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Meritorious Deeds of Complaints Section Chief
“Step Forward” Always: On Ge Haiying, Head of Com...
By Luan Yinzhi

Ge Haiying at work

“This case is a bit tricky. Though the judgment is fair, the complainant grudges deeply. Should I step forward to take over?”

“This client is in trouble and needs joint help from several departments. So should I step forward to take over?”

Ge Haiying, a female prosecutor who is the head of complaints and appeals prosecution section of Yangpu District procuratorate, deals with “the most difficult cases” and “the most difficult persons” every day. She often asks herself, “If trouble occurs when enforcing the law, should I draw back or step forward?” Drawing back cannot be counted as malpractice, so it’s OK. If she steps forward, it means to face various challenges and put in a lot of hard work. However, clients’ gains and losses will be poles apart between the “drawing back” and “stepping forward”, and their inner feelings will not be the same.

Ge chose “stepping forward” each time when facing a dilemma, because her heart is “for the people”. The 55-year-old Ge Haiying always warns young procurators that “We need to put clients in the highest position, so as to gain the trust of people and safeguard the dignity of law.”

Mind Other’s Business

A case tangled for 5 years was solved, thanks to Ge’s “giving her all”.

Yu, a northeasterner, was the manager of a Shanghaibranch of a state-owned company. In 1998, the branch made heavy losses because of bad management. The company reported to the police, accusing Yu for all the losses. Yu was detained twice for suspected contract fraud, and was released because of insufficient evidence. After the accusation, the hard-nosed Yu went petition everywhere, asking for high administrative compensation.

When the case went to Yangpu District procuratorate, Ge discovered, via careful investigation, that something was wrong when the company reported to the police, whereas Yu’s demand is not practical, neither. With contradictions accumulating day by day, how can she break through?

As she was worrying, she heard that Yu had a sudden heart attack and went to hospital for treatment. Ge went to visit him for many times. When she learned that Yu had trouble paying medical expenses and couldn’t discharge from hospital, she paid more than RMB4,000 inadvance. Yu furthered his treatment in Hang Zhou, and Ge went to visit him on weekends, under a brutal sun. Yu was deeply touched when Ge showed by his sickbed covering with sweat, and he said, “I have sincerity since you have sincerity. I’m willing to cooperate with your work.”

Henceforth, Yu began to accept explains from procuratorial organs and got rational knowledge about compensations. And Ge went to public security organs and neighborhood committees, counting the actual compensation by checking every invoice. She also especially went toBeijing, asking for “10 minutes reception” to the supervisor of the state-owned company. She prepared for relevant materials night after night, arguing strongly on just grounds, and finally gained reasonable compensation for Yu.

“There are always some ‘irrelevant incidents’ emerge in the process of solving old petition cases. And these incidents, on many occasions, happened to be the “key” of resolving contradictions.” Ge remembered that when she took charge of the complaints and appeals prosecution in 2005, 7 key cases on procuratorial issues were placed in front of her, with the longest appeal case of 17 years.

Ge set a working principle of “3 familiars” for herself, in order to be engaged in “difficult cases” as soon as possible, which is to be familiar to the case, to the focus of contradictions, and to the clients’ work, life and mental state. She ran everywhere for clients, registering their residences, arranging work, and even finding rental apartments, because of the “3 familiars”. And now, all the cases have been solved completely and satisfactorily.

Melt Clients’ “Inner Snow”

Clients who go to the reception room of complaints and appeals, always are full of fire. However, the gentle Ge Haiying can always manage to melt their “inner snow”.

Once, Ge was somehow scolded by two middle aged women when she just entered the reception room. Though she felt wronged, she refrained and listened to their complaints patiently.

It turned out that they were “victims” of a non-prosecution case. Several years ago, the two women lent their tens of thousands of savings to a friend to do business, however, contradiction raised and the friend refused to return their money. The public security organ placed the case as fraud on file for investigation after they reported, but the procuratorate decided not to prosecute because of insufficient evidence. Soon afterwards, they filed civil lawsuit in court, and lost because of lack of evidence.

The two women grudged deeply and repeatedly complained hardships of life, some of which are irrelevant to the case. Ge received them for 4 hours, letting them blow out their grievances. She felt clearly their emotional changes, for their knot was gradually opened and reflected their indecent behaviors, though they still blame “the procuratorate damaged our interests”.

Ge’s secret is psychology. To be “more closer to clients”, she went to study psychological counseling courses specially, and was qualified as national secondary psychological counselor. She introduced psychological consultation system into complaint reception work, and re-interview system to consolidate the effect of appeal-no-more. “I view cases in new perspective and find out those clients who behaved indecently over and over again are just out of seeking for attention and acknowledgement.”

Every time she talks about Ge Haiying, the petitioner Ms. Li is full of gratitude. Li was an informer who reported a leader of her unit to the Yangpu District procuratorate. However, the informed just got disciplinary sanctions but not penalty, making Li’s days at work even tougher. So the “right defender” became a petitioner, blaming procuratorate for malpractice.

“Sister Ge saved me”, Li was grateful as Ge Haiying paid a special visit to her leader, talking about Li’s learning acupuncture and moxibustion for saving her seriously sick mother by herself, and learning at a part-time school to get the senior accountant certificate. With these good deeds spreading, Li’s mental knots unfastened, and the case was solved later.

Many clients have become Ge’s intimate friends. During the new-year vacation, Ge received many greeting texts and cards. “We work pretty hard, while that’s the happiest moment.”

Innovations and Breakthroughs for More People

Ge has been engaged in the procuratorial work for 30 years. She worked in 5 sections successively. In each section, she always got all kinds of municipal awards. Leaders said of her, “Clients’ appeals triggered her innovations”.

The creative way of offering legal assistance for petitioners came from a case which had tangled for 13 years. When Lao Zhang was accused of corruption, he lost his job as well as his family. His household register hadn’t transferred back during the case, which led to his lack of livelihood guarantee. At last, Ge Haiying bustled about and settled Zhang’s problem of household register.

“What can I do if more ‘Lao Zhang’ cases occur later?” Ge began to think: during petition, the lack of legal assistance dragged many clients’ appeals from coming true. So she contacted the judicial bureau in Yangpu District, urging the procuratorate and judicial bureau to jointly sign the agreement on providing legal assistance for petitioners involved in prosecuting authorities, thus breaking a new path for solving clients’ problems.

Ge also invited special inspectors to solve contradictions and ease clients’ contradictive emotions. Lao Zhang, who had petitioned for 15 years, insisted that the judicial organs had no basis for the conviction on him. Though Ge Haiying has learned the 11 case files by heart, she had difficulties in convincing Lao Zhang that the judgment was fair. So, Ge invited a professor of the law school as the special inspector. The professor analyzed the case in a scholar’s viewpoint, and finally persuaded the stubborn Lao Zhang. Now, the way of “asking for others’ help” has been adopted in several cases.

Recently, Ge, who always calls herself “out of date”, learns to surf on the Internet and open a Weibo account with her mobile phone. Much to her surprise, the real-name Weibo which she opened on eastday.com as a way of online petition got private messages very soon from her clients. Until now, such 3 clues have gone to the official acceptance process of the procuratorial systems. Though more clients ask for help, Ge feels quite at ease, “The principle that clients get the highest position never changes in my heart”.

Source: Page 1, Jiefang Daily, January 9, 2012

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