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Meritorious Deeds of Complaints Section Chief
Principles Ge Haiying Has Applied to Her 30-year ...
By Mao Lijun

 The People’s Procuratorate of Yangpu District takes an interview with Ge Haiying for her meritorious deeds.




The People’s Procuratorate of Yangpu District takes an interview with Ge Haiying for her meritorious deeds.

Ge Haiying feels uneasy after she hears the introduction to herself in the eyes of others. She says that the great achievements the district procuratorate has made were attributed to everyone’s efforts instead of hers alone. This depicts what Ge Haiying is like, a modest and down-to-earth procurator who not only shares sorrow and bitterness with parties in action but also tries her best to solve their problems.


Making Achievements with Responsibility


In 1979, Ge Haiying at her age of 22 changed her job at the mass culture system and started to work in the procuratorate. Now, she has served as a procurator for over 30 years. In her opinion, responsibility is the most important work ethic. She always requires herself to work scrupulously to fulfill the duties as a procurator.


In the first ten years of her career life, Ge Haiying continuously enriched her knowledge about theories and enhanced her practical ability by working very hard and asking others’ advice in a modest way. She has never made mistakes in over 400 cases she has handled. Besides, she is good at finding key points in cases for investigation, for which she is known as a crack shot.


In 2005, Ge Haiying took the position of Head of the Division of Complaint and Appeal of the People’s Procuratorate of Yangpu District of Shanghai Municipality. What were waiting for her include 7 important cases in letters and visits registered at the Shanghaimunicipal procuratorial system, which lasted for 5 years to as long as 17 years. At present, these cases have been all settled. And 8 long-lasting cases handled by Ge Haiying as a member have also been revoked.


Winning Trust with Sincerity


Keeping on with the position of Head of the Division of Complaint and Appeal in 2006, Ge Haiying embarked on the journey of making contacts with the grass-roots. To deal with complaints and appeals asks for strong skills and capabilities. If you want to help parties in action out of trouble, you must win their trust first. Then how to win parties’ trust? Ge Haiying’s secret is sincerity.


At one time, there was a party who filed a complaint for a case convicted 13 years ago. The party complained tearfully about his sufferings in 13 years for as many as four hours. He also told Ge Haiying that his departed mother left the family a house, and his sister’s name but not his name was included in the house property ownership certificate because his Hukou household registration was frozen. His disabled son spent much effort in getting a girlfriend who was unwilling to get married without a house. The party felt very desperate that he could do nothing to guarantee his son’s marriage as he had nothing at all for having committed a crime.


Having heard the party’s story, Ge Haiying set about doing something to help him with his house. On one hand, by communicating with the neighborhood committee, Ge Haiying persuaded the party’s sister to remove her Hukou out of the house property ownership certificate for the sake of her brother. On the other hand, Ge Haiying turned to the Public Security Bureau, the Housing Management Department, the property management company and other units for help to remove the party’s Hukou into the house property ownership certificate. After negotiating with officers at various departments concerned for several times, the issue was finally brought to a satisfactory settlement.


Such kind of things is always a part of the tasks for Ge Haiying. She said, “What a procurator most needs to do is to solve actual problems for the parties besides sharing their sorrow and bitterness”.


Opening the Mind through Innovation


To cope with letters and visits requires rich knowledge about policies, laws and psychology as well as the abilities of communication and coordination. A single way of working and thinking may fail to properly deal with the difficulties in letters and visits. Ge Haiying is clearly aware of the critical points in the way of working for letters and visits. She is brave in trying new ways in the work and strives to achieve the unity of “three effects”, making sure that disputes are solved when cases are settled, with no hidden trouble left.


The issue Ge Haiying has been devoted to studying is how to figure out the parties’ mentalities. For this purpose, she has tried many innovative ways and methods which open her mind to a great extent.


To resolve the masses’ psychological problems, Ge Haiying has taken special courses on psychological consultation, which have been a great help to her work. Once a complainant surnamed Ni complained to Ge Haiying that her leaders sent her twice to the mental hospital for unlawful detention. Therefore, she requested for her leaders prosecuted for their criminal liability by shuttling back and forth among various judicial authorities in an irrational way. Ni refused to accept any fact or reason presented to her and the usual way of handling complaints had no effect at all. Under this circumstance, Ge Haiying invited chief physicians and psychological experts from theShanghaiMentalHealthCenterto make psychological diagnosis and counseling towards Ni, and also offer some specific counseling suggestions for her. At last, Ni was guided to adopt effective methods for solving her problems by dint of the specific scheme for complaint termination.


What’s more, Ge Haiying opened the procuratorate’s micro-blog and established the channel for online letters and visits. SinceShanghaiprocuratorate’s micro-blog was put into service on eastday.com in May this year, Ge Haiying has received over 3,000 fans on her real-name micro-blog. By taking advantage of the Internet, Ge handles procuratorate-related letters and visits and conducts direct communication with netizens. She stabilizes the complainants’ mood by means of private messages, replies to their consultations in time, and takes their clues for cases in letters and visits to the formal case-accepting procedures of the procuratorial organs, which alleviates their intense emotions and wins their recognition.


Ge Haiying says, “Parties in every case are just like my own brothers and sisters who suffer from injustice”. If we need to talk about the best return to Ge Haiying on her years of work, it must be the masses’ love and recognition.


Source: eastday.com, January 9, 2012


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