed up to participate in the Wind Music Festival.

Source: www.chinanews.com, April 29, 2012

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