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Meritorious Deeds of Complaints Section Chief
Justice, Tenderness Solutions to People’s Concern...
By Liu Dong

Ge Haiying is particularly busy at the turn of the year. However, as the Chief of the Charge and Appeal Department of the Shanghai Yangpu People’s Procuratorate, she is always engaged in the “trifles”: to call Brother Yu, or to consider what to purchase for the Spring Festival; to pay a well visit to Lao Tang, or to spare some time checking what “Kucaihua”, a petition netizen tweets on weibo   

However, Ge Haiying thinks that these “trifles” are very important. “We can save people from trouble and relief their worries by being more active, saying more heart warming words, and making more caring calls,” she said.

These “three mores” is indeed effective. Being the Chief for seven years, Ge Haiying resolved nine major cases of the petition on procuratorial issues, of which the longest lasted for 17 years while the shortest five years.

“Bro”, a kind call forced the big man from northeast Chinato give in

“Bro Yu, how are you? The Spring Festival is coming, what do you need? I can help you!” Ge Haiying made this call to Lao Yu just after she stepped into her office. Lao Yu is not her distant relative, but the party of one petition case.

Lao Yu was the manager of the Shanghai Branch of one national enterprise, which suffered great loss in 1998 due to poor management. The enterprise blamed Lao Yu for the loss and reported twice to the public security organ. Therefore, Lao Yu was sentenced to criminal detention for the alleged contract fraud, and released later because of insufficient evidence. According to relevant laws, the public security organ decided to compensate his RMB14, 000.

Feeling being unfairly treated, Lao Yu filed a complaint to the Yangpu Prosecutor’s Office and asked for prosecution of the public security organ for their illegal detention and RMB1.2 million as compensation. The Procuratorate carried out an investigation and refused to file the case due to lack of evidence. In the next five years, the stubborn man from northeastChinaconstantly petitioned, even threatened to end his life.

Early in 2010, the case was assigned to Ge Haiying. Her first move was to see Lao Yu inHarbinand calm him down. Lao Yu, the emotional man, severely scolded Ge Haiying the minute he saw her. While Ge said, “If shouting and cursing can make you feel better, go ahead, I’m fine.”

Then Lao Yu gradually calmed down and Ge Haiying returned toShanghaito deal with the compensation issue. Just then, Lao Yu got a heart attack and came toShanghaifor treatment. Ge Haiying repeatedly went to visit him and contact experts for his consultation. When she found that Lao Yu cannot afford the medical expenses, she immediately offered more than RMB4,000 for his discharge formalities. From then on, she went toHangzhouto visit Lao Yu, sacrificing her weekends and fearless of the burning sun. When Lao Yu saw the sweating Ge Haiying, his hatred disappeared. “If you regard me as your brother, I am willing to cooperate,” he said.

Since then, Lao Yu began to accept the procuratorial organs’ explanations and a reasonable compensation. While Ge Haiying shuttled around public security organs and the neighborhood committees, calculating the actual compensation with a sum of verification invoices and several negotiations with the compensation authorities. Eventually, she successfully settled the five-year long case. Ge Haiying said: “I believe that every problem has a solution as long as I treat them as my own problems.”

The case was closed, but Ge did not

Ge Haiying believes that when the public turn to the Procuratorate, they must have big troubles. Therefore, she is always willing to deal with things beyond her duty.

A few years ago, Zhang repeatedly appealed to the Procuratorate after he was exempt from prosecution of the alleged embezzlement. The Procuratorate reviewed several times and the conclusion was there were no grounds for appeal, and the original conclusion shall be maintained. After Ge Haiying took office, Zhang appealed again with the same reasons. This case could have been rejected immediately; however, Ge Haiying decided to help the over 70-yerar-old Zhang.

When dealing with the “old cases”, Ge Haiying always keeps herself familiar with the cases, the key to resolve contradictions, as well the petitioner’s work, life and psychological state. This time is no exception. She learned that Zhang lost his job since the incident; his wife divorced him with her two daughters and settled abroad, and left him the disabled son. Zhang lived alone in a small house because of his registered permanent residence problem. He blamed the judiciary for all his sufferings, regarding petitions and appeals as the life saving straw.  

Knowing all this, Ge Haiying, on the one hand, took the initiative to care and help Zhang’s son; on the other hand, tried to help Zhang with his registered permanent residence issue. As the result, Zhang slowed down his petition effort. More than a year later, he came to the Yangpu Procuratorate with a silk banner. On this day, he got a new household register, and the pension insurance was also available.

However, Ge Haiying did not stop. On the contrary, she fought for the legal petition aid mechanism. A year later, the Yangpu Prosecutor’s Office and the District Bureau of Justice signed the agreement “to provide legal assistance for the petition on procuratorial cases”, which paved the way for resolving people’s problems.

She became a weibo sensation

“MS. Ge, you are famous on weibo, over 3,000 people followed you!” These days the young people will talk about Ge Haiying’s weibo when they see her.

Ge Haiying was elected “Shanghai Peace Hero” in May last year; later, she was encouraged to open her weibo. Having been more than 50 years old, she stumbles between her “love and hate” towards weibo. Wearing her reading glasses, she called on the young people to teach her. A few days passed, the title “peace hero” won her many fans, and more complaints appeared on weibo. Ge Haiying gets real busy now! As long as she notices someone posting to petition, she will send them a “private message”.

Weibo also provides her many clues to the cases. For example, a netizen “Kucaihua” guaranteed loans for others years ago, but the borrower suddenly disappeared with the money; and to get the money back, the loaner moved to the guarantor’s house and lived for several years. In order to let the loaner move out, “Kucaihua” turned to the street committee and the court for help, but the problem never got resolved.

Through weibo, “Kucaihua” found Ge Haiying and complained to her. After some private talk on the net, Ge gained a general understanding of the whole case. These days, “Kucaihua” has not appeared on weibo, Ge Haiying is very worried. She checks her weibo every day to see whether there is “private message” from “Kucaihua”.

“In the past, we sit in the office and wait for the public to come; now weibo makes us more proactive.” Ge Haiying often loads her weibo and answers the netizens’ questions about laws. There is also a “star”—Mina—a cute cat on her weibo. “The law is too serious, while Mina can make the netizens relax,” Ge Haiying said.  

Source: page 1, Wenhui Daily, January 9, 2012

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