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Meritorious Deeds of Complaints Section Chief
She Keeps Petitioners in Her Mind: A Story of Ge ...
By Guo Jianfeng and Yu Mingwei

54-year-old Ge Haiying, tall and slim, is a fast and expressive speaker. We can feel that she cares much about every petitioner when she telling the stories in her career as a procurator, especially the stories between her and the petitioners.

Trick 1: Getting Familiar with Cases

Ge Haiying has been dealing with “old cases” brought by petitioners by getting familiar with the cases, the key to conflict resolution as well as the petitioners’ jobs, life and psychological states since she took the post of Chief of the Complaints Section of Shanghai Yangpu District People’s Procuratorate.

June 2010, Ge Haiying was waiting outside a hospital’s operating room in which a patient had his big neck tumor removed. The patient is not Ge Haiying’s relative but a man surnamed Tang who had petition for 17 years in a row. 60-year-old Tang was once a businessman imprisoned for a graft accusation later dropped because of lack of evidence. Tang lost his “root” in Shanghaias he did not timely apply for his Hukou transferred out for his imprisonment and experienced relocation, divorce and remarriage. He wanted to return home. But where was his Hukou? Where was his home? Thus, Tang became a frequent visitor to government organs at various levels.

Ge Haiying knew that what she was faced with was a 17-year-old problem. She found that what Tang need most were Hukou and residence, the soil for him to take root shortly after a look into the case. Tang had to buy a new residence as none of his friends and relatives is willing to include his name into their household registers. To solve the money problem, Ge Haiying paid visits to subdistricts and relocation offices. She treated the petitioner as her family, which deeply moved the subdistricts and relocation offices and turned them into kind donors.

It was difficult to find a suitable residence. Ge Haiying left her footprints in Minhang, Fengxian, Jiading, Songjiang and Jinshan. But when she finally found a suitable residence for him, she lost the track of Tang. She searched metro stations and parks and finally found Tang who was driven out of his rental home for not paying rent for a long time and had only RMB24. She immediately went to the rental home with Tang and paid rental RMB3,000 for him. Later, Ge Haiying found a low-price residence in Fengxian. Tang settled in his own home and got his neck tumor cured.

Ge Haiying: What goes around comes around. To solve the petitioners’ problems, we must be familiar with them

Trick 2: Warm Greeting

Harbin resident Yu was once manager of theShanghaibranch of a central government owned enterprise. In 1998, the branch suffered serious losses owing to bad management. But the enterprise shifted the blame onto Yu and reported the case to public security authority. Suspected of committing contract fraud, Yu was detained twice. He was later released for lack of evidence. And the public security authority decided to compensate him by RMB14,000. Yu appealed to the Supreme People’s Procuratorate and the Politics and Law Committee of CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee etc. to hold the authority legally responsible for unlawful detention and claimed for a compensation of RMB1.2 million. The Supreme People’s Procuratorate dismissed the case as it found Yu lacked enough evidence for his claim after investigation. Yu kept petitioning in the following five years. When Ge Haiying accepted the case, the conflict had become so serious that Yu argued with explosive on him at the enterprise’s office building.

Ge Haiying thought that she should make Yu calm down first. She called him “brother Yu”. Yu had never heard someone call him so from previous propitiatory phone calls. Ge Haiying carefully reviewed relevant materials and evidences and coordinated between Yu and the enterprise. In that period, Yu was under treatment for a heart attack in aShanghaihospital. Ge Haiying visited him several times and organized experts to hold consultations for him. In each visit, Ge Haiying respectfully called the wronged petitioner “brother Yu”. Later, Yu left to receive treatment inHangzhou. Ge Haiying even went there to see him in a summer weekend, which moved the man from northeastChinato tears.

The following compensation coordination was smooth. The 5-year-old case was eventually brought to a successful close.

Ge Haiying: More cordial greetings, words and phone calls are needed. And tolerance and understanding can make things a lot easier

Trick 3: Microblog Interactions

Now, Ge Haiying has a new identity, microblogger. She thinks it’s very interesting to open a blog as a procurator to give access to online petition.


Apart from feelings about work, understanding of life, her posts are more about heartfelt communication with netizens. She updates her microblog while replying to netizens appeals.

The microblog named after Ge Haiying has issued 3,178 posts and attracted 3,447 fans and 5,012 subscribers sinceShanghaiprocurators’ microblogs opened on Eastday.com last May. Ge Haiying has become a popular microblogger with number of posts and fans ranking the first and the second of theShanghaiprocurators’ microblogs respectively.

Ge Haiying: Online petition is not stressful as we don’t know each other. They talk straight, which enables me to get the picture sooner and help them solves the problems.

Source: Page 8, Xinming Evening News, January 9, 2012

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