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Shanghai Spring Int'l Wind Music Festival 2012
Blind Children’s Performance Move Audience of Sha...


By Li Zhifeng

Sailing Wind Band of Chongqing Special Education Center presenting its first international performance (photo by Luo Bin)

The children born retarded or totally blind could hear thunderous applause though they could not see the excited and exciting scene. In the evening of April 30, specially-invited Sailing Wind Band of Chongqing Special Education Center put on its first performance in CHUNGHWA CLARION Shanghai Spring International Wind Music Festival 2012 at FudanUniversity’s gymnasium. Deeply-moved audience stood and applauded for the blind children’s dedication to music and the performance given by them and their teachers.

CHUNGHWA CLARION Shanghai Spring International Wind Music Festival, aiming at promoting international wind music exchange and demonstrating the wind music of all countries and regions, has been held inShanghaifor six successive years from 2007 to 2012 as a regular festival cultural event ofShanghai.

According to the festival’s organizing committee, nearly 60 excellent wind bands from Chinese Mainland's 12 provinces or municipalities, Europe, the US, Taiwan and the other parts of Asia participated in the festival, which hit a new record in history. Composed of 36 students and 34 teachers, Sailing Wind Band of Chongqing Special Education Center was the only specially invited one.

The band has drawn public attention since it made its debut inChongqingmass wind music performance at the end of last year. It also made careful preparations for its first international show. Headmaster Li Longmei told that the children organized weekend and afterschool rehearsals spontaneously after they received invitation from the festival organizing committee. “It takes more efforts for the blind children to study wind music. They treasure the hard-earned opportunity and said that we must perform in the best state.”

In the evening of April 30, the audience saluted the students and teachers with applause when they stepped into the gymnasium hand in hand and could not help immersing themselves in the blind children’s attentive and wonderful performance of ensembles “My Hometown is Shigatse”, “Cancan” and “Marching Forward Bravely”.

Rong Aiguo, PLA marching band director and vice president of Association of PLA Marching Bands is deeply impressed by the band. He watched the children’s performance inChongqinglast year and is still surprised at this brand new performance. “They cannot see instrument keys. They don’t know what tone a key will utter. It’s very difficult for them to learn it. But they are professional in both team work and performance. We can imagine that how much they love wind music. The world of the blind children is dark but music gives them a new access to feel the world”, said Rong Aiguo.

The band will give three performances in a row before the festival closes on May 2.

Source: www.people.com.cn, May 1, 2012  


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