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Meritorious Deeds of Complaints Section Chief
Moving Stories of Ge Haiying’s 30-year Work as a ...
By Ding Yuanyuan

It’s hard to say how many times she has been busy on the road solving the problems of her petitioners despite the burning sun. She always calls her petitioners as “Brothers” or “Sisters” and her serious image as a prosecuting attorney will immediately disappear in front of them. Ge Haiying, Chief of the Accusation and Appeal Division of Shanghai Yangpu Municipal People’s Prosecution Service (SYMPPS), started her work in prosecuting system at the age of 22 and has worked successively in Arrest Division, Prosecution Division, Juvenile Crime Division, Office Division and Accusation and Appeal Division. During her 30-year career, she has always devoted herself whole-heartedly to her work and achieved tremendous success, thus winning her significant honor and reputation.

Taking others’ problems as her own

Mr. Yu was once the manager of a central enterprise’s Shanghaibranch and now lives inHarbin. In 1998, theShanghaibranch suffered a significant loss due to poor management and the headquarters ascribed all responsibility to Mr. Yu. He was then arrested two times for involving in contract fraud but was released for lack of evidence. Later, the Institute for Public Security (IPS) decided to compensate him RMB14,000 for the misjudgment. Infuriated as he was, he brought a charge against the IPS for illegal detention at the SYMPPS and required a compensation of RMB1.2 million. But, the Prosecution Service, after investigation, denied his appeal. Hence, Mr. Yu repeatedly appealed to the authority for the following five years.

At the beginning of 2010, Ge Haiying received this case and, through her careful research, found that there was indeed something wrong with the central enterprise when being accused. Besides, Mr. Yu’s requirement for compensation was not reasonable. Then, Ge Haiying started to negotiate between Mr. Yu and the Compensation Institute. She firmly believed that this case would finally be solved so long as she regarded his problems as her own.

A short time later, Mr. Yu suffered a sudden heart attack and was hospitalized inShanghai. During his stay in hospital, Ge Haiying went to see him several times and contacted with many experts for the consultation of his disease. She even paid RMB4,000 of his medical fee when he was not allowed to leave hospital for short of money to pay the fee. Later, Mr. Yu went toHangzhoufor further treatment and Ge Haiying even came to visit him at weekends despite the burning sun. Having seen what Ge Haiying had done for him, Mr. Yu was deeply touched and said with tears in his eyes, “You regard me as your older brother and as your family member. I’m willing to cooperate with you.” Therefore, Mr. Yu began to listen to the Prosecution Service’s explanation and had a rational understanding of the compensation. Meanwhile, Ge Haiying was busy negotiating with the Public Security Institute, the neighborhood committee and the Compensation Institute, and verifying each invoice to calculate the compensation. And she finally saw the hope of success in her visit toBeijing. She intended to report Mr. Yu’s case to the higher authority of the Compensation Institute but was informed that it had already learned about the case and refused the compensation. She was so worried and asked for ten minutes for a reception. She prepared all the materials needed that night and the higher authority was touched by her and agreed on the compensation after her concise and persuading presentation the next day. Thus, this five-year appeal case was finally settled. On the eve of the Mid-autumn Festival, Mr. Yu sent Ge Haiying a blessing message, for he had long regarded her as his friend.

Renting House and Contacting Doctors for Her Petitioner

It was in June, 2010. Ge Haiying was waiting outside the operation room. Inside was a patient under the surgery of removing a big tumor from his neck. That was Mr. Tang who had appealed to the Prosecution Service for 17 years and that had no family relations with her at all. The 60-year-old Mr. Tang resigned from the government office and started to engage in business in 1990s. He was once arrested because of some accusation but was released for lack of evidence. During his arrest, his registration as local residence was moved out. And he suffered a lot, like relocation, divorce and remarriage due to his failure to re-register.

When Ge Haiying went to see him according to the address he offered, on one was there. After some inquiry, she learned that Mr. Tang had been forced to leave the house because he can’t pay the rent. Through great efforts, she finally found that Mr. Tang often spent the night at the public bath rooms, parks and stations and even in the streets. When she located him, she led him to his former house and paid for his rent of 3,000 yuan. Later on, Ge Haiying went to suburbs ofShanghai, like Pudong, Minhang and Fengxian, to look for appropriate housing for him. And she also helped to contact with the doctors after learning that the lymphoma kept him constantly under the high fever. However, few people knew that Ge Haiying was then suffering a lot from herpes zoster. Finally, she found a cheap house in Fengxian District and Mr. Tang finally moved in his own house. And Mr. Tang also received treatment in the hospital that Ge Haiying helped to contact, and finally recovered from the surgery.

Ge Haiying has many petitioners’ telephone numbers in her cell phone so she can contact anyone when needed. She will also receive many blessing messages during festivals and their New Year’s cards during Spring Festival. And she feels very happy and pleasant whenever she receives a message or a card from them.

Source: Page 6, Youth Daily, January 9, 2012

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