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Meritorious Deeds of Complaints Section Chief
Prosecutor Ge Haiying Puts Litigants on Top, Reso...
Lead: Ge Haiying, Head of the Suing and Appealing Division of the People’s Procuratorate of Yangpu District, deals with the “most difficult things” and the “most difficult people” everyday, but she puts litigants on top and resolves contradictions with enthusiasm. In her 30-year career life, Prosecutor Ge Haiying has been crowned successively with titles like the “Advanced Individual of Suing and Appealing” in national prosecuting work, the “Hero of Peace” and the“Woman Pace-setter” in Shanghai City. In her 7-year life as Head of the Suing and Appealing Division, she, together with her team members, successfully dealt with 160 visitors’ reception, more than 40 cases of appealing, compensation and petitions on procuratorial work, and thousands of letters.

Reporter: Ge Haiying, now in her fifties, is a modest middle-aged woman. However, when listening to her talks about her life as a prosecutor, especially stories about receiving petitions, the reporter feels that, in her mind, every litigant possesses the highest position.

Ge Haiying: Our job is mainly to resolve some actual difficulties of litigants, and since they possess the highest position in our mind, it always comes to my mind how to help them resolve their actual difficulties and the knots in their heart.

In 1979, the 22-year-old Ge Haiying entered the procuratorial organ, where she worked in departments like the Arrest Approval Division and the Juvenile Delinquency Prosecution Division, and was titled a crack shot. After serving as Head of Suing and Appealing Division before the New Year, she embarked on the journey of making contacts with the grass-roots. In her eyes, petitioners are all common people who come to complain about their difficulties, while what she has to do is to listen to them, analyze problems, find solutions and give care. Lao Tang, an unrelated litigant with Ge, who continuously came to petition for the last 17 years, sighed with emotion that, when he was straying on the street and suffering from lymphatic cancer, it was Ge who gave him strength to survive.

Lao Tang: Ge gave me much care by sending me to see the doctor and bringing me nourishment regularly. Finally she made me settled. She extended her regards to me by short message and telephone every holiday. About 10 days ago, she even drove to my place and gave me 2,000 yuan. She told me to buy some food and clothes to resist against cold weather.

Reporter: There are many other stories like this. According to Ge, the emotion is as important as the skillful application of laws when dealing with relationships among people.

Ge Haiying: I think that, when doing the suing and appealing work, we need to have professional abilities and also the idea of law enforcement for the people. The most important thing is to put in your emotions. Following all these points, we may feel much easy to do the work.

Reporter: Life and work are always two inseparable parts for Ge. At any time, she may meet with petitioners who threaten with death in the procuratorate, or wrangle when petitioning, but every time it happens, Ge would be right there at the first time. Last May, Ge opened her individual weibo in real name, and has more than 3,000 fans already. Learning from weibo about online public opinions and giving timely feedback to people’s complaints has become the compulsory course for her every day. In addition, there are still phone numbers of petitioners stored in her cellphone, many of which she said are embodiments of friendship that she cannot let go. 

Ge Haiying: Some of the petitioners are now my friends. I extend my greetings to them by short message and telephone. They tell me something new about them, and we are as close as sisters.

Source: 990 Morning News, Shanghai People’s Radio Station, January 9, 2012

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